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Sunday, June 26, 2016

t was my Birthday week:)

Hi ya'll:)

I had a wonderful birthday week:) I went with some friends to Giddings and LaGrange and spent a few nights:) One night was in a Motel 6 because the AC was not working at the farm:( We survived and all met in my room and drank wine and played Quiddler:) There was a show in Giddings and of course we went to the Museum in LaGrange and all the shops:) FUN time!!!!

The grand kids came over today and we had a pizza party:) yea!!!! Man I am SO tired after they leave!!! What energy they have!!!!!

So needless to say I didn't get anything quilted:) I did get a little bit sewn before I left... the quilt on the frame will hopefully be done tomorrow or maybe Tuesday.

When I posted Puppy I had forgotten to place the picture I used next to it. 

My 2 BOM are done:) I am keeping up pretty well with it!

Well enjoy the week and I should have lots more to show next time!!!!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Hope all the Father's are having a great day! Hubby is taking his mom to cemetery to see his Dad. Then lunch and bingo and his day is full:)

The temperatures have been turned up and so has the A/C!!

I was home all but one day last week so got lots done!!! Yea!!!

My Texas quilt all done:)

I quilted loops and stars all over.

Gave it to my sister in law.

Sarah made this beautiful Dragonfly quilt.

I gave the dragonflies antennae and there were swirls all around!

You can really see the leaves and curls in the border.

Sue made this Alaska Attic Windows. 

She had bought the kit when she was in Alaska. She is going back for a quilt cruise next month:)

Just a large stipple all over is what she wanted.

                                                      Carola made this lovely vase quilt.
She cut up a panel and then filled in with the blue.

I outlined all the flowers and vases and then lots of curlz!

Her backing fabric.

Erlene made this beautiful Jewel Box quilt.

I had 2 different plans drawn out so had to give her a call to see if she wanted really stiff and modern or feathers and soft. She picked the feathers. A great choice!

She added the extra border all around so just mimicked the design.

Look at all that quilting:)

Puppy is done and ready to go to my son in law. Turned out so cool!

Oh look it's puppy on the back:)

My Bias challenge also got quilted:)

Very modern!!!

All I thought about was how to quilt it while I was making it:)

Even the back looks cool!

Well not home but 2 days this week so am hoping to get at least one quilt done:)
Have an awesome week and get sewing!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer has arrived:(

Well as the rain has stopped, the humidity has risen and the thermometer has been turned up:( So if is 90 degrees it feels like 98:( UGH! This sis the part I don't like!!!! The older I get :) the less I can handle the heat:( But then life goes on:)

Friday evening I was sitting and enjoying a nice glass of wine after a wonderful bee meeting when I heard a crack! Went outside and saw that a big limb on my MIL tree had fallen on her house. We are thinking very gently as there was no damage:) yea! But of course we spent our Friday night cutting it all up and moving to curb for pick up on Wednesday. Always scary when your hubby is on a roof with a chainsaw!!!! But we got it all done and probably sweat out a gallon of toxins in the process:)

Very busy week and weekend so far! Lots of quilting and yesterday we went to grand daughters recital. Man are the little ones a hoot!!! Hayden is 5 so she was the 2nd youngest group. I loved the show and especially when she yelled "Hi Nana" after the finale:) Such a darling! They had a father daughter dance and my son looked so handsome all dressed up:) Seemed as if the fathers had a good time!

Then we went to Home Depot to pick up a new toilet, mirror, light fixture and paint chips for the bathroom. Oh did I tell you we are having it gutted and totally redone? Well we are. Those were the items we had to buy separately. If everything goes right they should start demo on July 5th. They are saying it will take 3 weeks... not too happy about that but what can we say?  I am ever so happy to have the MIL house right next door so we can shower!!!! I will be posting before, during and after pictures:) This bathroom is original except the toilet, vanity and flooring and that's old! The house was built in 1961. Yes time!!! Fun times ahead:)

On with the quilts!!!!

This is Jo Ann's lovely hand applique quilt.

I custom quilted it for her. Only took 28 bobbins:)

Love the texture on the backing!!!

Did enjoy making the square feathers again only smaller.

Judy made this cute baby quilt.

All hand stitched:)

She just wanted a large stipple all over.

Elaine stitched this adorable sunbonnet baby quilt.

Also wanted a large stipple on it.

The baby it is going to has a jungle themed room so this will be perfect!

Janice made a jelly roll race for her son.

My favorite fabric... hexies:)

He chose the backing fabric.

And she wanted his name quilted on it:)

The challenge with the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club has been all stitched down. Just need to sew the blocks together and get it quilted:) The next bias wall-hanging is in the works:)

Hubby and I will be heading to Clifton this afternoon to view the quilts from their show. There will be no vendors today and I am okay with that. There were a lot of ribbon winners I know and quilt for so want to see them especially! Also we have never been to Clifton so we will be on an adventure:)

It will be a stay at home week so lots of quilting will be done... well hopefully!!!!
Have a sewtastic week and if you are in Texas... crank up the AC!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

June has arrived:)

Yes June has finally arrived and it brought more rain:( We had over 2 inches last week:( I am hoping that is all for a week or 2 as we really need to dry out! We have not had it as bad as others so we do count ourselves lucky!

June 1 is also my business anniversary:) I made it 5 years so far... yes so far..... I hope to make it 5 more years:) It is the longest I have very been at anything except my marriage, my children and some friendships. I usually only last 4 years at anything I had jobs in before... I get bored:( You guys keep me learning all the time! Thank you:)

I did get some quilting done this week. I have one still on frame about 1/3 done so will show it next week.
Started back with a easy stipple on this cute Doggie strip quilt for Margaret.

Used a variegated thread on the top.

And on the backing.
Margaret also stitched this beautiful Rose top. She has beautiful stem stitching!

Outlined it and then did curlz all around.

Love the leave and curlz pattern from Swirls and Twirls quilting tutorials!

Bettye's Bee had a 5 in Christmas fabric block swap last year. This is her project.

All she said she wanted was feathers..... um I think I got that:)

I am really having fun fitting them in spaces:)

Here is the back... you can see the variegated Christmas thread from the Christmas fabric blocks.

A few of in our bee are wanting to get an Art group together and I found this really neat site that you get a new challenge every month.
There is a new lesson every month from a renowned Quilter. I of course bought the whole year and will start with January lesson which is about Bias tape. I have a plan in my head so will work on it this week:)

Have a great week and Sew Sew sew!!!!