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Feb 22, 2015

Boy this was a busy week!!!! I had lunch with the gals on Tuesday and then on Thurs we went to Quilt Con in Austin. In between I quilted and of course had to buy some groceries:)

Quilt Con was ok... after awhile the quilts began looking the same:( Lots of negative space for quilting which was gorgeous!!!! There were about 350 quilts and all were chosen from over 4000 applicants. Some you were wondering... really this one beat out others? And then some were like WOW!!!! I guess it all comes down to personal preference. I like Modern quilts but some were a bit too modern for me:) There were a lot of vendors... more then the previous time. But unfortunately I didn't find anything I had to have:( My plan is to finish what I have:) So far so good:) haha!!!

I did get one quilt quilted.... I worked on it Mon, Wed, and finished on Friday.

This is Jo's Hand Applique Poinsettia basket.
She will be adding beads in the poinsettia centers.
She let me play and each block was different so pl…

Feb 15, 2015

Happy Day After Valentine's Day!

Hope you got all the chocolate you wanted:) I got a nice gift card to the local Nedlewerks store:) yea!!!! We didn't go out to eat but I did send hubby to gun range for the day and I sewed:) Today however we went out to eat and to find the airport I will be flying out of in Waco. Easy to find... I am hoping it will be that easy when I fly out.... it will be 6 am so darkness will change the layout for me:(

Got a few items quilted and finished up:)

Carolla's nephew's quilt. It will be going to Germany at the end of the month.
Nice football field panel.
Simple quilting and love the backing fabric!!!
Carolla's UT wallhanging.
Of course love the fabrics!!!! Easy free motion quilting.
Hook Em'
Cute baby quilt from Pat.
Had fun using some fills for it.
Love that orange backing!!!!
My new Block of the Month..... Aren't those fabrics just beautiful????
Here are the first 2 blocks
Made this cute needle book for ... ME!!!!
It was a ki…

Feb 8, 2015

Yes I am back again:) haha!!! I have more pictures to share with you:)
First up is a Project Linus quilt from Dot.
Another sweet Project Linus quilt from Dot.
Megan's Loralie Nurses quilt.
Love all the saying and the nurses are so cute!!!
Here's the backing....
Gayle did Quiltville's mystery quilt this year. It is called Illusions.
SO busy but a great use of your scraps!
Love the border! She just wanted an all over meander and I did loops.
Here is the backing .

Made a sweet little Valentine's day pillow... wanted to frame it but couldn't find the right size frame. So just changed the plan.
I quilted one of my own:) This is a kit that had been hiding for a year or maybe more:)
Love the Cool Kats!
  I know the backing doesn't really go with the front but it was just too cute! My Flowering Snowball quilt all finished. All the fabrics are from Cotton and Steels first line.
It is hand pieced and  hand quilted. Love the new modern way of hand quilting!
This really sh…

Feb 7, 2015


Yes I am still alive and kicking:) ha ha!!! As I was trying to figure out why I couldn't load pictures my computer crashed, died, just quit working:( So I ordered another one and it wasn't to be shipped until the 11th but arrived yesterday:) yea!!!!

Of course it is Windows 8.1 and that's WAY different then the Vista I had been using the last 7 years!
So as I upload all my soft wares and then email for support and call also... I might get it somewhat back to the way I want. Amazing all the stuff I still have to do:( Oh well!!!! 

Ok so I have been told I was missed:) Thanks guys!!! So I will post some pics today and hopefully more tomorrow. Some for the pics will be sideways and this new software is very different once again of what I used so please be patient:)

Ok so now lets see if the pics will load....... fingers crossed!

First up is Marlene's Christmas Baltimore quilt.
She always says when you see it you will know what to do:) She is right!!!
After do a f…