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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Where did the week go???

Hi All:)

Not sure where this week went but it is gone:(

I was home more then expected since my car Marissa went to get her oil changed and hubby discovered she needed new shoes (tires) VERY badly! So much so I could not go to retreat. He only allowed me to drive to HEB and back on Thursday:( Turned out to be a good idea anyway since I caught that bug that is going around hubby's work and was on the couch all day Friday:(
So I feel better and so does Marissa:)

I pretty much quilted on the same quilt all week and am still not done:( Maybe Monday???

This is one of the Project Linus kits I finished up... now to be quilted.

The last of the black and white quilt I made hubby:) There were way too many leftovers to just throw away! This is a chemo quilt:) Needs to be quilted also but the backing is made:)

Grand daughter 2's alphabet quilt all ready just waiting for sashing ... will work on at Bee this week:)

My Lucy Boston Crosses on the NEW design wall:)  Seems as if 1 project seems to take over the design wall so now have 2:) Hope that will help? Or else I need to do only 2 projects at a time??/ NOPE! ha ha!

This is the quilt I have been working on all week... only 2 more rows to go:)

A map panel for Margaret.

Just looped this one.

To Ruth Ellen .... this map also does not have the extra piece of West Virginia:) And I know about it now since we drove across it.

Since we made a new design wall I moved the purrtraits in the house. Jax is checking it for flaws... nope purrfict!

My daughter attended the Jane Austen 200th anniversary in Kentucky this past weekend. She made her period dress:)

She did an awesome job!!!

Well that's all for this week:) 
Hope everybody stays cool and sews everyday:)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July is not as hot as usual

Hi everybody:)

Busy week with temps in the upper 90's and heat index in the 100's and do you believe we have had rain??? I know! Just crazy!

Hubby and I were in the heat yesterday. Our lovely city of Copperas Cove had time on their hands so they went around our neighborhood and issued a warning to all of us that had tree limbs reaching over the sidewalk. Yes we were included:( So yesterday that's what we did... we used our brand new pole saw and whacked tree limbs for about 4 hours. The trees look great and the lot has 2 ginormous piles of tree branches on it... of course it will sit until the next brush pu. The neighbor is using our saw today to do his. Hubby was pretty peeved until he found out others got the same letter....  But now it's done until next year:) Hubby fell out of the truck once but caught himself before he hit by hanging onto the side of the pick up. He would of hit his head right on the driveway otherwise:( He was trying to not get hit by a branch... I did keep him off the roof:)

I am back into the swing of things and got some quilting done:)
Chris found this quilt made by her grandmother in her mother's truck. She hand pieced all those 4 patches... bless her heart! There were 240 of them!

Chris wanted me to add the border, quilt and bind. I think it turned out so nice!

Love the texture on the back! She loved it and will use on her bed:)

Elaine made a baby quilt using leftovers from all of her other baby quilts she has made.

I recognized a lot of the fabrics:)

Just loops and heats all over... has flannel backing:)

Margaret made this patriotic quilt.

Quilted loops and stars all over.

You can really see them on the back!

Lucy Boston has the hole filled and all the elongated hexies are made and now are waiting to be stitched together... I am getting there:)

I had been doing quite a bit of x stitching and wanted you to see KoKo helping:) haha!!!
Hope to work on it some more this afternoon:)

Busy week again... lunch bunch and then a retreat on Friday and Saturday:)
Got almost 2 charity tops sewed at Bee... just need to piece one backing and sew the border around the other one:) 
Have an awesome week!!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Independence Day!!!

Read an article that stated the 4th of July is just a date on the calendar the same as the 5th and we should be saying Happy Independence Day:)
Hope ya'll have a great one!!!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer has officially arrived!

Ok so it arrived while we were gone but anyways.... the temps are in the 90's and humidity is spiking them to the 100's:( Gotta love Texas!! But truthfully it hasn't been in the 100's with heat index over 110 yet... yes we have that to look forward too:( Just crank up that AC!

Still trying to get back on schedule this week.... we have a new routine and a new way to eat so there have been adjustments! SO needless to say I didn't get much done this week... there's always next week:)

I finally got the fence and flowers put up. The board on the bottom was replaced and they put the extra board there for the water run off. Looks welcoming I think:)

I also have all the ABC blocks and the words emb and trimmed ready to sew together:)

This is Lucy Boston with all her pieces pinned to the design wall.... yes I am missing a corner stone but that is better then having too many! I also know how many more pieces to baste and get ready... like a gazillion:)
Think I need another design wall.... this project is hogging up the main one so may buy a flannel backed tablecloth and pin to another wall for the fast moving projects.... did I really say fast moving???? As if!

This is the quilt I have been quilting on.... almost finished:) Will trim and bind and then share:)

Guess that's all from here:)
Hope you have a purrfect week!