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Nov 26, 2012

Hi everybody!

Hope you all had a Great Thanksgiving!!!!

This was our first ever meal without any kids or family in 31 years:) Lovely!!!! Of course the son and his family came over for dessert:)

I have pictures to post but it is telling me that I have used all my free space and it won't let me buy more???? It just lets me click and click my choice but goes nowhere???? Gotta love technology?

I will be back when I can post some pics.....I have been busy!!!!

November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all:)

Hard to believe it is in 3 days!!!! It is also my hubby's and my dear friend Delyte's Bday today:)

Ok did get some quilting done this past week and am planning on getting a few done this week too:) They are coming in and a deadline looms so have to work as much as I can:) haha!!! Yes I am still having fun!!!!
I have my new frame on order and should get it around Christmas:) yea!!!!
I also found a beautiful treadle machine on Freecycle for free:) I know!!!! Well hubby went and picked her up sight unseen and the cabinet is lovely! All the pieces are there and it had been redone so it is shiny...I guess shellaced or laquered but still looks authentic! The machine however has seen much much better days!!!! All the beautiful black paint is peeling and the decals can not be seen. There is also touches of rust:( Poor thing! So I am now on the hunt for a machine to replace that one.....Happy Hunting:) haha!!!

Ok his is a really fun fun quilt!!!!! Dot made i…

Nov 13, 2012

Hi all!!!
Well I survived the election!! What a busy 3 weeks that was!!!!
Now I can get back to fun stuff again!

Cold front moved in yesterday so it is feeling more like fall and that winter is coming pretty fast:)
I love the holidays!!! All the baking, friends and family! Should be like this year around!
Well anyway here is what I did get done!

This is Jill's Asian inspired quilt.

I used a gingko pantograph on it.

 You can see the back to:)

 Ok my 135 has been sick and I had to take it to Austin to get it repaired. They replaced the L board and she sews like a dream now!!!! She would just stop whenever she wanted to:(

Nina is smiling now!!!!!
                                     Cute baby picture:) Love them the most when they are sleeping:)

This is the iron caddy I made yesterday at Sew Creatives Bee in Belton:) Thank you Kelli for your help!!!!

 My iron has a home now:)

It folds open to be a portable ironing mat. Very clever!
 Embroidery Library Turkeys. I made one for my gdaug…

Nov 4, 2012

Hi all!

While everyone else spent a fun weekend in Houston at the International Quilt Festival I was working for the county getting ready for the BIG election on Tuesday:( SO would of rather been at the show but there is always next year!

Anyways I did get a few things quilted this past week:)

This is Christine's Sea Quilt for her son:)

A close up of the Waves pantograph I used

Back of quilt with waves.....

Okay a first for me! Christine had me quilt 30 stocking for her:) As you can see she had the fronts made and I pinned them on and then quilted them .

Here are a few closeups of the "fun" quilting I got to do:)

She also had me quilt the backing for all the stockings:) Just loops on one and stippling on the other. Am hoping she will bring a finished stocking so I can get a picture of it. Hint Hint!!!!!

This is my new saying!

Probably no entry next week as am working 3 days on the election and there will be no quilting happening:(
So all be safe and happy sewing!