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Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28, 2013

Welcome to the last weekend of April! Where is the year going? Am I missing something that it is going so fast? Guess I will welcome May with open arms:)

Have been down with allergies this week again:( Absolutely was miserable most of the week:( Was damp yesterday so that helped and a customer told me about Peppermint oil:) She uses it for her migraines and I was close to those:(  You put the oil across your forehead and down your nose, then some on under the nose and across the cheekbones. Man does it open you up and you smell like peppermint:) Feeling So much better:) Thanks Cam!!!!!

I did get my cross quilted and bound Monday and then did some emb on Bree:) Love her!!! So here are the pics:

I just love how this turned out!!!!

Look there are feathers:) Yea!!!!

Here is Jax posing for me:) I took the camera in the house since I was there most of the time anyway and got a few good ones of the babies:)

Gemma:) Yes she is a princess!

Jax again:)

KoKo. She is a DAT. She thinks she is a dog but is a cat:) ha ha!!!

Both babies posing:)

My Mother's Day gifts all stitched out. Now to get them ready for the mail:)
The mug rugs are from Oma's embroidery and the rose tealight is from Embroidery Garden.
This is also from Oma's Embroidery:) Love it!
Will probably frame this one for me:) I have another stitched out for a gift:)

Well hope you have a great week and Happy Stitching!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21, 2013

Happy San Jacinto Day to ya'll:)

This week went by pretty fast with lunch bunch and sewing at June's this week and then that day I had to go buy groceries:( Just too many things going on!!!! I am home most of this week so I will be back to quilting customer quilts:) since they want them next month I better get moving May is fast approaching!

I did get a few more of mine done:)

I am taking Angela Walters Feathers class through Craftsy... if you haven't looked there you really need to! And I practiced my feathers on this Project Linus. These are the Custom Feathers. Really turned out like....awesome!!!!! There are more feathers in the future for me!

Front of quilt:)

Ok I was doing a Mug Rug Blog Hop and then needed a gift and wala! I am now a mug rug maker:) The buttons are for you to place your cookies on:)
Happy Birthday Shelley:) She already got it and likes it:)

Here are 2 more of my curved blocks:) Am SO loving this series!!!! The free patterns are from Sew Kind Of Wonderful.

Ok on to some quilting:
This is the itty bitty twister heart.

A table runner that is the result of a class I took last year:) The border fabric is what made the center blocks:) Too much fun!

The bigger Heart Twister:) The othere was made with the leftovers from this one:) I know sew a top together, cut it apart and sew back together, then sew the scraps together and then cut them apart and sew back together.
Is there like a therapy group for me somewhere???? I will attend if they have chocolate:)

I saw this heart echo quilting on Pinterest and had to give it a try:) Love it!
 Love the backing fabric too!!! I am ready for Valentine's Day:)

My new BOM from Fat Quarterly Shop. It is Jaybirds Toes in the Sand. Yes I made the first 2 blocks the day after I got it:) Want to stay on top of it!!!!

FIL update:) He is off the bag...has been for about a month:) His cancer has decreased 50% on one side and 70% on the other:) So he is done with the meds:) No side effects:) He is his old self... laughing and joking again:) Praise God!!!!! Thank you for all the prayers!!! They will be coming to visit sometime soon..... won't be anything like we thought it was going to be 2 months ago!
Happy sewing!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13, 2013

Hello all:)

What a beautiful day today!!!! Have been working in the yard today! Got all the leaves mowed up and the flower beds cleaned out:) I have planted all my flowers.... silk so I don't have to worry about water rationing again this year. My annuals have their friend soaker hose by them so that is ready:) One of my Hydrangea are starting to get the little bundles of buds:) Now if it just won't freeze!

Don't know where the week went but after the Miracle Tour concert last Sun but I had a concert hangover on Mon so that day was gone! It was an amazing spitual concert!!! Found Josh Wilson's music to my liking:) I already had Colton's CD and some Third Day but did get their new one:)
There is another concert on the horizon so waiting to see if Joan wants to go:) She is moving in June sometime so need to get as many in as we can:)

Also had my Bee get together on Fri. What a fun bunch of ladies!  We are teh Sew Creatives.I started a new twister project... pic is below:)

I did some quilting of a few of my items... I only had 15 in my closet for me??? Now I have 11. Donated one to the quilt Show auction and another top for the Country store. Funny how what we liked 10 years ago we don't now:)
This is the Twister all bound and quilted. It is on the back of my couch... baies are enjoying it:)

This is the Halloween Boot from Crabapple Hill. I put a sleeve on the back to hang Halloween:) I am not behind... I am ahead for this year:)

Closeup of the quilting:) Funny how I am not as careful and more free with my items:)

This is my next Lil Twister I am working on.....

Was doing the Spring Blog Hop and won this from Teri of the blog Handwerx picked me!!!!! YEA!!!!!! I got to pick my prize from Sublime Stitching...this is what I picked:

Love the case!!!!There is a  nice pair of scissors in the leather holder, needles and 2 packs of labels:) Totally Awesome!!!1
Thanks again!

Be sure to check them out at

Ok there haven't been any baby pics in awhile:)
That is Jax on the left and Gemma on the right. KoKo is in the middle:)

Ok tried to move this but no luck so you get to read it here.....

Hello Nana:)

Oh look there is a bird!!!!!!
This is where it is suppose to be:)
Technology sometimes drives me crazy!!!!
Oh I was informed my comments were off??? Ok I think I have them back on. Please leave a comment so I can check:)
Have an awesome week and Happy Sewing!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7, 2013

Hi Ya'll:)
My Texas is coming out today:) ha ha! Was a nice 80 degrees yesterday and we are heading there again today:) Of course it was only in the 50's in the middle of the week... just remember that old saying... If you don't like the weather just wait a bit and it'll change:) Well only in the winter season as when it gets hot it stays hot!
Oh by the way there are Bluebonnets on the sides of the roads:)
I got to get some quilting done this week between Dr appts and lunch with retreat group:) That's always fun! Not the Dr appt though:) She has finally learned to pick her battles with me... if I ain't gonna I ain't gonna:) Yup I am a bit stubborn at times:)
So onward with the pictures:)

First up and my favorite!!! Is Christine's Zig Zag quilt. Boy did I have fun quilting this one!!!!! I am SO needing to make me one!

She let me play and was VERY surprised how it looked when she picked it up:)

The back shows the 15 bobbins of thread I used:)

This is one of mine from the needing to be quilted closet. I counted and I still have 13 more of my own to get quilted. Hopefully I can get them all done this year:) I think I said that last year too:)

It is the first larger twister I made using a layer cake.

I quilted Simple Butterflies all over it:)

This is another one from the closet. I had bought or the blocks were given to me many years ago. They were all handpieced by someone. All I did was add the sashing and border.

Used my new Baptist fan board. Not too bad since I just started using it on this quilt. I always like to practice on a few Project Linus quilts but thougth what the heck... it's mine anyway:) 

Another one.... this was a Lil Twister made from the scraps of the other Twister I just listed above:)

I used the same Simple Butterfly panto on it:)

Here is  a scarf I won from Patchouli Moon Studio. She was celebrating her 5 year anniversary and I was a follower and got to win one of her beautiful hand knit scarves:) Thank you!!!!

Last year the guild did a row quilt exhange. This is the finished quilt all quilted and is heading to Project Linus:) Pat will do the binding for me:)

I am at a stand still on my modern blocks as I ran out of background fabric. I was using some that I had bought for another project and then didn't like it for that. I finally remembered where I got it from and have 2 yds ordered... Just pray it is the same!

I am SO excited as tonight my friend Joan and I are going to attend the Miracle Tour concert!!!! Josh Wilson, Colton Dixon.... from American Idol fame, and Third Day will be there. This will most likely be the last concert the 2 of us will be attending together as she is leaving me this summer:( She has been threatening to move for about 20 years and is finally doing it! Good for her but bad for me:(

Happy sewing to all of you!!!!!