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Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25, 2014

Hello everyone!!!!

Hubby and I went to an awesome Christian concert last night! Sidewalk Prophets, Mandisa, and Casting Crowns. Wow feel SO blessed!!!

Am getting more excited about Houston!!!!! Starting to get some things together... you know there will be something you forget... always happens! I see that Market is going well on Facebook and on blogs:)  I will be there most of the week so don't think I will be posting next weekend:) Well maybe......

Ok I don't have that many quilts to show but one did take about 6 days to quilt:) I learned SO much!!!! So of course there will be lots of pictures of that one:)

Ok this is Mandy's Labyrinth quilt.

All done in batiks:)

She showed me a picture of what she liked and I got most of it....

There was some curved crosshatching in the borders...

But for some reason I couldn't figure that out... hence the 2 hours of quilting and 4 1/2 of frogging... rippit rippit!

Mandy always challenges me and I always dread it:) But I always learn a few things!

Yo have to embrace the people that make you go out of your comfort zone!

Mandy I embrace you:) ha ha!!!!

There are pebbles, squares, swirls,  and other fillers through out.

I know sometimes they are hard to see since I was fortunate enough to find the perfect thread colors:)

Lots of ruler work!

Little free motion:)

But absolutely stunning!!!!! Yes I am patting myself on the back:)

She also had this sweet Christmas Tree to swirl and snowflake all over.

She will be putting little lights on it.

The backing... yes that is a stray thread:) can't wait to see it all finished!

I even got 4 more rows on the sunflower:) yea!!!!!
Really looks cool in the picture!
Well everyone enjoy the week and if you are the show have fun!!!! I will try and leave you a few things to buy:) ha ha!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oct 19, 2014

Fall  back:) Yea!!!!!!! Will see how long it will stay this time:)There  an old saying.." If you don't like the weather just wait a bit and it will change:)" Ha ha!!!!

Well got quite a bit of quilting done this week:) I have one on frame that I quilted on for 2 hours  on Thurs and then spent 4 1/2 ripping it all out:(  It is reloaded and I have been working it since... ast1/2 way done with it. Hope to have it finished by the next post or at least by the time I leave for Houston Show:) Yes I am going this year!!!! You would think that with it being just 4 hours away I would go every year but "things" would come up and I couldn't go. Mostly when I was an Election Tech because that was the end of Early Voting and we would have to get ready to set up for Election day. Since I resigned from that last year to care for in laws that were suppose to stay forever but then went back to Fl.....I have more time:)

I have a wonderful dentist appt tomorrow...  had my cleaning on the 6th and then on the 9th I flossed and popped a filling out:( Finally got an appt for tomorrow... they aren't open Fridays and Mon was a holiday... Columbus Day. Hope he can just refill it and send me on my happy way!

Ok enough about me:) On with some pictures:)

First up is Megan's Christmas Tree.

I got to play so used a paisley fill around the tree and curved feathers in the corners

Here is the back:)

Had to order thread for Cam's Star quilt so it took a bit longer.
Sorry about the leaf shadows but it does make it look interesting:)

I LOVED quilting this one!!!! Love the negative space!

I filled it all in with swirls and pebbles.

Did Dot to Dot quilting with Angela Walters technique.

Look it's reversible too!!!!!

My sunflower is growing;) Only 28 more rows to go:)
Oh an update about the in laws... mostly because  know you are all wondering. I am still not doing any of the care. FIL came home Tuesday and SIL has been taking care of them. She left Friday night and will be back tomorrow so Hubby took over duty. Of course we had plans to go to LaGrange to visit the modern exhibit at the Quilt Museum. SHE said we could go and they would be alright but I could tell Hubby was not comfortable with that so I told him we could stay home... I could be mad either way! He was thankful and spends a little time with them but thinks they are happy to be on their own without HER hovering over them and telling them what to do all the time:) As far as I have heard they are doing well for their age:) ha ha!!!!
Have a super duper awesome week!!!!!!
Forgot to tell you I saw my quilt on pinterest:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oct 12, 2014

Well summer came and went again:) ha ha!!! Got in the 90's and then a lovely cold front came through Friday night... dropped the temps to the 50's in the morning and only 70's in the afternoon... of course we all know that will change again! We also got 2+ inches of rain... the nice slow all day kind:)

I have been quilting and quilting all week:)

First up is my project.... these are 1 in finished squares

Yes it will be a sunflower.... one day:)

This is Dolly's Star.

I did a lot of ruler work.. used Angela Walters Dot to Dot method. Worked very well!

Here is the back where you can the work better.
This is Carolla's Dresden Plate table runner.
I love Dresden plates!

Love the backing fabric! Something about red with black is so elegant!

This is also Carolla's.

I used lilac thread and Curlz and Feathers pantograph.

Turned out really nice!

Also Carolla's. I think it is the Plus sign pattern?

I used a cream colored thread and Featheration pantograph.

Looks great either side!

A new customer Lynda brought me this one.

It is for her 3 year old grand daughter.

I think her favorite color is purple:)

Monica and Carolla brought me this for a raffle for the local animal shelter.

Hope they get lots of $!

Miss Peyton turned 4 this past weekend and wanted a big 4 on her shirt. Of course Auntie Lou had to make it for her:)
I have more to quilt!!! And even have a bit of embroidery to do:)
At least I have job security for the rest of the year:)
With less stress I am doing SO much better!!!
Have an awesome week!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oct 5, 2014

Yes it is October... nice cool temperatures and all the windows open for a few days!!!! Of course the ragweed and cedar are flying in but so is the fresh air!!! I love this time of year:)

Well I have big news!!!! I quit taking care of the in laws:)  SIL was suppose to be here on Tuesday to relieve me but never called or anything that she would not be here. So I quit on the spot! Hubby had to take his last vacation days to care for MIL. Then the SIL even stayed away a few extra days? Yes her partner was ill but she didn't have the decency to give us a call???? I never really got along with her so no surprise!!! Hubby said I lasted longer than he thought I would:) ha ha!!!! She is to stay 6 weeks and then I guess THEY all have a decision to make.

I did get some quilting done:)
This is Gayle's Texas Panel quilt. Love the way she cut all the squares apart and then sewed them with a sashing.

Here is the backing. You can really see my quilting:)

A nice closeup of the front.

This is also Gayle's.

Had such a great time quilting this one.

The back is even prettier:)

Dolly's daughter made this polar bear quilt.

Had fun quilting all the bears in the squares and border:) They have such personality!

Her Christmas light bulb backing... too cute!!!!
Am still working on the project with all the 1 1/2 in squares. Sewed 4 rows together so far... only 36 more:) ha ha!!! Why do we do this to ourselves????
Enjoy your week... have appointments and of course quilting to do!!!!