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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Last post before Christmas:)

Well it does not feel like Christmas here in Texas. The weather is warm and suppose to be upper 70's on Christmas Day:( Oh well we have had the AC on before:)

The studio is officially closed until next year... always sounds funny:) Plan to start back up after the 4th.

I did get the last customer quilt finished and also a few Project Linus quilts and even 2 of mine this past week:)
This is Kathi's challenge quilt I couldn't post until she either got accepted or rejected. Unfortunately it was not one of the 300 that made it out of the 1800+ that were entered for Quilt Con.

We both love it so that is all that matters!!!! Lots of filler quilting:)

Dot's Project Linus quilt.

Love the banners!

Even one on the back:)

This one was donated to PL.

Love the colors and of course the kats!

Another donated PL. The flowers just make the quilt!

Too cute!

Dot made this PL also... she has a thing for pinwheels:) She loves them:)

My last customer quilt for Marylyn.

Her granddaughter played Fast Pitch.

Her mother wanted the quilt:) Or at least she is getting it:)

                                                                My Bird Brain Snowman Pillow:)
My Hexie quilt:) I did straight line quilting on it.

Added a color or 2 and love love the backing!!!!

My A-Z Snowman quilt from Crabapple Hill.

Love doing the embroidery! Lots of snowflakes quilted:)

Oops Bob snuck in the shot:)

Hey Delyte... see I do have the Precious Moments Nativity set. I finally put it our this year. So far the Kitties have been nice and not disturbed it. I had the nativity picture from Embroidery Library made a few years back but it needed something so added 2 Urban Threads Angels and framed them. Like it now:)

This pattern from from Jenny of Elephant as a freebie. Shelley made me the Kitchen sign and it proudly hangs in my kitchen:)

There was thread on sale on Craftsy so HAD to buy some:)

Both are Aurifil Tula Pink collections. I also have her new Chipper collection that was on sale at Fat Quarter Shop. I think I might have enough for now maybe:)

Have another quilt loaded for me and am planning on doing as many as I can in the next few weeks.... need to get the number down!

I hope everyone of you have a 
Sending you all a big hug and many blessings!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Only 1 more post before Christmas:)

Can you believe Christmas is just 12 days away??? I will ask the age old question: Where has the time gone??? Don't you remember as a kid it took like forever for any holiday to come!! Now it is here in a few days:) ha!

Well I am SO loving the no gifts attitude this year! No stress what so ever!

Of course our Bee had the cutest stuffed sock exchange. You buy a pair of socks and stuff with goodies between $5-$10. And then we drew #'s and got our new socks:) What fun to see what everyone got!

Our Lunch bunch is doing a cookie exchange. I baked 7+ dozen pecan sandies for that:) When I come home I will have 6 dozen different cookies:) Should be fun!

I only have one more customer that is finishing a t shirt quilt and then I will be finished:) Well I will probably do a few of mine:)

Here is what I did get done this week:

Marylyn made this Disappearing Hourglass quilt.

It is a gift got her daughter. She always lets me play:)

Had fun with the whimsical feathers and lots of ruler work:)

Shelley made this Christmas Cathedral Window quilt.

She just didn't pull the fabric back for the window part. Instead she embroidered and appliqued on the blocks.

She let me play also:) All was free hand.

You can see the swirls in the border on the back.

Shelley's Dowton Abbey Cathedral Window quilt.

Another gift and also the windows were not pulled back.

                    Quilted pretty much the same except I made fancy feathers in the border.
My Bird Brain embroidered pillow for me:)

My Crabapple Winter embroidery for me:) I will need to unsew and put more stuffing in... I ran out:(
I discovered I only had 2 pillows on my trunk so now I have 4:)

Yes I am crazy! My next Hexie quilt will be scrappy! Having fun going through all the boxes and cleaning out!

These are the papers and templates for Lucy Boston Crosses. I will do them after the scrappy hexie and use my Civil War or Oriental fabrics.

Here are all the sections for Gravity all sewed and waiting to be made into the quilt. I have 3 sections done so far:) Hope to be all finished for the next blog update:) It is bigger then my design wall:)

It did get to 80 this past week and then last night/this early morning a cold front came through and it's in the 50's now:) The main thing is no more humidity!!!

Hope the weather is good where you are!!!
Finish up those Christmas projects but also take time to enjoy the season!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weather warming up again:)

Hi ya'll!

Hope everyone is in the Christmas spirit! I am trying to be:)

The weather is not helpful as it has been cool and sunny but now it will be close to 80 by the end of the week:( Not good baking weather!!!! Can still eat cookies though:) ha!

Was looking through the pictures and I thought I got more accomplished this week:( Oh well there is always next week!!! I did only quilt 2 days as I went out to lunch with friends, then grocery and errand day and then it was a I don't feel like quilting day:) Usually if I force myself something goes wrong so I just took the day off:)

Well this is what I got done:

First up is my MIL standing in front of her decorated door at her assisted living center. I made the Santa a few years ago and finished the hanging this year just for her:) She is happy:)

This is My daughter's Tardis quilt finally quilted!

It will be shipped out tomorrow:) We are not exchanging gifts this year but I did promise to finish this for her:)

Nancy's last Christmas gift is finished... well my part at least:)
The backing had wording on it also:)

A closeup:)

The last 2 Gravity BOM are made:)

All the Gravity diamonds are made:)

All the background has been cut:) Now just to sew all those diamonds together:) yea for me!

Well only have 3 days to quilt this week:) And I have one on frame and 2 oops 3 more coming in this week:) Hope to be totally shut down by the 15th:) Ok I may quilt one or two of my 27 tops that need to be done:)
Have an awesome week!!!!