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Nov 30, 2014

Well the last day of November has arrived and there are only 25 more days until Christmas??? I need more than that!!!!! ha ha!!!

The funeral was nice and simple... he had military style at the Veteran's Cemetery. The bugle played and the guns were shot:) The weather was perfect! Thank you to all my friends and hubby's coworkers who attended:) We SO appreciated the love we felt!

Our Thanksgiving was pretty nice.. had most of the family at our house. MIL did well and said she ate a plate for FIL:) MIL went home with SIL on Friday and they are in LA at a casino today and tomorrow:) She does well as long as she isn't sitting and thinking for too long:)

I did get some quilting done this past week and have a few more to do before Christmas.

This is Kitty's quilt that her grand daughter helped her with.
The gdaughter got to push the start button as each thread was changed on the embroidery machine:)
She will be getting it for Christmas:)
Cam has gone Modern yet again! Love t…

Nov 23, 2014

Hello everyone!

I am writing with a heavy heart as my FIL passed away on Friday the 21st from heart failure. He will be missed by all! MIL is doing much better then we thought but has her times:( The visitation for family is Tues evening, public visitation Wed 10-12 and then graveside funeral at 1 at the Veteran's Cemetery in Killeen Tx.

 After that we have Thanksgiving and then she will go with my SIL to her home for a week or more. We can't do anything without the death certificate so that will prob be in 2-3 weeks and with the holidays more like 3. Then the real fun begins:( SO did not know about all the stuff you have to do... wish it was like the frontier days where you just buried them and then went on:) But then I guess that wouldn't be progress???

I did get some quilting done this week:)
First up is Gayle's wallhanging... remember I told you there were more:)
Love the borders!
Here's all the hard work:)
I finally finished this needle holder and gave it to K…

Nov 15, 2014

What an artic blast that came through this week!!!! I didn't leave the house for 5 days:) haha!!! Had to quilt anyway:) We had 20's at night with wind chills in the teens and highs up in the 30's and now 40's. Another front coming through tomorrow:( We never have winter this early in the year!!!!
Fun to see how everyone dresses:) You have the shorts and flip flop people with coats and then the ones that look like they should be in Alaska:) Too funny!!!! Almost better than those Walmart people emails you get:) haha!!!

The closet is getting easier to get into finally:) But of course I still have quite a few to quilt:) Great job security! LOL!!!!

Ok on with the show:

Carolla's BOM is just stunning!!!! For being a newer quilter she is doing such an awesome job!!!
She lets me play:)
Did ruler work and free motion:)
The back shows some of my playground.
Couldn't take any pics outside:( It is draped across the frame in this one.
A nice close up:)
Gayle gave me this pa…

Nov 9, 2014

Fall has arrived again:) ha ha!!! We had almost 3 inches of rain at the beginning of the week and then a wonderful cool front has arrived! Lows in the upper 40's and highs in the upper 60's. Perfect weather!!!

I don't know if it's the time change, trip hangover or allergies but I have been slow moving this week:( I did get things done but I really had to push myself.... I think that since I still feel the same way it has to be allergies
:( UGH!!!!

Went to Buda with some friends to their quilt show and bazaar. Stopped in Georgetown to have breakfast at the Monument... no male waiters???? Last time we went we had so much fun flirting with the cutest waiter... that was disappointing for sure! The show had a few pretty quilts, a few vendors... no did SO not need anything... and lots of handmade items for sale. Then we visted the local quilt shop and I did find a few pieces I had to have:) Then to Kyle for pie:) It was a lovely drive!

Okay on to pictures:
This is Marylyn…