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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Feb 23, 2013

Hi all!

Well I have to say Quilt Con was just..... AWESOME!!!!! The quilts were awe inspiring!!!  Took a bunch of pics but can't decide which ones to post:) It was set up beautifully, not crowded so you could actually look at the quilts! Love that! Also great vendors! The major peeps were there too to show off their new items...Coats and Clark, Moda, Crafty to name  a few:)

I only bought 2 books by Angela Waters and of course got them signed :) Yea:) Insert small giggle here:) Should of taken a pic with her:( Oh well.....

Ok so before I go any further.... FIL has Follicular Non Hodgins Lymphoma. It is a lazy cancer:) But it is stage 3. Hubby is getting him moved to a rehab facility next week and then after 2 weeks of gaining his strength they will start a regime for his cancer. Since I am not there I get all the info second hand and not always correct:( So this is the latest info I have. Hubby is planning on flying home in a week.

I have been busy while I am by myself and have been quilting and playing. Oh and losing a bit of weight:) haha!!! Sure it will find me again after he gets home.

So here are some pics of my work:


                           Here are the Project Linus fleece blankets I machine embroidered for Pat and Shelley. 21 total.

                  Sorry the giraffe is sideways....just turn your head:0 haha!!!

This is Ms Neva's Garden Party

I had a lot of fun playing:)

This is the back.....

This is Mary Ann's Mermaid quilt for her grand daughter.

Empty spaces mean fun quilting!

She didn't want any quilting on the mermaids.

Played with one of my new toys on a Project Linus quilt. It is the swirls board from Loricles. You can see it on the left...the yellow thing:) It did an amazing job on the quilt. Still need to practice a few more times before going to customer quilts. Have one loaded for practice already:)

Hope you had an sew lovely week and may it continue!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 17, 2013

Hello one and all:)

What a whirl wind week it has been here!!!! Hasn't stopped since I got home and there is no end in sight!

Not much customer quilting being done this week. Did get one baby quilt done and have a big one still loaded and waiting to be finished. Life has gotten in the way once again:(

My Fil is in the hospital in Fl so hubby flew down and will stay until he is well enough to travel. He and his sister want to bring both parents back to Texas so we can care for them...they are finally on board. They are both almost 87.

Of course I can't do anything from here except pray and get their house ready for them. They live next door when they are here which is real handy now! My work will come after they arrive...... I am thankful to have them as inlaws and will do everything I can for them:)

Ok now on to the fun stuff!

Well with Valentine's Day there were gifts to be made:) This is my grand daughters shirt I emb with mylar...too cute!!!

  My son told me when they went out to lunch on Val Day she kept telling everyone "Bear".  Too sweet!!!!

These were gifts for the lunch bunch:) Embroidery Garden Owl Notepads:)
Never knew there was a giraffe owl:) haha!!!!

This is the one customer quilt I got quilted this week. This is Elaine's.
                                         Made Pooh's fur swiry:)

                                   Gotta love Tigger!!!! Woo Hoo!

I did have time to participate in a blog hop before I left for the retreat all about Dreden Plates and I won!!! These are the goodies I received this week in the mail from Ellie Q from Color My World
Thank you SO much!!!!! The blogs are fun and I win sometimes but mostly I get inspired!

Here is a picture of a stray we are feeding and named Bully as he likes to beat up our in/out cat Buster.

Today I am emb a bunch of plain fleece blankets Pat and Shelley crocheted around. Pat says make then pretty so I am:) Will take a pic and post next time!

Happy sewing!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb 10, 2013

Wow what a week!!!! I have NEVER sewed, ate or laughed that much in a long long time!!!! Where was I you ask? I was at the Sitchin Heaven bunkhouse with 10 of my sewing sisters:) This was my first but SO not my last retreat!!!! In fact there is another planned for July:)

This is the Bunkhouse

                                                The signs outside:)
    I walked everyday about 3 miles and took a few pics of things I saw.

           This is the gate house of the man who discovered Astroturf.

                                         A beautiful blooming tree.
                                      True Longhorns!!!  Hook 'Em!

        Itty Bitty twister Heart. Hung it up to the 5" square Twister heart:)
      My cat panel lap throw. Have had these in my stash at least 3 years:)
                                          Bright and bold colors!!!

              My Black and white Twister quilt:) Love the border!!!

                                              My 30's quilt row    
 My Lil Twister cross...just need to cut with the ruler...excited to see this one finished!

Ok now some sewing pics.
 This is Diane and Shelley in a deep conversation about machine embroidery:)
                               Pauline and Brenda giving us the thumbs up!

Rosemary and Veretta sewing away!!!!!

                        Diane and Veretta giving a t-shirt necklace class. Renee, Pauline, Brenda, Rosemary, Alice and Shelley are good students!

      Dinah taking pictures and me taking a picture of Dinah:) haha!!!

                              Stretch those strips! Alice is getting into it!

Mary decided not to make one along with Dinah and myself. She was watching to be sure they did it right!

Oh and we did shop a bit. At Stitching Heaven and Needle Works in Mineola. And in Athens on the way home at Needle Niche.

Well back to reality this week!!!
Happy Sewing!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Feb 2, 2013

Wow it's Feb!?! Ok where is January??? Yes I was busy but still......

I am off next week to Quitman Texas to a quilting retreat at Stitchin Heaven's Bunkhouse. There are 11 of us going and I have 6 projects packed to work on:) Hope to get a few done anyway!!!!! This is a first for me so I am really excited!!!!

Here is what I have been working on this past week....

Oh by the way Dazi is loving the new frame!!!!

This is Theresa's quilt her mother made out of all her jumpers. Theresa is a recently retired teacher and she had all these jumpers her mother had made so instead of donating them she has a quilt with all the memories:)
She let me play:)

This is Maleah's Baby Seuss blanket with a minkee type of backing:)

I just loop meander all over it:) Too sweet!!!

This is also Maleah's. It used a charm pack. How clever!

She always lets me play:)

Looks kinda like a garden.

This is Gayle's Storm at Sea made for a friend at the coast.
She told me to Lou it:) haha!!! Is that a stitch?

Nice on the back too!

Ok not quilting but one of hubby's coworkers killed a beautiful Rattlesnake and then cured the skin. It was SO pliable and nice to work with. 
I lined it with thin leather and then covered the back of the hat band with brown paper and sewed the ends together. The velcro would only stitck to the paper side not the skin side. He was happy so I am too:)

                                     This is Gayle's log cabin quilt:)
I did a feather panto in a lightweight red thread.....just turned out beautiful!!!!

Love that border fabric!!!!

This is the back:) I have fat of that!

Well that is all for now:) Have a great week and I am sure I will have a few stories to tell when I get back!

Happy Stitches!!!