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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Busy week:)

Not quite sure where this week went???
I did get some quilting done, had a guild mtg, slept a lot, and then it was the weekend?
Parts of Texas got lots of rain and some got hail... we got dribbles:( was hoping for a good rain to test those gutters and cement.... maybe next time! It is lovely and cool today so airing out the house and studio:)

On to the pics!

Cam made this beauty:) She pretty much lets me do what I want:) So I went modern!

For some reason when I was thinking of the quilting I thought there were only 2 rows of designs and nothing in the middle so I had it all planned out in my head:) Well surprise!

Still turned out beautifully!

And it's reversible:)

Here is the one I have been working on for Hubby. It is all done and on his bed:)

I used an allover panto feather design in red thread.

The backing fabric was form IKEA:) yea!!!

Janice made this sweet Tea Party BOM.

Had fun quilting steam curls all over the place:)

It is just too cute!

Here is the backing.... sweet rosebuds!

I received this handmade ladybug scissor charm  and fat quarter for participating in the Project Linus challenge through the guild. It was lots of fun and neat to see what the ladies made with their mystery bags... some even made 2???

5 more alphabet blocks done:) Have digitized the words to the ABC song to go in the top also:)

Got my fabrics all cut to take to a retreat next month:) Hoping to get the Sweet Tooth BOM finished up then.
Am home most of the coming week so hopefully get the quilt that's loaded done and maybe another one:) yea!!!
Have a terrific week!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day:)

Hope all the Mother's had a great day!!! Had a lovely lunch at our local Hawaiian restaurant with son and his family yesterday. Then on to the park to play and feed the ducks:) I like days like this!!!

The workers are all done:) So now we need a VERY big rainstorm to come so we can check if the gutter extensions and the concrete work actually does work:) Well we need a good rain anyway!

Was busy quilting most of the week:)

Mary W and her Bee made this beauty! She will be putting it in the local show in July:)

Left me lots of play room:)

And here you can see all the work:)

Kathy J... also in the same Bee made hers a bit different:)

She just wanted a loop meander and I like it just as well:)

She had a great grey backing.

My Lucy Boston is slowly getting there! The last row is just about finished and then I can start getting the holes filled up.

The USA map is all fused and ready to stitch down. Yes Alaska and Hawaii are still missing but I will add them after I get the rest stitched down... it's my new Bee project!

This is the cutest Mother's Day card ever!!! My daughter Kayla sent it to me:)

The momma cat pops up and is dangling a kitten from her mouth... daughter said that was my son:) haha!!! She didn't write in it so added a paper heart inside:)

I have another quilt finished but she will be getting it on Tuesday so will post next week. Got hubby's all quilted and need to hand sew down the binding so you will also see that next time:) Have been playing with some of his leftovers so will see what I can come up with:) 

Have a great week!!! A short quilting week here one is already loaded:)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Welcome May!

Hello all:)
A somewhat uneventful week. MIL went back in hospital with high bp. They have taken her off 1/2 of her prescriptions so hopefully that will help. Then last night she fell. Doing ok except her knee and hip hurt a bit.
I was sick with allergies most of the week:( Cottonwood. Did get some quilting done but mostly hide from the floating sorcery!
So here is what I did get done:)

Marylyn made this Bible quilt using the Turning Twenty around the block and her leftover fabrics form her snowman quilt.

Love the blocks all done with machine embroidery.

The muted blues are so nice!

Here is the backing...

This is also Marylyn's:) Pattern is called Log Cabin Cross.
Love the color choices!

Just outlined and then straight line rays.

3 more alphabet blocks made:)

another row of Lucy Boston Crosses done with the 1 inch squares:) Coming along nicely!

I have another quilt almost finished but will post it next week.
Lunch bunch next week:)
Also have workers replacing my back door and fixing the boards on the studio... they didn't get it all done last week so hopefully by Tuesday:) They need to pour the concrete for the drainage problem... SO hope it works!!!
Have a great week!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Almost May already!

Hi All:)

It was a busy week here at Lou's Quilt'n Corner!!!

I got my May Wool BOM finished after I wrote last weekend blog:) Too cute!

Martha S made this beautiful Judy Niemeyer quilt.

I love quilting feathers and this was the perfect quilt for it! The points look as if they are 3D.

Her backing is perfect!

Dot made this sweet Cat quilt for her Kayla.

Such an old time look with the antique calicoes:)

She pieced the back with left overs.

This is Dot's Project Linus quilt

Love the backing!

Here is Lucy Boston with 2 rows of those little one inch fussy cut flowers sewn on...only 3 more to go:)

More alphabets emb for Marie's quilt.

This is the one I have been working on at my Bee for the last few months. It is now officially a quilt top:)

Need to figure out the backing but know I am using red thread for the quilting!

Here are all the leftovers from the strip sets.... I am making blocks and then will figure out what to do with them. They will either go on the back or make a chemo quilt. Too many decisions!

We had a cold front come through that sparked snow in the panhandle and severe tornadoes in the Canton/ Mineola area:( We were lucky and had a cap on top of us so we only got the temp drop.... muggy and 85 to windy and cold at 51 this morning:( It will warm up again this week until we get another cold front on Wed.... if you don't like the weather just wait a day and it will change:)

Home most of the week so will bet a lot done:) haha!!!

Have a terrific week!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Busy Busy week!!!

Hubby had the whole weekend off of MIL duty so we headed out yesterday to the big town of Cedar Park, Round Rock and Buda:)
I will show you the goodies at the end:) Lots of fun!!!
So since I was home most of the week I got a lot done!!!!

Here are the rows for Hubby's quilt that I have been working on at Bee every time. Need to sew them together, add borders and then figure out a back. Might get them all sewn this coming Bee?

This is Jean's quilt for her other grand son.

It's Hugs and Kisses. I think by using the variegated blue thread it looks more computerish?

Solid back really shows off the quilting!

This is Elaine's gran daughters quilt... it's the first she has made all by herself:)

I jazzed it up with the fun quilting!

I wanted the unquilted strips to pop like they were on top.

Margaret had me quilt this USA map for a teacher friend of her daughters. 

I pretty much outlined all the states and played a bit in the ocean:)

Elaine again:) This is an adorable Bambi panel baby quilt for a friend.

Bambi and the butterfly got outlined and then all the pink was quilted.

Lots of curlz everywhere else... love the Thumper fabric!

Okay my haul from yesterday:
The cream and red is for the back of Lucy Boston, the wild is for my Sweet Tooth BOM back, the states fabric is for the USA map quilt back, and the black with all the wild dots is for the alphabet quilt sashing, borders and backing:)

What fun it was to shop for them!!!
We also went to IKEA for another sewing chair and cart... love those carts!!!

Busy week next week as I am home only 2 days:( Yes I already have a quilt loaded and am hoping to get it done next week!

Have a super sewing week!!!