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There really is a sun!

We had so much rain and /or dreary days this week! Makes a person sad:(

Ended up with a little more then 3.25" of rain for the week. Had leaks 2x but not past the cabinet... I always have towels in the leaky corner!

Was home most of the week except for Bee and an errand/lunch with a friend day:) Was nice to get out even if it was miserable!

Got a quilt done plus a few other items:)

Huong redesigned a pattern for her daughter and this is the outcome:)
She wanted me to custom quilt it so there are feathers and swirls:)
The layout gives you flowers and stars...  really a stunner!
Tula Pink backing and amazing quilting:) LOL!
The second row is on Millie rosette #5.
My BOM Steampuck blocks got sewn at Bee this week:)
And my gdaughter called to let me know she has a new Emoji comforter and plain white boring curtains.... could I make her some different curtains? Well of course Nana had to get right on that! She loved them:)
Enjoy the week and hopefully the sun shines all week for every…

Another week gone in February.....

Hi All:)

Hope everyone had a great  week... we had the normal undulating temps and more clouds then sun:( I am ready for Spring to arrive!!!

Just had lunch bunch and errands one day this week:) So I was home:)

Buster had a vet appt and at his age of 13 he is starting to pull his hair out again:( So after a lovely steroid and antibiotic shot he is more himself:) Will see how long it lasts... we are now more taking care of his day to day then his extended life.

Okay time for pictures:

Brenda made this quilt... not sure of the name but I am guessing plaid or interwoven?

Couldn't decide on thread color as a light one would show on the dark and the dark on the light... so I went with the dark to match the back.
And here is the back:) Just a stipple all over.
Here is her fall Turning Twenty quilt.
Used Autumn Days King Tut thread and looped all over.
SO pretty!!!
Marlene made this Pooh quilt.
I made sure to make the stars pop:)
Minkie on the back.
My Chopsticks quilt top all done..... i…

Cold yet again:(

The temps have gotten up to 70 before plummeting to the low 20's again:( The Groundhog or in our case the Armadillo did say there would be 6 more weeks of winter:( UGH!!!

Does tend to keep a body home and sewing:) Of course this week I wasn't home but 2 days.... 2 Bee's and errand day... still got things done:)

Got another block stitched out:)
Elaine made this sweet baby quilt.
I love that she let me "play".
It is for a little girl... I think she will love it!!!
Margaret stitched these out...she does such a great job!
Love that she used variegated thread for the roses... thought she kept changing threads... so glad she didn't:)

Solid white backing to show off the quilting:)
Cam made this memory quilt for her sorority sister.
These were pics 2 years before the son committed suicide:(
I hope it comforts her!
I bought these panels a few years back on sale and decided they needed to be a chemo quilt:)
All quilted and I bound it at We Care Bee.
Have decided to kee…

Super Bowl:)

Yes we still watch football..... not happy with some of the teams behavior but it's still football:) Go EAGLES!
As I am typing this Hubby is tearing out part of his bathroom wall:) YEA!!!
And my Jury Duty has been cancelled for tomorrow:) What an awesome day!!!

Busy week quilting here:

This is the first of Tricia's quilts. It is from the pattern Chopsticks by Jaybird Quilts. Yes I have one already cut out using a Tula bundle:)
I custom quilted it:)
Remember if you click on the picture it will make it bigger:) I SO want you to see the quilting! The backing is really cool!
Another one made by Tricia! VERY modern and fun for me to quilt!!!
As you can see in the closeup:) I used a new ruler on the border and lots of swirls.
It needed a bit of color so there are straight lines of color coming off the blocks:) Really cool!!!
The backing really goes well with the quilt:)

Lenore made this Disappearing 9 patch quilt using some batiks.
Feathers in the border and then curlz all over.