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Sept 28, 2014

The last weekend in September and Fall is here:) It has been nice and cool in the morning  lower 60's with the highs only in the upper 80's. Just lovely!!!! Of course our leaves are turning... they usually do because of the heat and drought but not this year:) We have had rain almost every Summer month and that is VERY unheard of in Central Texas for sure!!!

On the home front... FIL is still in rehab and MIL has yet another UTI. They gave her Amoxicillin last time and with it still in her system the test showed another infection or still the same one? Got a different med and she is doing so much better. Have an appt Tues to see the kidney Dr and find out the results of the ultrasound they did a few weeks ago. Thinking it will all come back to her hygiene practices. She has days when her Dementia is really bad and she forgets a lot:( SIL should be taking over either Tues or wed... I am hoping for Tues!!!!

I got one quilt quilted and a few more Project Linus w scraps tops made. …

Sept 20, 2014

Well summer has come back with a vengeance... where oh where is our cool weather???? Oh we had a bunch of rain... more than an inch and now the humidity is really thick!!!!!!!

I did get quite a bit done this week even though I was on duty) MIL had another UTI?? I know!!!! I caught it VERY early... the Dr didn't think that was what she had... well duh! You would think he would just give me a prescription over the phone.... oh well......she is feeling better but while she slept I sewed:)

First is Karen's quilt. She started quilting it and then had tension problems.... I got it done before I went on duty.
I got to finish it anyway I wanted:) I love big swirls!
Neat backing fabric!
TA DA!!!!! My Park Bench BOM is all done:) Finished it last Sunday:)
I love that the background fabrics are not the same.....
Nicely draped over a bench:) Now it is in the closet waiting to be quilted..... there are many friends in there with her:)
Disappearing hourglass blocks.... this will become a Pr…

Sept 14, 2014

Hey ya'll!!!

I think we got our winter already and I am thinking Spring is around the corner?? Haha!!! We had a lovely cold front come through on Friday. The temp dropped 20 degrees and it was a frisky 56 Saturday morning)We got a bit of rain and this morning it was 63. Still overcast and of course all windows are open and the cats are loving live tv:) Suppose to get to 82 today....nice!!!!!

Well I got an extra week off after some campaigning. Mostly the SIL wanted to leave the 10th and not come back until the 1st....NOT!!! I had way too many quilts that needed to get out so we settled on the 16th-30th.
SIL is going out of state so needed the extra time. She did say she could stay a lot in Oct and Nov and I am holding her to it!!! Her other is a hunter so not home anyway. She usually flew to FL and stayed with the inlaws those months anyway. And of course this is the busy season for us quilters... even though is has been pretty busy all year:)

This is what I got finished this week…