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Not a great week:(

The allergies won this week:( I spent more time drugged up, dizzy, and on the couch then anything:(
So a short post it will be.... No quilting done... did get one started but that was about it:(

This is my Millie so far. Have one more row to add all the way around for rosette #1. Then to hand sew them all together. I ordered the papers for the next 2 Rosettes. Using Kaffe and solids.
I went to Lunch Bunch and got to pick up my new signs from Shelley. I designed them and she stained and painted them:)
She did an awesome job! The She Shed is a nickname from one of my customers:) Too funny!!!
Then it was all downhill for the rest of the week:( I am feeling better finally today! Hope it holds!
Have a great week and stay healthy!!!

Happy September:)

Hellllooooo Fall:)  Well at least for this week:) It has been a lovely cool 50's in the morning and only up to the 80's:) Of course by the end of the week we will be back up to the higher 90's.... but we are enjoying what we have!!! The cold front also pushed away any chance of Irma or Katia coming to us:) Hooray!!! I have been watching the weather channel... mostly muted cuz they talk WAY too much! But the devastation is real! Whole islands are flattened:( I always feel for the poor people that had no way to go anywhere!!! Hang in their Floridians!!!! I did get some quilting done this week and also attended my Bee:) Yea!!! Love the camaraderie we have!!! They lift me up so much:)
So on with the pictures:)

Elaine made this ginormous... almost king size... Christmas quilt and wanted it Lou'd:)

Most squares dictated how they were to be quilted by their pattern:) So i wasn't too hard:)
Those poinsettias in the border were killer though... lots of them!!!!
Marylyn mad…

Went from wet to cool and back to hot and humid:(

The weather has been very unusual for us! I think Harvey did help with that:( There are evacuees in our area and more to come:( SO many organizations have been wonderful! I am a big supporter of our HEB! They took their kitchens to affected areas and fed so many people! They are taking contributions at every check out and will pass it on to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Cajun Navy:) Please give wherever you can!

My week was a little slow as the rain dried up the Ragweed decided to bloom:( UGH! That is one of my seasonal allergies so it hit me pretty hard this week:( Changed up my meds and am feeling better again:) I did lose 2 days though:(

Upon saying that there was some quilting that went on:) I am about halfway done with a big Christmas quilt so you should see it next time:) On with the show......

This is Marlene's Disney quilt.
Turned out So cute with the fun quilting:)
You can really see it on the backing:)
My Lucy Boston crosses top is all done:) YEA!!!!!
Here you can se…