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After Thanksgiving:)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! Hubby and  had our traditional pizza:) Of course today the kids and MIL came over for our big meal:) Was a fun day!!!

Also got our new AC/Heater installed this week and I have to say it is just amazing!!!! Our old one was 30+ years old so there is a considerable difference! Will see if if it affects the bill??? We have been running the heat at night and the AC was finally on today:)

I got some quilting done even though it was a short week:)

First up is Nancy's log cabin for her sister:)
She wanted it all girly:) haha!!! So feathers!!!
And swirls:) I love the way it turned out!!!
Here is the back... see those lovely feathers???:)
Another one from Nancy... tumblers!
Just a simple loop meander all over.
The backing matches:)
Judy Mc made this sweet Project Linus quilt.
All quilted with loops and stars.
Fun backing!
I got 3 man chemo kits and made 3 quilts. This is the first one all done:)
Just loop meander.
And double sided:) Fun!!!
Linda W…

Almost Thanksgiving:)

Well the temperatures have dropped again for a few days:) At least it does make it feel more like Fall.
Was a busy week so just a little quilting done. I only have 2 more Christmas ones to get done and then back to regular schedule...

Here is what I did get done:

Nancy had one more Wolf quilt to get done:)
This one is for her husband and she wanted to custom.
Hard to tell on the front
But you can definitely see the work on the back!

Pat made Linda a quilt out of flannel.
So soft and cuddly:)
Loops and hearts all over:)
We voted on our Guild's challenge entries and I won 3rd:) yea!!!
It had to have the purple fabric and fabric manipulation on/in it.
Was a good challenge as it made me go WAY out of my comfort zone!!

Found this sweet emb design and had to make a towel for Kathy J:)
Gifts for a few friends:) And one for me!!!!
My Chicken Butt towel:)

It is Hubby's birthday today... he is yet again 23:) So we went on a day trip and I got to visit 2 quilt shops:)
Bought these from S…

Heater this week :)

With our ever changing weather we went from AC right to Heater... don't think it was the same day but it could of been:) If you don't like the weather just wait a day or 2:) haha!!!

How is everybody doing with the time change? I am loving it!!! I have started walking again:) The last time I went walking was when  fell:( I am VERY careful!!! Nice to get out!

Had lunch bunch this week and my teeth are nice and shiny again:) yea! Other then that I got a lot of quilting done!!!

First up is one of Nancy's Wolf panels,,, this one is for her daughter.
I did a panto called Deb's Swirls with a gray thread.
Love how it turned out!
Wolf #2 for son in law.
Black thread this time.
I really liked how it turned out and so did she:) Wold #3 is getting started on tomorrow but no panto this time... custom.
Lenore is a new customer and we just kept is simple with loop meaner on this one.
I use black thread.
Love the quilting on the red backing!
Jill made this Aggie quilt for her son in l…