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Aug 30, 2012

Hi all!

What a week it has been!!!!
I was sick 3 days last week when the ragweed started blooming:( Am better now as long as I take allergy meds every 4 hours:)
Then Isaac happened. My daughter lives in McNeil MS which is North of Picayune and South of Hattiesburg on 59. They are doing fine now. There has been 10 inches of rain and lots of wind but no damages.They had a generator so when the power went out they were ok. They slept in the hall bathroom for fear of tornadoes last night. The 2 of them, 2 large dogs and 2 cats....what fun! The chickens are ok to. They were in the hen house most of the time.

Ok so now onto quilting:)

I did get 4 Project Linus quilts done and a few customer quilts too:)

These are pictures of 2 pillows made by Helene for her daughters. I am also quilting 2 king sized quilts with the Hummel designs on them.

 Here is also a picture of the new accessory for Dazi. It is a mini stipple handle. Sure made it a lot easier on my back using this for all the mini stipp…

We have babies!!!!!

Hi everybody!

I am getting a dent in the stacked up quilting and the pictures are below but the big news is Miskiti had 6 adorable babies last night! She did a great job and is a good mommy! She had 2 gray, 1 gray and black, 2 black and white, and 1 black. If you or someone you know needs or wants a baby PLEASE let me know!!!!!

This is Christine's boy quilt. I loved playing with my swirls all over the quilt. Too cute!!!!

This is a tablerunner from Christine also. She is working on her Christmas gifts. Smart girl!

 A lap quilt again from Christine. Had a fun time with the stars. Am playing more with new ideas and it is amazing how it changes the look of the quilt!

This is Dot's Star quilt. Like her baby quilt from last posting but much bigger:) haha!!
 Love what she did in the borders! Yes the wording is directional and she did an awesome job with it!
 Another new quilting design:)

This is the Bunny Hill Snowman BOM from Quiltin Country in Killeen TX.
They have been very helpfu…

Aug 5, 2012

Well August has arrived hotter than all get out! 100's everyday so far. Not as bad as last year when we had over 80 100+ days. I have a yard this year and my water bill is still high but not as bad as last year!

Well I was quilting away swirls on my quilter when the foot decided to break off:(  Really it broke off. So have another ordered so no quilting until it gets here:( Did get a few things done before the breakage.

This is Leigh's Canadian flag. It is for a dear friend that is ill. I got to play with swirls. They are SO much fun!

I had posted this picture before it was framed. Got to pick it up on Friday:) Love Love Love it!!!!!! I did the cross stitch by hand:) It is hanging over my fireplace in the place of honor:)

  This is Dot's western baby quilt. She always lets me play but loves her stippling so did that and played in the stars.

This is Camille's sorority wallhanging she made for a sister. This is her first ever quilt of any kind. She did an awesome job! I …