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March 30,2013

Happy Easter to you:) I know it's not till tomorrow but wanted to get a jump :) on it. Not a fan of it coming in March but then I have no control over that.

This has been an off week for me:( I really have not been in the mood to do much mostly read or hand work and watch TV. Guess I am in a slump of sorts:( Maybe if the sun would shine a bitmore?????

I did get one customer quilt done and a bit of sewing for me but mostly errands, sewing with friends and reading. I finished Killing Kennedy written by Bill O'Reilly, facinating book! His Killing Lincoln was also good:)

Ok a few pictures and then back to reading:) I am on book 10 of James Patterson's Women's club series...all are good!

This is Dot's first hand applique project:) She did an awesome job! Dot also let me quilt a different background fill besides stipple. I mean you do love your stippling:) It was a gerat change for me:)

She did say she liked the back better than the front too:)

Ok so I found these really…

March 22, 2013

Hi Everybody:)

I know I am early this week but it has been an amazing week:)

First the little bit of quilting I got done:

This is Jill's Modern Star quilt for her Grandson:) She wanted a jagged style of quilting like the Batman comics... remember BAM! Zowie!
Really turned out kinda cool:)

This is the back......

Ok got my cat quilt all done:)

Oh and lookie lookie at who lives in my studio now:) yea!!!!!!! A cousin of a customer/friend was looking to sell her:) I have been wanting one but wasn't really looking when this deal fell in my lap:) She is a Brother PR620 and has 6 needles. SO cool!!!! Haven't named her yet so suggestions are welcome... just saying:) This is the first thing she stitched:) Don't like the colors I picked but Joan did and it disappeared that afternoon:)

Here she is on her Horn stand that came with her:) The metal pieces on the shelf is a hat hoop.
Stitched this out today and yesterday. It is Up Up and Away. You stitch out each section and then stit…

March 17, 2013

Happy St Patricks Day!!!
Hope everybody wore green and are lucky today:)

It is a beautiful 81 degrees as I write this:) The windows are open and the ceiling fans are on! If you live where it is cold I am SO sorry!!!

I have been busy again:) I know as always! Not only did I quilt this week I also cleaned out my fabric cabinets. Funny how our tastes change from year to year. So I purged a bit esp with the Christmas and Snowman fabrics. Man did I have a ton of those! Went from 2 high piles to 1 high pile:) I am SO proud!!!!

Ok now on with the show:)

                       First up is Elaine's Christmas scrappy quilt. I had fun stitching red poinsetta's into the open space:)

                                            Even the back looks good:)

This is Pat's Baby gift....there are no double squares:)

This is Doris's Jenny Haskins quilt. Beautiful!!!!! Hubby is standing behind it. Oh he says lets pin it on the design we did:)


March 10, 2013

The Dallas Show was really good! There were about 400 quilts and some were just stunning!!!!! There was a lot of applique and Judi Neimayer. Oh and about 200 vendors. Didn't have time for them all so may plan to stay an extra day next time:)

My friend Pat and I went up on Thurs and ran some errands and then went to 2 quilt stores in McKinney with Judy our wonderful hostess:) The quilt stores were the Quilt Asylum which had tons and I mean tons of brights and precuts. And then there was Happiness is ......Quilting on the square. Just a lovely quaint shop:) We had dinner at Spoons on the square....GREAT food! So if you are in the area these are a few places to check out. Next time we are planning on eating at Square Burger:)

Did get a few quilts done:)

Ok first up is Leigh's Texas Flag. She does such an awesome job on her quilts!!!!

These are Judy's Project Linus Quilts.

These are things I have been working on. There are 2 fabric bunnies in the picture but I have made more a…

March 3, 2013

Ok where did March come from????? The next thing you know it will be April? What the heck!
It has been a busy week... almost a blur:) haha!!!
First and most important hubby is back home and FIL is doing well. He is in a rehab facility and getting stronger everyday:) yea! Now after his strength is back he will start a series of cancer treatments. Pills are all I have heard about so far:) Thank God for that! MIL is doing well and SIL is still there with them:)
Ok now for the quilting....
First is a Project Linus quilt I made from a Thangles BOM from Quiltin Country. Love the colors!!! There is another to be quilted. I used swirls.

 This is Elaines Baby quilt. Lots of circles and of course Swirl quilting:)

This is Christines Pirate quilt for her son. I used swirls again

This is also Christine's. Just straight lines and figure 8's.

I have an order to embroider 48 bibs for the Childrens Tree House Daycare.It appears bibs have been going home with the children:( Hope this helps!