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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feb 23, 2014

Hello everyone!
What a beautiful week of weather!
So glad because I took a road trip to Lagrange and Giddings Texas:) We ( Linda, Pat, Judy and I) left Thursday and arrived at "The Farm" in Giddings. We stayed at a friend's house on over 100 acres:)

So quiet and beautiful! After we unpacked we visited 2 quilt shops in Giddings...  All Around the Block and Gerline's. What fun!!!!
Fri we went to LaGrange to their Show... just beautiful quilts!!!! Then the Quilt Museum and the absolutely marvelous quilt store next door called the Quilted Skein. They always have fabrics no other shop has!!! Then to play cards and rest:) ha ha!!!! We left yesterday around 10:30.
Just had a wonderful time!!! We are hoping to go back in June for the Giddings Show.

I did get some quilting done before the trip:)

This was on the quilter last post:)
It was made by Janet and is called Labyrinth.

I feathered my heart out:)

Just looks awesome! She will pick it up on Tuesday and I hope she loves it as much as I do:)

Here is the back.

2 more Toes in the Sand BOM's. Only one more month to go:)

A new customer Pam's xstitch baby blanket for her first grandchild.

She will be delivering it next week for his first birthday.

I lined, quilted, and bound it.

Saw this on Pinterest and LOVE it!!!!!

It was my FIL's 87th birthday on Wed. Wasn't a good day for him and he feels his Dr's have given up on him but they can't fix old age:( Hopefully when they come in March or April I can get him a new set of Dr's. They are actually talking about staying this time? Guess we will see.

This is the year of breaking things:( Microwave, window latch, washing machine knob, tooth. What's next? My tooth broke Wed evening and I bought some cement and went on with life:) Now to get a dentist to work on it as I don't have one yet. Way too much fun!!!!

Well enjoy the week!!!! Suppose to be pretty till Wed and then another cold front:(

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feb 16, 2013

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! We usually don't do much ...our only tradition is to have chocolate covered strawberries from our local store:) Yums! I cook a nice steak dinner because there is NO way I am going out that day!

We are having beautiful Spring like weather this weekend all the way into next weekend:) yea!!!! Cedar appears to be moving on or is so mixed up with other pollens it's not so bad anymore:) Finally! I missed 2 days last week dealing with them:(

I only got one quilt done but it took me 2 days:)

This is Gayle's 3 Sisters quilt.

She just used a bunch of 3 sisters scraps and other cream scraps to make this one.I first thought just feathers in every row but then thought that might be too many feathers? So I alternated the rows:) Love how it turned out!
She always wants me to "Lou it". So I did:)
The back is pretty too!

This is what's on the frame to finish. I am a little over 1/2 way done with it.
I will finish it tomorrow:)

Here is my daughter with the Dr Who quilt during one of the parades at Comic Con. She is dressed as one of the Dr's. I think #4.
Enjoy your week and Happy Sewing!!!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feb 8, 2014

Hello everybody!

We have absolutely beautiful weather today and tomorrow and then back to wet and cold:( We had a bit of ice here this past week but nothing closed.

Wish I could spend time outside but I know the cedar will attack me and I will be sick for a few days so I will stay indoors:(

I did get some quilting done this week:

Miss Ruby dropped off 2 cross stitch quilts for me so far this year:)

Beautiful butterflies!

You can see my quilting on the back. I followed the printed lines and then went around the larger butterflies.

Hummingbirds this time!

Once again followed the printed lines and then went around the hummingbird and the flowers.

The back:)
This is Coralla's first quilt to be quilted with a longarm. She usually does hers with her domestic machine.

I played with a loop and double bubble.

Had a lot of fun!!!!

Beverly wanted me sew a top for her and brought me all the fabrics and pattern. Got that done so now it's in line for quilting. Any ideas?
It was SO cold Waldo found that the warmest spot was on top of the electric fireplace:) Smart!
Hope you all have a sewtastic week!!!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Feb 2, 2014

Oh MY it's Feb already!!!!! What happened to Jan? It did have so many Wed, Thurs and Fri but still went fast!

The weather was beautiful yesterday! Almost 80 with a slight breeze:) We woke up to 37 and dropping with drizzle today:( Not suppose to go over 50's all week.... old man winter is not giving up just yet!

First up is my daughters Dr Who quilt. Took an extra 2 days to get to her in MS because of ice but she got it:)

Great team effort!

It may hang at Comic Con in New Orleans this month:)

2 more Toes in the Sand BOMs.

This is a raffle quilt for the Officers Wives Wild Wild West party they have every year.

Had a lot of fun quilting it for the ladies:)

All Free motion and a little ruler work.

This is Dot's bluebonnet strip quilt.

Loving my feathers!!!

All free motion quilting)

This is the new BOM started. Park Bench from Jaybird quilts. Her directions are SO easy to follow and the rulers are awesome!

Cat Patches posted this on Facebook and it is exactly me:) hahah!!!!

This is our new stray we are feeding:) He is so lovable!!! Of course that took almost 2 weeks before he would let me touch him.He has a limp and 1/2 of his tail is missing:( Poor dude!!!! I named him Bob:) I worry about him in all this cold but he seems to be doing ok. Of course our other grazers aren't too happy with him but he stays under the shed when they come around.
Enjoy the game and GO BRONCOS!!!!!