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June 28, 2015

The last weekend in June has arrived... July is just days away.... the summer is slipping away rather quickly!

We here in Central Texas have yet to see a 100 degree day but it sure has felt like it a few times:( The humidity has been very high... ugh! we had rain once again this morning and ran into it in our outing yesterday. Not complaining about the rain... esp since we have been so drought stricken the past few years. Of course there are areas that are flooded:(

Have been busy quilting and celebrated my birthday on Tuesday. Had a great day and continued it all week:) We all deserve that!

Here is what I have been working on all week....

                     Sorry to have to load this one sideways but couldn't figure out how to turn it.
This is Shelley's son in laws Harley t-shirt quilt that I made. All I got was a bunch of hap hazard cut shirts. Hubby helped... he picked the flame fabric and gave his approval along the way:) And he is holding the quilt for me:)
Here is a cl…

June 21, 2015

Happy Father's day:) Hee hee I don't think I have any men readers:)

Hubby just left to spend the day with his mom and go visit his dad. I am putzing in the studio:) My favorite place!

I got quite a bit done this week but had to take a day off to get some retail therapy and of course visit with my Bee:)

We have had enough rain!!! Wed very early we got 3 1/2 in and then Thurs we got 2 1/4 in about 30 min. Yes both times the studio was washed a bit:( Hubby is picking up some of that as seen on tv spray stuff... hopefully that will fix it. Of course we have to wait until everything dries out again. We have a chance for scattered showers most of the week.

Ok onto pictures:
Forgot to post what all I bought on the trip:) A wide variety!
Marlene needed this baby quilt rather quickly so I got it done and shipped out to CA this week:)
She called to tell me how much she loved it:)
I just followed the panel and then loops in the border. Real sweet!
Dot made this Christmas one already:) …

June 14, 2015

Did ya miss me last week? Had an awesome time on my trip to TN.
WARNING: Heavily loaded with pictures.....

My daughter Kayla and I left Monday morning at 7:30 and drove until about Nashville. It is nice to be able to drive 1 1/2 - 2 hours and then take a break:) We of coursed gabbed all the way:) We saw a lot of rivers close to the bottom of bridges and some were very fast moving in the Dallas area. Joan said we were taking the scenic route... well after hours of trees it became very boring:) Also tiring. Spent the night and then headed out early on Tuesday. Went through our destination of Knoxville because Kayla found a Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge. Well of course we had to go!!!! It is one of 2... the other is in Branson. Was VERY interesting! Was not allowed to take any pics inside but could outside. They had one area that had a real chunk of ice and water at 20 degrees so you could actually feel what they felt. All those poor people!
 Then we headed to Joan's house in Knoxvi…