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Memorial Day weekend!

Hello All!!!
Hope everyone is well! The graduations are all over and Summer vacation has begun for the kiddos! I know they are all happy... me not so much! Do not enjoy grocery shopping with all those kids... sound like my parents did when I was a kid:) haha!!!
The humidity has arrived and the heat index is already easing up in the 100's with the temps in the low 90's. SO glad we have AC!!!
Well I was home most of the week so things got done:)

First up is Erlene's Hopi Basketry. SO not me but it was great to quilt!!! I learned SO much!!!

I researched the Hopi Indians and found symbols I could use in the quilting: There is rain in the gold borders, Arrows,day and night, lightening and snakes in the circle with the home being in the center. The hand with the swirl ( I used my hand:) is in the 4 corners and the swirls are used in the black and cream. The mountain range is in the gold rectangles.

I found most of them on

Was a lot of fun a…

Busy week:)

Not quite sure where this week went??? I did get some quilting done, had a guild mtg, slept a lot, and then it was the weekend? Parts of Texas got lots of rain and some got hail... we got dribbles:( was hoping for a good rain to test those gutters and cement.... maybe next time! It is lovely and cool today so airing out the house and studio:)
On to the pics!

Cam made this beauty:) She pretty much lets me do what I want:) So I went modern!

For some reason when I was thinking of the quilting I thought there were only 2 rows of designs and nothing in the middle so I had it all planned out in my head:) Well surprise!
Still turned out beautifully!
And it's reversible:)
Here is the one I have been working on for Hubby. It is all done and on his bed:)
I used an allover panto feather design in red thread.
The backing fabric was form IKEA:) yea!!!
Janice made this sweet Tea Party BOM.
Had fun quilting steam curls all over the place:)

It is just too cute!
Here is the backing.... sweet rose…

Happy Mother's Day:)

Hope all the Mother's had a great day!!! Had a lovely lunch at our local Hawaiian restaurant with son and his family yesterday. Then on to the park to play and feed the ducks:) I like days like this!!!
The workers are all done:) So now we need a VERY big rainstorm to come so we can check if the gutter extensions and the concrete work actually does work:) Well we need a good rain anyway!
Was busy quilting most of the week:)

Mary W and her Bee made this beauty! She will be putting it in the local show in July:)
Left me lots of play room:)
And here you can see all the work:)

Kathy J... also in the same Bee made hers a bit different:)
She just wanted a loop meander and I like it just as well:)
She had a great grey backing.
My Lucy Boston is slowly getting there! The last row is just about finished and then I can start getting the holes filled up.
The USA map is all fused and ready to stitch down. Yes Alaska and Hawaii are still missing but I will add them after I get the rest stitche…

Welcome May!

Hello all:)
A somewhat uneventful week. MIL went back in hospital with high bp. They have taken her off 1/2 of her prescriptions so hopefully that will help. Then last night she fell. Doing ok except her knee and hip hurt a bit.
I was sick with allergies most of the week:( Cottonwood. Did get some quilting done but mostly hide from the floating sorcery!
So here is what I did get done:)

Marylyn made this Bible quilt using the Turning Twenty around the block and her leftover fabrics form her snowman quilt.
Love the blocks all done with machine embroidery.
The muted blues are so nice!
Here is the backing...
This is also Marylyn's:) Pattern is called Log Cabin Cross. Love the color choices!

Just outlined and then straight line rays.
3 more alphabet blocks made:)
another row of Lucy Boston Crosses done with the 1 inch squares:) Coming along nicely!
I have another quilt almost finished but will post it next week. Lunch bunch next week:) Also have workers replacing my back door and fixin…