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Almost February:)

Hard to believe January is almost over! The weather has been undulating all month and I bet we have the same next month! We are starting off in sweats, then yoga pants, and sometimes even shorts! Surprise!!!

Hubby and I ran away to Ikea in Round Rock yesterday for a new computer desk and chair:) I was using an old wobbly table and a dining chair so I made a big upgrade! Of course it probably took us longer to put it together then it should of but the pictures were not too clear... after we removed 2 pieces from the directions all went together wonderfully! Then we went to Catfish Parlour in Georgetown... hubby's favorite! He usually gets the all you can eat and only had 12 pieces this time... he has made it to 15 before:( I had a nice grilled Mahi Mahi:)

Did get some quilting done:) yea!!!

First up is Jill's Kaffe Fassett quilt. It was a kit she had bought in Houston at Quilt Fest a few years back.
She wanted me to follow the fabric lines and leave all solid fabrics unquilted …

We all have our anchors out so we don't blow away today!!!!

Yes it is windy in Central Texas!!! 20-30 mph with gusts up to 40. But thankfully not cold or raining:) We actually have the sun shining:) Not so over last weekend where we got a bunch of rain... gauge has been murdered by the cats:).... and some got into the studio:( So I was delayed quilting on Monday as the fans make too much noise and it was cold in there!!! I did get restarted that afternoon and worked all day Tuesday so I could deliver it while also attending Guild Mtg:)

Took a few days to get back in the groove but have another one half way finished:)

The grand kids came over yesterday and totally wore us out!!! Today is a recuperation day for sure!!!

Have been working hard on :Lucy Boston Crosses... my goal is to finish that one before I can start my Millifore.... must sate goals publicly so you guys keep me accountable:) yea for you:)

Not been doing much machine sewing though:( Will get back to it soon I hope:) I have an almost finished top on the design wall but decided I ne…

Another week done in the new year:)

Hi all:)

Had a short work week so no customer quilt pictures today:( Hope to get it finished Tuesday or Wednesday. Super custom.

The cedar fever has not affected me as much as usual but I have been hiding from it:) haha!!! The rain this weekend has helped!

Had a nice trip to McKinney with Pat. We visited the Quilt Asylum that is closing after 16 years. The owner is going to online only so they can enjoy life more:) I did get some Kaffe at 30% off for the Millifore stash:) Judy took us and then we ate at Spoons in downtown:) Had a Make a Blanket day in Plano on Saturday and then headed home:) Always a fun trip!

Have a few pictures of my Hexie quilt that is now... I think all finished. All had done!!!

Front all done... might add more hand quilting... not sure yet....
Bob is playing at being a Vanna:) haha!!!
Head shot:)
The back....
New technique where you sew more hexie along the edge and then flip over and stitch done on the back. Really like it!!!
Well home almost everyday next week …

Happy New Year!!! It's 2017:)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year celebration! We had the family.... my daughter and her hubby from Ohio, my son and wife and 2 daughters and my MIL on Christmas Day. Lot so food, games and happy noise!!! New Years Eve had the same people excluding MIL and it was noisier and had more foods:) Needless to say we over ate and over did.... isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Daughter and hubby had a 2 hour layover in Houston on the way in and another 2 hours on the way back... they have vowed not to fly United again! They were here for 9 days and I was SO happy we had the MIL house for them to stay in!!! They could come and go as they pleased and so could we:)
Hubby had the week off also so lots of quiet time for us both:) There was NO quilting that whole week:)

I did however get back to it last week and got just the one done.... between the Juniper... code name for Cedar... and hurting my back again I was slow moving!

The weather man was finally correct:) We…