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March 30, 2014

WOW Spring has sprung here in Central Texas.
We had a huge hail storm Friday Actually had golf ball size hail and tons of pea sized:( No damages here but other were not as lucky:( We did get 1.5 in of rain and with the hail maybe a total of 2 in. Next rain is due at the end of the week... hope it's just rain!

Poor Bob! He thought if he sat under the swing he would be ok but then the hail started up. He ran really fast and went under the grill. There is a little shelf he can get on under the grill and the cover helped him to. He was ok:)
Got some quilting and sewing done:)

This is the second Project Linus top I got made.
The last one was in reds:) Will put them in line to be quilted.
My Park Bench BOM's.
Leigh made this t shirt quilt for a customer.
Love the bright colors! The loop meander in a variegated thread looks like curly confetti all over the quilt:) What fun!!!
 This is the back.. she had leftover shirts.
My Featherweight stitchery from Crabapple Hill is complete an…

March 22, 2014

Ok where did the week go?? Seems as if it flew by! Must be the age starting to show:)

My grand daughter's birthday is Mon but we are partying today:) She will be 3. What a fun age!!!! Just wish I could see her more:(

I did get some quilting done this week and lots of sewing:) I also had a great lunch out with friends and our Guild mtg. I now have a temporary crown... it's all silver and shiny... so hoping the permanent one has some kind bling on it.... crowns are suppose to! Rubys, diamonds, and sapphires would be great:) I get my teeth cleaned on Monday... always something isn't it?

Ok on with the pictures.....
This is Dolly's Sweet Sophistication Quilt.
She did an amazing job piecing it all together! They are all y seams.
She wanted piano key quilting on the border:)
Her backing is so fun!
Had Janet drop off an apron to put her great grand daughters name on it.
The snowman wallhanging is finished! Did not put the last border on as I had SO many problems throughout th…

March 16, 2014

All I can say is WOW!!!!!! What a weekend!

I entered my Whoooolala! quilt in the Shades Of Texas Quilt Show in Killeen Tx this past week and I won a Second Place ribbon, a Judge's Choice ribbon and then the Viewers Choice Ribbon:) Then this morning it was in the local paper too:) SQUEEEAAALLLL!!!!!

 Here are some pictures:)

Me at the show:)
              Took these at home because I have better lighting:)

Close up of Second Place and Judge's Choice ribbons.
And Viewer's Choice ribbon:) I only won by 3 votes. I am SO surprised!!!!! You can read the local paper article here:
Here Karin (the owl knitter) and I are standing on front of quilt:) I did get some quilting done this week:)
This is from Kathy J from my Bee.
She told me: My sister-in-law found the embroidery among some things that her own mother(now deceased) had done years ago. She didn't know …

March 9, 2014

It is So true that March comes in like a lion!

But not so much weather wise but life wise. I had a lovely... not!... root canal on Thursday. They took the broken piece out so I have a jagged tooth packed with cotton and some sealer until the 19th. Ok I would not wish a root canal on anybody!!! Not even my worst enemy... which thank goodness I have none:)And they may still not be able to save the tooth... depends on if the other crack is too bad to fill and place a crown on. My crown will have sapphires and diamonds on it for sure!

So I lost 3 days of sewing and quilting because of this tooth:( I am back to whatever my normal is:) But unfortunately my hubby caught that stomach virus that is going around:( Poor guy!!! I had him locked in his bedroom until he started feeling better and then went in with a hasmat outfit and Lysoled and bleached everything:) He is back in bed...

So I only got a little quilting done this week:(

This is Sarah's beautiful Dresden Plate lap quilt for her m…