More rain and humidity:(

So for our July there still have been NO 100 degree days...surprise!!! We did get a bunch of rain again but we are okay with that. We drove to Georgetown on Friday and everything was so green...unheard of here in Texas in July!!!!

So we went to Georgetown to get 2 of Hubby's Basal Cell Carcinomas taken off...they did it three times before they got it all and he got stitches:( Poor guy! On was on his left ear and the other on his cheek below his eye. Now we have to keep them covered until we go back in 2 weeks to get the other ear done. Fun times:) LOL!!! We were there 4 hours so I got 3 flowers made for least I did something while I was there:) Then late lunch and back home.

The appliances arrived for MIL house and the range was damaged:( So back it went. Of course it is special order and won't be in till the 3rd so I ordered from Home Depot and it should be delivered on Wed....I did say should didn't I? I have not cancelled the other one yet. Most of the fl…

July is here!

Hi all,

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Fourth of July Celebration! We had a nice quilt day filled with good food. The temps were below normal so no 105...just mid 90's with a gabillion degrees of humidity:( Oh well...SO glad we have AC!

Yesterday was Summer cleaning in the house...feels like we have been neglecting the house for too long!!! Today was the outside cleaning. We haven't power washed it for 2 years and it definitely showed. The siding is white again:) YEA!

Last week was pretty quiet..well except one Lawyer appt and of course construction guys:) The house is almost finished being painted inside. They are supposed to lay the new flooring on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday the new appliances will arrive:) Also the AC will be serviced.I am hoping all will be done by the 15th. A different garage door company is to come by on Tuesday for estimate. I will be home all of 2 solid days so should get a bit of quilting done:)

Here is what I did get done this week:


End of June:(

This month just flew by!!! We had more rain...almost 4 inches last Monday and the temperature has not hit 100 yet and July is like tomorrow:) Of course the humidity has been awful and there have been heat indexes in the 100+. So with one good thing there is always another thing :(

I had planned to get more quilting done but the lawyer changed our appt from normal off day for errands.... till Tuesday so I did more errands then. I had to buy a new range was less expensive to buy it then a stove top and oven...and fridge for MIL house. They should be delivered on the 10th or 11th. They're making great progress on the house:) The carpet was laid yesterday in the bedrooms and one bathroom has been painted. Since I went with the range there was cabinet cutting and removing to be done...sure opened up the space! Can't wait to see it done! We trimmed all the trees the required 2 feet away from the roof yesterday and did the yard:)

So that meant I got to quilt 2 day…

Happy Birthday to me:)

Yup it's my birthday today:) My daughter called and asked if I was 25 or 26? LOL!!!! Wouldn't want to do those years over again especially not in this time period!

Busy week... seems as if they all are lately.Had a guild  meeting. I did get some quilting done and also sewing:) What? Sewing? YEA!!! All I wanted for my birthday was to sew on Whitney:) After some to dos around the house yesterday I sewed and then again today:) That made me a VERY happy girl:)

So called the realtor on Monday and the workman showed up on Tuesday with their trailer. Wed they began demo. What a mess!!!! Glad there isn't anybody living in the house right now! The rest of the week has been sheetrock replacing and mudding. Not fun!!! Took 2 days for the gas company to turn the gas off...ugh! Now the countertop and sink can be removed. The garage door guy finally came and haven;'t heard anything back from them yet. Hoping they have some older used doors we can get installed as they will get paint…

Middle of June already!

Hi All,

Hard to believe June is passing by so quickly!

Forgot to post that on the first was my 8 year anniversary of my business:) WOW!!!! Hope to go a few more:)LOL!

Busy week with lunch bunch, lawyer meeting, realtor meetings, and Clifton quilt Show. Oh and I did quilt:)

The meeting with the lawyer is to set up a trust instead of doing wills... makes the passing on of stuff SO much easier! NO probate for the kids to have to deal with:) Have 3 more appointments before everything is final.

Realtors...oh what fun this adventure has been! We have never bought or sold a house. My in laws gave us our house so this is all new for us! The first realtor was very nice and gave us what we asked for. The second has gone way beyond and did a cost estimate with repairmen on fixing the house and giving us options of fixing or not. Selling empty lot next to it with house or not. Lots of decisions!!! And we learned SO much!!! So we are going with second realtor and selling separately but giving the …

Still June:)

Well I think that Summer has arrived no matter what the calendar says! Upper 90's today with a heat index of 110...yup it's here:(

I finished the king size and also got a little one done this week:) I have another loaded and am about 1/2 way with it:) Love when I can get things done!

I even got a bit of sewing done yesterday before heading to Grand Daughters Recital. She had performances in both so we went to both! Only got to spend a little time with her but a lot with the youngest:) Fun day!

Today we finished clearing out the shed and garage of MIL house. The lady finished cleaning it and we have 2 appts next week with Realtors. Have never sold a house so it will definitely be an adventure!

Okay onto the quilts.....
Peggy's king size quilt. It was a BOM from PHD Quilts in Waco.
Had a lot of fun quilting different things!
Love the border idea!
Backing was a Batik.
The center was my favorite!
Look at all that quilting! Only 29 bobbins worth:)
Close up of center medallion.