Another busy week!!!

Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was filled to the top!!! Monday I got my teeth cleaned and quilted, Tuesday quilted and had Guild mtg, Wednesday quilted and had root canal, Thursday ran errands and quilted and Friday took the whole day off:) Of course that just means hand work:)

The root canal went pretty well... don't remember it hurting that much ... guess I just forgot! SO glad I got Tylenol with codeine!!! I also had an abscess under the root so am on antibiotics for 10 days:( I go back on the 30th to finish and then back to dentist to finish the root canal the following week...... SO not in a hurry to do that again!!!

Okay on to the quilting:)

First is Shelley's quilt made for her friend with Alzheimer's:(
I think it's called Hugs and Kisses.  I did piano keys in the border and loops and hearts in the center.
I also did the emb on the back for her:)
Dot made this adorable Project Linus quilt.  Just did loops all over with my favorite Joseph's Coat thread:…

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! I celebrated on Thursday also when my son and the 2 grand daughters spent most of the afternoon with me:) Fun times!!! Today my daughter called and we caught up:)There were gift cards and chocolate covered strawberries involved also:)

Another busy week here... just not in quilting:(
Had lunch bunch  and went to the dentist for a crown and he did half the work because now I need to have a root canal first:( Seems to be the story of my life right now.... so Monday I get my teeth cleaned and on Wed I get the root canal. Another fun week:) LOL!!!

I did get a few things done:

First up is Brenda's Crown Royal quilt.
Meandered all over with a green thread.
Never have seen different colors of the bags always thought they were purple. Learned something new:)
Next is Kathy J's quilt for her grand son.
Loops quilted all over with King Tut Joseph's coat... one of my favorites!
Loved seeing all the different fabrics:)
Even a piano!
Great backing:)

SO much better week!!!

Hi all:)

The bite is all healed and the rabies test came back negative... knew that already! His shots were up to date and he hadn't been messing with any wild animals.

I pretty much worked on one quilt all week... Dora flew in from NC just to bring me the quilt:) Really:) No not really:) She is visiting her SIL Dot and I knew the quilt was coming with her:)

I have also been getting my Guild challenges finished.....our art one is due on the 15th and the donation challenge is due next month. I know I am crazy but it is fun:) There will be pictures as soon as I can post them:)

OK on with the pictures:
This is Dora's wedding ring quilt.
Ruler and free hand work.... the flowers are all free hand and since nature never has the same exact flowers I am ok:) Right???
And surprise it's reversible also:)
Rosette #7 all done.....
I couldn't stand it any longer... I had to put all the rosettes on the poor empty design wall:) Can't put it lower as Bob does like to rearrange thi…

The horrible, terrible week:(

Hi All,

Was definitely a bad week! Took Buster the eldest into vet on Monday... congested, loss of appetite and just looked like he felt icky... they took blood, and ran tests... all good. Then took urine from his bladder and my hand was by his head and bam I got bit:( UGH! So really for the $ he had tests and got some fluids and antibiotics. They treat you as a leper when you come in with a sneezing cat:( Suppose to be highly contagious.... he stayed in one of the exam rooms the whole time.
So went home and cleaned my bite... then quilted.

Tuesday woke up to see a red line going up my arm from the bite :( so went to urgent care and got a tetanus shot and antibiotics. Said if not better in 2 days to go straight to ER... what??? Well that got my attention!!! So went home and quilted:) Discovered I hadn't had a tetanus shot since 1973 :0

Wednesday the red line was lighter and Thursday is was almost gone:)  Today I only have a dime size redness around the bite... am still on antibiot…