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The horrible, terrible week:(

Hi All,

Was definitely a bad week! Took Buster the eldest into vet on Monday... congested, loss of appetite and just looked like he felt icky... they took blood, and ran tests... all good. Then took urine from his bladder and my hand was by his head and bam I got bit:( UGH! So really for the $ he had tests and got some fluids and antibiotics. They treat you as a leper when you come in with a sneezing cat:( Suppose to be highly contagious.... he stayed in one of the exam rooms the whole time.
So went home and cleaned my bite... then quilted.

Tuesday woke up to see a red line going up my arm from the bite :( so went to urgent care and got a tetanus shot and antibiotics. Said if not better in 2 days to go straight to ER... what??? Well that got my attention!!! So went home and quilted:) Discovered I hadn't had a tetanus shot since 1973 :0

Wednesday the red line was lighter and Thursday is was almost gone:)  Today I only have a dime size redness around the bite... am still on antibiot…

April has been a weird weather month!!!

Hi all!

It seems like Mother Nature has been playing games yet again! We have gotten to have a peak at Spring but it keeps falling back to cooler temperatures:( Some states have even gotten snow again???
I am hoping for prettier weather soon!!!

Was a busy quilting week... I have 2 items I can not show as they are challenge quilts:)

Lets see what I got done:

Mary W made this beautiful Judy Niemeyer quilt and I was thrilled to quilt it for her!
I did it all custom and used King Tut Joseph's Coat thread by Superior Threads LOVE the variegated on this one!!!
Her backing was perfect!  Remember if you click on the picture you get a bigger view:) Just want you to see the quilting:)
Verna dropped this one off and said to do my thing:) Ha ha!!! She is a big one! 107x108.
It is all freehand except for some ruler work.
The backing really shows what I did:)
Well have another loaded for tomorrow so I can get started right away:) Should be home 3 full days:) Have Bee on friday:) YEA!!!!
MIL fel…

Darn allergies are at it again:(

Well I did really well until the last front came through with really high winds:( Quilted some during the week and even made it to lunch bunch and bee but then this weekend it has just gotten worse again:( I know it's cottonwood sneaking in and wouldn't you know the neighbors behind us have a few of them:( I do try to stay in and run the AC or the heater as it just so happened again this morning... but it is going to get me anyway:(

As I said I did get some quilting done but not finished yet... a custom job... hopefully allergies willing I will finish it tomorrow:)

I did however get 3 more Spargo birds done.... have to hold off a bit until more wool I ordered comes in then I can start up again:)

I finished putting my Bee quilt together at my Bee this week:) I added the borders yesterday:) Now in the closet she goes to wait to be quilted.
It was a free pattern from Moda a few years back....

Short and Sweet....

Well I was out of pocket with a severe sinus headache for most of the week so nothing got done:( No quilting and very little handwork and that wasn't done till Friday:( It was probably allergies.... those darn things!!! Well am feeling much better as of today and have had lots and lots of rest so hope to be a ball of fire starting tomorrow:)

Temps got in the upper 80's and then a cold front came through and then another and the heater has been on... yes the AC was on this week also:( We have had to go back into the winter clothing for a few days:( Surprise!

I only have these 2 pictures for you today:

This is the 108" wide Kaffe backing I bought on sale online for Millie quilt:)
And Sue Spargo birds #6-9:) I have been working on the next set already:) Only 21 more to go:)
Enjoy the week... stay warm or dry or cool wherever you live!

Happy Easter!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter:) Ours was very quiet with just the 2 of us and the cats of course:) The weather has been amazing!!! Spring is officially here!

Was a very busy quilting week! Here are the pics to prove it:

Gayle made this Iron Cross quilt.
I used 4 different quilting patterns in the blocks. And a beadboard border. Also no quilting in almost all the red so it pops!
Love the backing!! Turned out really nice!
Cam made this quilt for her Mentor.
Lots of feathers and then some quilting on shirts and filler in the middle block.

Turned out really nice!
Margaret dropped of this yardage and then I just looped all over:)
Such sweet fabric!
She said she bought 8 units thinking they were a qtr yd but ended up with 8 yds:) I think I will be seeing this fabric again:)
Pat made this sweet Doxie quilt for a dear friend.
Just looped all over:)
Really sweet!
These machine emb blocks were donated and Pat made this chemo quilt with them.
I looped and then went around the medallions.