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WHOOOO what a week!!!

Wow was I surprised when I attended our quilt show and I had won some ribbons:) You think you know which ones will win what or that none will win and you got it all wrong:) So this post is VERY picture heavy!!!

Through the Prism.

She won a first and a Best Use of Color:) The judge described it as 3d:) That is just awesome!!!

As you can see a second place and Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in Quilt Making:) Gushing!!!
Diamonds R Forever 
She got a third and I really thought she would be the big winner... what do I know anyway:) So there was a lot of celebrating and happiness spreading around!!!
The ribbons were made by guild members and you have seen some of their quilts here... Erlene, Mary W, and Martha. Great job ladies and I am SO proud to own a few:)
Hubby and I had been there Wed to help setup poles and curtains and on Thursday they judged. I attended on Friday:) and then on Sat hubby and I went to help take quilts down and to help tear down everything. I felt…

Strange July.... rain?

Hi all:) It is strange weather here in Texas this year! We have almost hit 100 a few times and do you believe we had rain today??? We NEVER get that in July! Not much but a good down pour... still will need to water the backyard as I have many trees that block the rain.
Was very busy quilting this week! I am getting ready to only quilt 2 days next week as we prepare for our quilt show:) Hubby and I will be helping setup and tear down... yup manual labor:) And then of course have to attend the show:) I have 3 quilts I am submitting:) 
Ok so here is what I got done this week:

Joann hand appliqued all these beautiful flowers!
I played and gave them all some character.
You can see the work on the back so much better:) It is a late wedding gift for a grand daughter I think?
Marlene made this applique beauty!
I have done quite a few house quilt for her. I played and accented a lot!
Just plain backing to really show off my quilting!

Then the Project Linus and Chemo quilts began to pile up a…

Where did the week go???

Hi All:)

Not sure where this week went but it is gone:(

I was home more then expected since my car Marissa went to get her oil changed and hubby discovered she needed new shoes (tires) VERY badly! So much so I could not go to retreat. He only allowed me to drive to HEB and back on Thursday:( Turned out to be a good idea anyway since I caught that bug that is going around hubby's work and was on the couch all day Friday:(
So I feel better and so does Marissa:)

I pretty much quilted on the same quilt all week and am still not done:( Maybe Monday???

This is one of the Project Linus kits I finished up... now to be quilted.
The last of the black and white quilt I made hubby:) There were way too many leftovers to just throw away! This is a chemo quilt:) Needs to be quilted also but the backing is made:)
Grand daughter 2's alphabet quilt all ready just waiting for sashing ... will work on at Bee this week:)
My Lucy Boston Crosses on the NEW design wall:)  Seems as if 1 project seems …

July is not as hot as usual

Hi everybody:)

Busy week with temps in the upper 90's and heat index in the 100's and do you believe we have had rain??? I know! Just crazy!

Hubby and I were in the heat yesterday. Our lovely city of Copperas Cove had time on their hands so they went around our neighborhood and issued a warning to all of us that had tree limbs reaching over the sidewalk. Yes we were included:( So yesterday that's what we did... we used our brand new pole saw and whacked tree limbs for about 4 hours. The trees look great and the lot has 2 ginormous piles of tree branches on it... of course it will sit until the next brush pu. The neighbor is using our saw today to do his. Hubby was pretty peeved until he found out others got the same letter....  But now it's done until next year:) Hubby fell out of the truck once but caught himself before he hit by hanging onto the side of the pick up. He would of hit his head right on the driveway otherwise:( He was trying to not get hit by a branch...…