Winter is trying to sneak in:(

Has been a bit cooler the last few days... in fact in might freeze tonight:( It is sprinkling right now so hopefully all will be ok in the morning!

Busy week quilting, getting my Operation Christmas Child boxes finished up and went to Bee:)
My daughter also let us know she will be here next month before Christmas:) YEA!!!

So we worked on the kitchen some more this weekend... yesterday we bought everything we needed and today the space above the cabinets is all filled in. I once again have discovered I HATE doing mitered corners with trim! Looks good and we need more trim to finish up:) Different then what we had purchased... it is a deep black hole for sure!!!

MIL is doing much better... she was released Wed and is getting Hospice care now so that is a good thing!

Ok enough blabbing:) Here are the pictures:

Linda bought this at an estate sale in Dallas area for $5. Then I prettied it up for her:)
Lots of custom quilting:)
The back looks good to:)
Margaret made this sweet hand embroide…

Feels more like Fall today... but wait:)

Hi All,

When I did laundry today I had shorts and sweats in the pile... yup TX weather for sure! It was in the 70's the past few days and then last night a front came through and brought high winds and 1/4 in rain and lower temps:) yea!!! Only in the 60's today... forecast has upper 30's as evening temps at the end of the week:)

We have been working in the kitchen... the new oven and stove top arrived. The stove top will stay in box until the new counter tops are put in... it was on a great sale:) The oven is in but of course the connection thingie isn't right so have to find the right one. The walls and cabinets are about ready to be painted but we still have to do the built in above the cabinets... have not had time to get supplies... the oven arrived at 8:45 yesterday morning:)

Hubby went to pu his mom for bingo and she was slumped in her chair. They took her to hospital by ambulance and then to Scott and White in Temple by Helicopter. They thought she had a stroke …

Some more rain and now warmer again:)

Hi all,

Got the heater checked out this week and I think the AC may be back on before the day is over... a cold front is due on wed and more rain... yea for us:( We got 2.5 in more last week. The ground has not dried yet:(

I got some quilting done and passed on Bee this week so I could work on my donation quilting a bit:)

First are the last 3 Spargo birds that I finished... only 3 more to go and they are all prepped:)
Brenda made this quilt on on the serger. Interesting for sure!
I played with all the blocks:)
Looks great on the back:)
She also made this Civil War quilt.
Just loopd all over.
A good cuddle quilt!
Martha made this chemo quilt.
Just looped all over.
This top was donated to PL.
I couldn't just loop or stipple all over it was WAY too cute!!!
So it got a semi custom quilt:) My chemo is quilted and trimmed just waiting for the binding...
Yesterday Hubby and I went to LaGrange to the Quilt Museum to see the Millifore and Kaffe display. The quilts were wonderful and there …

We are fine here in Central Texas:)

Hi All,

The title has to do with all the rain we got this past week! My house for over 7.5 inches... the rain gauge ran over so I am not exactly sure of the true amount. Was a VERY wet dreary week for us! We were SO happy to see the sun yesterday and it is out fully today:) The lakes are all full plus more right now:)

I stayed home and quilted... unfortunately I got wet every time I went in and out of the studio:(  But it doesn't rain enough to make a covered walkway! Oh and the studio stayed dry:) Finally!!!

Okay on with pics:

Erlene made this Hexie Garden quilt:)
You guys know I have a love of everything Hexie... wonder if there is a support group for that?
I used 24 different thread colors:) The petals are feathers and there are white lines in the background. Turned out stunning!!!!
Brenda made a Turning Twenty baby quilt.
Just loops all over:)
Is a sweet baby quilt!
Ok now onto a new addiction:) It's called 5D diamond Painting.You get a kit that has all the beads, tools, a…

Normal Tx weather!

Meaning that one day it's in the 60's the next 80's and after a cold front passes through tonight the 40's:( UGH!!!! AC to heater all in one day... yup normal for TX!

I quilted a couple of days so not much to show here and went to Bee and got another Christmas gift almost finished:)

This is the second quilt from Tricia. Very modern!
I quilted lines 1/4 in away and some in the ditch with matching thread. Kept it very linear!
Great backing!
Got a xstitch project ready for me for Christmas:)
This is what I worked on at Bee this week... it was a printed panel with horrible directions:( I was so glad to be sitting by someone that had sewn a lot of doll clothes:) Just some handwork to do and it will be done:)
Hubby's recliner is suppose to be delivered Tuesday afternoon:) YEA!!!
We have started prepping the kitchen cabinets for paint. Will need to construct a box type thing over the cabinets to fill it all in... there was paneling there when we moved in and I removed it …