Happy Fall!!!

Yesterday was the first day of Fall and it sure felt like it here:) I actually wore tennis shoes:) I know:)

We have gotten some rain and cloudy days which is keeping the temps down a bit. I have the windows open all day today and the studio also:) Nice to get some fresh air in!

I went to a lovely quilt showing at the Methodist Church in Belton yesterday... they draped the quilts over the pews. Had such an enjoyable time reading about the quilts:)

No other quilts to show you this week but... the living room is finished... well there are a few more replacements  (fans and blinds) but for right now it is finished:)
These are the before pictures.... View from front door.
Straight as you walk in front door.
From hallway.

Most of the furniture is in either the spare bedroom or in the dining room. The carpet is all up:)  We put the couch and my red chair and ottoman on the curb and Hubby got to watch the jaws pick them up and crush them in the back of the city's truck. He was VERY impres…

Mid September

Hi All,

Just checked rain gauge and in the past 2 weeks we got almost 4 inches of much needed rain! Unfortunately the humidity is rearing it's ugly face :( Can't we ever be completely happy with the weather? Probably not since it is always talked about:)

I am off all of this coming week but will still be working?? We are doing the living room remodel. As of today all the spackling, sanding and ripping out of carpet is done. We are ahead of schedule:) YEA!!!

I did get some quilting done this past week:

Jill made this Aggie quilt for her son in law that was just recently promoted to Copperas Cove Fire Chief:)
It is for his bunk at the station.
Just stippling all over
My place mats and table runner got quilted and the binding all sewn on:)
Elaine made this beautiful cardinal quilt for her son.
Love how it turned out!
You can see the quilting on the solidish backing:)
Dot made this sweet Project Linus quilt.
Just loop meander all over.
And she made this tulip quilt also for Projec…

Feels like Fall but it's really not!

We have had so much lovely rain this week:) And more predicted for next week:) The rain gauge says 2.5 inches so far.. I didn't empty it yet:) The clouds have keep the temps down but some days the humidity is pretty bad:(

I was home most of the week:) So yes got some quilting done:)

We also finished the hall redo and almost done with hubby bedroom... he is working on his door today and then it will all be done....well except for me sewing him quilt curtains using some of his old t shirts... so really tshirt quiltains:) Is that a new terminology?? LOL!

This week I will start taking down things in the living room and packing up the contents in the tv cabinet... fun days are ahead:) LOL!

I am also staying home most of the week so I can get a bit ahead in quilting since I will do none next week while hubby is on vaca and we are redoing the living room.

Ok on with the pictures:)

Janice made this whimsical Halloween quilt as a gift for a friend:)
The leggings and skirts were too cute!!!

Happy Labor day!!!

Hi all,

Short and sweet today since we have been working all weekend and will continue tomorrow!
The hubby's bedroom and hallway were all prepped for painting today. He got a call from the Assisted Living Center where his mom lives and she is sick and sleeping so we painted the hallway:) YEA!!! So tomorrow we have the bedroom, hallway linen closet doors and touch up painting to do and then put all the door knobs on... shiny new ones and hang the cabinet doors with all new handles and hinges:)
Oh and my fridge arrived on Wednesday and is lovely!!!
Hubby has picked a week this month for vacation and we will be redoing the living room... paint, pull up carpet and lay flooring:) Fun vacation right??? Part of the new furniture is in but they are holding it until the couch arrives or we are done with the living room:)

I finished my double hoop embroidery:) LOVE it!!!!
Both of the gdaughters fleece Princess blankets are all done for Christmas:)
Andrea wanted embroidery on her pillows.

Much better and busier week!

The vertigo is all gone:) Of course the Chenopods are not and ragweed is starting to show up:( Oh well have upped my allergy meds and that seems to be working:)

I was home 3 days and got 1 quilt done:) Oh well I did get that done:) LOL!!! Thursday I had errands and eye appt... had to order new glasses:) Kinda happy about that since these are 3 years old!

Friday was Bee:) Almost have all the Steampunk blocks done:) Then need to sash. I did find backing fabric at $8.50 a yard and then 25% off that:) You need to check out Jordan Fabrics out of Oregon. They have great tutorials and fabric!

Saturday was hubby errand day... we bought him clothes, new living room furniture... couch, ottoman, and wing back chair for me:).... then to Home Depot for light and other goodies for hubby's room and hallway makeover. Oh and I ordered a new refrigerator that morning online at home depot ... it was almost 1/2 price:) Then to lunch and then to Ledgers our local  furniture store to get hubby a badly …

Up and down week..

I truly mean up and down. The allergies have triggered vertigo so I am fine sitting still or laying down but once I am up and moving so is everything else:( UGH!!! It's an inner ear thing so more antihistamines... have had it before but it's been awhile:( Feels like your drunk without the wine drinking:(

I did get a few things done though...

Gayle made this runner for her church.
Just rays of love in the quilting!!!
Pat made this Doxie quilt as a gift for a visiting friend next month:)
Love that the pups are on the back also:) Just loop meander.
Ruth Ellen made this chemo quilt all from her scrap stash:) Awesome!
Just loop meander quilting.
As you can see just simple quilting this week since I don't know how long I would feel well enough to quilt. Have a more complex quilt loaded for this week already... high hopes:)
Millie is all done except for her fill in border pieces. I have ordered 3 yards of Kona Hyacinth for that:) So finished up the 3 Spargo birds I have been negl…