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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi All:)

Hope you are all enjoying this long weekend! Of course we have been on vacation all week and both are back to work tomorrow:( We pretty much just ran around locally and ate out way too much:) Was a nice relaxing week for us both. I did not... I repeat... I did not quilt on Dazi all week:) We both needed the break! I did sew some though:)

Yes I have pictures:)

We went to IKEA and they have fabric:) And not that expensive.  This one feels a lot like Kaffe fabrics and is 100 % cotton. Will be a backing for the hexie quilt I am working on right now:)

These kitties are made from a canvas like fabric:) Too cute!!!!

Another canvas like fabric but super cool!

Finished up Shelley's #2 quilt and got them both delivered to her:)

Needed to fill some space so emb.

Still a cool backing!

I got a GC from Amazon from daughter for Mother's Day and ordered 6 yds of Kaffe fabrics:) LOVE them !!!!

My son asked if I could emb a bag for Hayden's recital. I said yes but when I got home this beautiful bag was on Embroidery Library and it was okay-ed by son so off to Joann's we went.... right before IKEA:) And got all the stuff:) Had enough leftovers to make her 1 year old sister a bag:) Yes there was glitter everywhere!!!

Finished up my mini Science Fair.  Just straight line quilting on Bianca.

Back... um hexies!!!!!

My new kitty pillow:)

4 pillowcases for Children's hospital:)

Another flimsy made. Love this pattern!!!! SO easy and uses a layer cake. 

4 bags of tshirts all cut for rugs:) Now to get busy... need to re watch the video:) I still need more if you have any to donate to me:) Or if you go to garage sales...... red, black, blue and white:) Thank you Shelley S and Lori Beth!!!!

Another mini all done!!! This was in the back of the Galaxy BOM book. They made a pillow out of the scraps. I made this wall hanging and just quilted straight lines on it with Bianca. 

This is the next project all cut:) Ballerina by Jaybird quilts. Have had the fabric prob 2-3 years.

KoKo is doing VERY well! She gets her last antibiotics tonight:) Had a hard time giving them to her but her Dr said to put butter on them. Man what a difference that made! Slid right down:)  She goes back in a week and a half to get bloodwork redone to be sure all her numbers are back to normal:)

Guess that's all from here! Have a great week!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

May almost over.....

What a week!

KoKo went in on Monday at 8 am and they did blood work and another xray. Her liver and white cell count was VERY high:( No change on her xray. Brought her home. Tuesday back at 8 am again:( She stayed all day and finally got her ultrasound done around 4. There was something either in or on her stomach and by her liver:( She stayed over night:( They did an endoscopic procedure on her Wednesday at about noon. They pulled a hairball and a pom pom... yes a pom pom out of her stomach. No surgery needed:) yea!!!! She is back to normal but has a naked tummy:) Still on 3 different antibiotics and has to go back in 3 weeks for blood work but we all think it will be normal:) yea!!!! I have now shelled out $4500 to the vet for MisKiti and KoKo this year:( UGH!!!! But I have my KoKo:)
Here is KoKo with her naked belly:) She loves it rubbed:)

Helping put binding on:)

Hubby is on vacation this week. Of course we are short on funds so will just do a few day trips and just spend time together:) Our 35th wedding anniversary is Monday:) Wow!

I got a bunch of quilting done this week... stress will do that to me:)

First is Sarah's Lone Star quilt.

LOVE it!!! Almost didn't give it back to her... almost:) ha ha!!!

She wanted a medallion type of quilting in the open areas. I immediately thought feathers and boy was I right!!! Just gorgeous!!!!


Becky made this orange quilt at her daughters request. I of course fell in love with the Kitties:)

Just loops all over.....

But the cats got special treatment:)

Here they are on the back:) Just adorable!!!!

This is #1 t shirt quilt of Shelley's.

I quilted loops all over and did a scrappy binding. There is a second one in the works:) They are camp quilts for her granddaughters.

Alisa made this really cute quilt for her future step granddaughter:)

Did curlz all over.

You can really see them on the brown minkee type fabric on the back:)

For the future step grandson.

Just tight stippling all over.

Love her fabric choices in both!

My plan.....

For Kathi D's quilt:)

Thought it turned out wonderful! Another challenge quilt. Black and white and another color:) She still has stuff to ad but it looks awesome!

Paws on the back:) sweet!!!!

Hope to get a little bit of quilting done on the days we are home next week:) Can't just stop for a week! What that is just crazy!!!!!

Spent yesterday with son and his family. We went to the local fest... Rabbit Fest. They rode a lot of rides... my son and the 4 year old. The 1 year old fell asleep so Nana got to push her around:) I remember why we don't go to these things anymore.... too many people, too hot, and there really isn't anything interesting for us older folks:) ha ha!!! The kids had fun and we were with them so we had fun too:)

Have an awesome week!!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

May showers continue:)

Yes we have been getting more rain. It is a blessing and also a curse. We either get to little or way too much! Like the 2 1/2 in we got one night:( We have the chance to get 4 in this week... mostly in one day yet again:( Too much at one time! The rivers, streams and lakes are nice and full:) Unfortunately some are too full. Of course in another month we will be complaining we have had no rain:) Life is funny!!! Can't we ever be satisfied?

I have connected with my son and his family again:) There were words and actions and then nothing for over a year. I wrote a letter of apology. I hope it lasts for the sake of my grand daughters:) So I am in a happy place. Tried same approach with my parents but nothing yet. I have to just assume that it is their choice. I have no regrets and have peace of mind:)

My Koko is sick again.. or else never over what she had. I took her in on Thursday and she got fluids. Friday no better:( So pu prescription that will keep her from throwing up and she is also on Pepcid. She is real nauseous. Well got home, gave her the pill and she threw up:( Twice and lots:( So took her back and they gave her a shot that helps with the throwing up and also a pain reliever.  Did eat a bit on Sat and then I took her in for her fluids... I just couldn't do it:( I was a stressed out mama Friday... you know the mascara streaked face mama? So the other vet knew of her case and reviewed all her ex-rays and they have no idea:( Maybe gall bladder or early renal disease? So tomorrow early I drop her off to get more ex rays to compare to her others, more blood work and also a ultrasound of her belly. She has been in a great mood most of yesterday and today. Eating lots and playing some. Even grooming instead of hiding. I am glad she is better so they can actually see what her results are. This vet said that with overweight cats some will store most of their fat on one side and that is probably why her intestines were all on one side. Crazy!
I hope it's something simple and they can fix her up:) Please send prayers her way!!!

I did get some quilting done in between all the vet visits and I went to Bee.

Monica had Carolla make this one for her. She had all the fabrics just not the time:)

I got to custom quilt it:)

Love this pattern and if I needed... yea right:)... another Texas quilt this one is the one for me:)

Back showing all the quilting:) She is moving to El Paso for a few years... her hubby is in the Army. Will miss her and her new baby!

Diane and I were in a group and we all made this quilt. I gave mine to MIL this year. Diane finally got hers done to quilt and picked me:)

What fun to quilt every row differently!

Love the quilt and of course the quilting:)

I kinda went wild with feathers in all areas:) Love them in the flowers:) First time for that!

Here is the back.

The next 2 BOM's are done:)

I have quite a few quilts in the closet so am planning to be home almost all week so hope to get a few more done:) So thankful for my customers and their beautiful quilts:)

Have an awesome week!!!