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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Texas State Fair!

Hi all!

Pat and I left on Thursday for Dallas to attend the Fair:) MY first time! It was SO much fun!!! So many vendors from remodeling to toys to kitchen gadgets:) I of course had to eat some Fair foods. Deep fried Mini Reeses cup:) Deep Fried Thanksgiving Dinner... had stuffing, turkey and cream corn then rolled into ball and fried, served with gravy and cranberry sauce:) Then Beef Brisket egg rolls... super yums!!! Also had some of those swirly fries:)  I would like to go back again:)

Here is Big Tex!!!

And yes he is huge!!!!

Here is the brisket egg roll:) yums!!!!

This cow and penguins were made out of butter.

Here is the sign.

Then on Friday we went to Judy's and she drove us to 3 quilt shops and of course I bought a little at all:) Then to Pat's granddaughter's house to help celebrate her 6th birthday:) Then pu Gyros and back to Linda's house where we were staying all weekend.
Saturday we packed up and headed to a Make A Blanket Day in Plano, then home but not before stopping at Braum's Ice Cream:)

So It was a VERY full weekend!!!

My back is SO much better and it did well throughout the trip! 

I quilted some and am about 1/2 way done with a quilt so no pictures today:( I am home most of next week and with the back almost fully healed I will be working!!!

It is only a few weeks before there is another road trip but this time to Houston Quilt Fest:) Yea!!!!

Hope ya'll had a great week and get back to work!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Slow and steady:)

My back is still healing... it is a slow process but there is excitement when I didn't use the Tens device for a whole day:) yea!!! Today is day 2:) Of course can't lift or stoop over very well but there is progress!!!! Hubby has been such a help!!!

I did get 3 quilts done this week before I could do no more... probably overdid it but I missed quilting and I kept hearing them call to me:)

Here is what I did get done this week:)

Corolla's Squares quilt.

Have not seen this pattern or fabric before:) Just beautiful!
She lets me play and play I did:)

You can see the quilting on the backing.

Kathy J let me quilt her Round Robin... she still needs to embellish it:)

Love all the bright fabrics!!! She also let me play:)

I wrote Buzz Buzz and Bumblebee in the tan borders.

What fun backing!!! She bought it on our trip to E Jays in Taylor:)

Ruth Ellen made this special purple quilt for a niece.

Just love the fabrics!!! An all over stipple with variegated purple thread was used.

Love the backing fabric!!!

Got one purse made from the cat fabric from Cloth Pocket... only one more to make:)

This is what I have been working on as I sit for hours on end resting this back... wool pennies. I bought this kit in Houston 3 years ago. At least it is getting made:) They are all fused and pinned on the black fabric now so just more hand sewing to do:)

Found this pattern with the pennies and decided to make it... I bought it from Nedlewerks last year. Went back to get the orange and green wool and got it made yesterday:) LOVE it!!!

Slowly cleaning out the kits I have bought and the ones I have put together:) There are starting to be empty shelves:) Also went through a  bunch of patterns.... I have them down to 1/2.

Of course I will buy more in Dallas and in Houston:( Well I will be more selective... I hope:) ha ha!!!

Keep those needles moving and get something made this week!!!
I will be here a few days and then off to Dallas:) I will tell you all about it next time:)
Sending you a big hug!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

One step forward, Ten back:(

I was feeling SO good... guess that should of been an omen:( I pulled something in my back Monday:( I tried all the normal home remedies and then on Thurs bought a TENS device. It seems to be helping. Was afraid of over using it but after googling it... how did we ever survive?... I can use as much as I want:) So glad for that!!!

I did get a few quilts done Monday and one loaded on Tuesday and there it has sat all week:(
Went to lunch with girls on Tuesday and wasn't too bad.... seems like as long as I am either up or down I am ok... no bending is allowed:( Well Wed was horrible!!!! I pretty much laid around and watched TV all day:( Thurs bought the device and started using it:) Still rested but x stitched:) Friday was another rest day... seemed it was hardest in bed... esp trying to roll over;( UGH!!!

Sat hubby drove us to Sew Crazy in Cedar Park... a new to me shop. And then to pu Bianca and we had lunch out. By the time I got home I was done in!!!! Didn't want to wear device out in public.... my bad!!!! Should of!!!! Today I doing somewhat better but still taking it easy and still using device... said to use up to a week and then may have to go to Dr as if they can do anything! So will see how I am on Thursday... of course it will prob take a month to see Dr:( I guess urgent care is a possibility. Am just hoping to be better soon!!!!

Here is what  did get done this week:
Margaret made this from scraps:)

Love the colors!!!!

Just a stipple in yellow.

This is Patricia's other quilt.

Great idea!!! Love the fabrics!

Just a stipple with a cream colored thread.

Dot made this Christmas quilt.

She always says if one border is good why not more:) haha!!!

Sparkly back!

This is a Flatty Cat for my gdaughter for Christmas.

Mermaid panel I bought this summer in Plano.. also for gdaugheter:)

The seahorse can wear the skirt too:)

Finished Marie's Christmas stocking... took a pic along side her sister's I made a few years ago.
Hubby had jury duty Monday but wasn't picked.
MIL arrived back home yesterday:)
The weather has been awesome all week!!! No AC on:) Wish I was walking!!!

What I bought at Sew Crazy:)

Have an awesome week and I SO hope to be quilting again!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Suppose to feel like Fall tomorrow:)

Or at least that's what they say on tv:) Low 80's as high and even a 59 as a low:) yea!!!! Am hoping to get back to walking this week.... need to get ready for Houston:)

Was home most of the week so got lots done:) yea!!!

Gayle made this Moda Shuffle quilt with all the leftovers from the snowman BOM she had at her shop a few years ago.

Had fun trying new things:)

She even pieced the backing:) Love the way the red thread looks on the back!

Gayle also made this Fall Leaves quilt. She has been finishing up UFO's.

Just a meander with variegated thread.

Great backing!

Patricia sent me this lovely baby quilt and wanted loops and stars on it.

I quilted them in a light grey.

Would love some of that backing fabric in my stash!!!

She also sent me this table topper.

The circles are hand appliqued and the blocks are like a stack and whack but only using 4 pieces if fabric.

Definitely a red and white quilt! I have one more of hers to quilt:)

Pat made 2 chemo quilts.

They are pretty similar so only posted the one.

Just loops on these 2:)

Here are the 5 PL's I had made and quilted this weekend. Hubby helped by learning how to pin to leaders so I could quilt. He is thinking of quilting after he retires.... loops and stipple but I am great with that! He can do all the Pl's and Chemo quilts! We have a few years before we need to purchase some type of quilter for him.

My chemo quilt all done:)

Love this backing fabric!!!

My daughter posted this on my FB page this week:) TOO cute!!!!

MIL is enjoying her trip to Florida. And we are enjoying our time together:)
Am home a lot this week so plan to get a lot done again:)

Hope you get a few UFO's done this week!!! I also realized Christmas is fast approaching so have begun sewing for that:) I know where is the time????

Hugs to all!!!!