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Oct 29, 2012

Hi Ya'll:)

Well Nov is just a few days away.....I know! Where has this year gone???

Well it has been a VERY busy week! I am a Technology Specialist for  Coryell County here in Tx. So that means I along with 3 others and the Election Administrator get all the election machines ready for Early Voting and Election Day and we also are on call the whole time in case there are mishaps. Unfortunately there were a few mishaps and that got into my quilting time so didn't get to much done last week. Did quilt on Sun which I try not to do but I felt I needed to.

Here is what I got done:)

First is the last block in the BOM. Next month I will get the borders and the directions on how to finish it. I have already signed up for a BOM for next year but it won't start until April:)

 This is Mary's quilt. She said she felt it made her think of the ocean and wanted waves quilted on it.

So I quilted a pantograph with waves on it.

Not stormy waves for sure!!!! The backing was So soft!


Oct 20, 2012

Wow what a week!!!
I got a bunch of quilting done so the numbers get lower and then more come in:) That is a "Good Thing" as Martha Stewart would say:)
I also worked yesterday getting ready for Early Voting. I am an Election Technician so will be on call for the next 2 weeks and then get ready for the BIG day!!!! PLEASE everybody get out and vote!!!!!!!
Ok now on to the fun stuff:)

This is Elaine's panel quilt. All she wanted was a meander so I large stippled it.

This is Glenyce's Halloween wall hanging. What fun to quilt! I got to play.....

Love the backing fabric!
This is Becka's first quilt and it is for her son. Just did a loop meander all over...keeping it simple:) I used John Deere green ...of course!

He is a big John Deere fan:)
Even the backing was JD.

This is Judy Mc's log cabin quilt. Just loved it!!! Did a large feather panto on it in a variegated thread.

Yes they are small strips sewn together:)

The back:)

Found this on Pinterest. SO true!!!!!!!!

Oct 14, 2012

Hi Ya'll:)
I started typing Nov in the heading....Have I lost my mind????? Oh yea you have to have one first:) haha!!!!

Last week was a social week for me:) I did get a little quilting done though:)

I had lunch with the girls on Tues to the German Imbiss, headed to Austin with Dot on Wed and then went to my Bee in Belton on Friday. What fun the week was!!!!

Ok I know you want pictures:)

First and most importantly is the newest member of my sewing machine family! The main reason we went to Austin:)  Her name is Judith after the lady that I bought her from. She is a Singer Featherweight 221 and was made in April 1954. She hums when she sews!

These next Quilts are Christine's. This one is made from leftovers from other projects:) Sweet!!!! I just meandered all over.

Another Christine's. A cute panel quilt. I just did loops all over.

 Yup Christine's:) This is number 2 with this pattern and I quilted it similar to the previous one.

She tried machine applique and I played:)

Oct 6, 2012

Howdy all:)

Wow we went from the low 90's the end of the week to the high of 60 today and that was around midnight:) Low tonight is 48:) yea!!!!! Am loving it!!!!! The positive is it is lovely to do my daily walk but the downside is Cedar is blooming already:( UGH!!!! Hope the new meds the Dr prescribed help! We will see....

Ok so I was a quilting fiend this week!!! The pile is lower and I have 2 new customers:)

First the picture of my new babies:) We had a litter of 6 and kept these 2:) The grey one is Gemma and the other is Jax. Such sweethearts!!!!

I bought  a layer cake and sewed it all together

Then started to cut it with my Twister ruler:)

 And this is what I got:) Still need to add borders

My Snowman BOM. Only one more to go and add borders. I am SO proud of myself for keeping up:)

Ok on to Customer quilts. This is one of Cassies.  Fall quilt. Love the idea of the strips!

Used a leaf panto with variegated thread:)

This is the back.

Cassies Black and White quilt. Really want…