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Sept 29, 2012

Hard to believe Oct is just a few days away!!!! Where does the time go??
It is a nice cooler and rainy day today! Love it!!!! We needed the rain desperately! Of course it's no fun running from the house to the studio in the rain but then it doesn't rain enough to actually invest in a covered walkway either:)
Got a little bit of quilting done and some Election work done to.
All my Christmas gift quilting is finished so no more stress there for me! Now just customer quilting to stress me out:) haha!!!!

This is Dot's Halloween quilt. Love the cats!!!! I quilted 2 spider webs in the corners:)

The border quilting.

 This is the back:) She used all the scraps she could as there will be no more Halloween quilts or so she says:) haha!!! Good thing hubby is tall so we can see the whole quilt:)  This picture shows the back of the quilt with the quilting I did.
Here is a Lil Twister Christmas table topper I made:) Now to get it quilted:)

The newest addition to the Studio:) Yes his tai…

September 22, 2012

HI ya'll!

The weather has been glorious this past week!!!! Of course we are back in the lower 90's during the day and the 60's at night but much better than what we had before!!!!!

I have been a busy and happy quilter this week!!!!

First we have 2 t-shirts I embroidered for Miss Peyton. Her Mommy made the cute skirts:)

I have been practicing my feathers on Project Linus Quilts:)

 Mrs Taylor dropped of these 8 daycare quilts for me to quilt. All had hand prints of the kids in each classroom.

This is Mrs Taylors applique quilt for her son in law for Christmas.

I had fun writing Golf words on it:)

My New Motto

My Lil Twister made out of Batiks.

My next Lil Twister project ready to finish sewing and then cutting and resewing:)

This is Leigh's Moda Stars quilt. She let me have fun with it and I did. Lots of freehand designs every where and also feathers in the border:)

Am playing with something really cool and will post about it as soon as I am done with it....gotta keep yo…

September 15, 2012

Wow twice in one week:)
Well I got the Hummels done and wanted to get them posted.

Also went to the Austin Quilt Show yesterday and really enjoyed it! Such talent!!! The quilts were just stunning!!!!! Sure does inspire you!

Here are the Hummels:
 Hubby is at one end and the other is pinned to the design wall. Yup it is huge!!!! 94x11 She put the outside ones facing out because they will be hanging off the bed.  Remember I quilted 2 of these lovelies:)
 Closeup of one of the blocks.

 Top of quilt.

Have been practicing my feathers on some Project Linus Quilts so I will be ready to use on customer quilts!

Enjoy the cool weather and getting ready to be on a major quilting spree:)
Have a great day!!!!

Sept 10, 2012

Hello everyone!!!
What glorious weather we have been having! The windows are open and it is just so nice and cool in the morning!!!! Love cold fronts!!! Unfortunately we got no rain:(
The allergies have been acting up again:( Ragweed is in full season so I was down and out for a few days each of the last 2 weeks and I am now behind in my mind:) I have both Hummels quilted and one completely bound and the other about halfway done doing the handstitching :) Should finish it tonight:) yea!!! Need hubby to help me with a picture so will post that next time.
Mrs Taylor decided to drop off 10 little quilts from her gdaughters daycare so they are in line with Leigh's and Cassie's. Hopefully next week as this week is jam packed with things!
We had a wonderful speaker at the Temple Guild mtg last moth Sam Winover from Two Sisters Quilting and she had setup a booth at the Fredricksburg show earlier this month and I had to buy a little twister ruler. If you haven't seen this in actio…