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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi All:)

Hope you are all enjoying this long weekend! Of course we have been on vacation all week and both are back to work tomorrow:( We pretty much just ran around locally and ate out way too much:) Was a nice relaxing week for us both. I did not... I repeat... I did not quilt on Dazi all week:) We both needed the break! I did sew some though:)

Yes I have pictures:)

We went to IKEA and they have fabric:) And not that expensive.  This one feels a lot like Kaffe fabrics and is 100 % cotton. Will be a backing for the hexie quilt I am working on right now:)
These kitties are made from a canvas like fabric:) Too cute!!!!
Another canvas like fabric but super cool!
Finished up Shelley's #2 quilt and got them both delivered to her:)
Needed to fill some space so emb.
Still a cool backing!
I got a GC from Amazon from daughter for Mother's Day and ordered 6 yds of Kaffe fabrics:) LOVE them !!!!
My son asked if I could emb a bag for Hayden's recital. I said yes but when I got home t…

May almost over.....

What a week!

KoKo went in on Monday at 8 am and they did blood work and another xray. Her liver and white cell count was VERY high:( No change on her xray. Brought her home. Tuesday back at 8 am again:( She stayed all day and finally got her ultrasound done around 4. There was something either in or on her stomach and by her liver:( She stayed over night:( They did an endoscopic procedure on her Wednesday at about noon. They pulled a hairball and a pom pom... yes a pom pom out of her stomach. No surgery needed:) yea!!!! She is back to normal but has a naked tummy:) Still on 3 different antibiotics and has to go back in 3 weeks for blood work but we all think it will be normal:) yea!!!! I have now shelled out $4500 to the vet for MisKiti and KoKo this year:( UGH!!!! But I have my KoKo:)
Here is KoKo with her naked belly:) She loves it rubbed:)
Helping put binding on:)

Hubby is on vacation this week. Of course we are short on funds so will just do a few day trips and just spend time tog…

May showers continue:)

Yes we have been getting more rain. It is a blessing and also a curse. We either get to little or way too much! Like the 2 1/2 in we got one night:( We have the chance to get 4 in this week... mostly in one day yet again:( Too much at one time! The rivers, streams and lakes are nice and full:) Unfortunately some are too full. Of course in another month we will be complaining we have had no rain:) Life is funny!!! Can't we ever be satisfied?
I have connected with my son and his family again:) There were words and actions and then nothing for over a year. I wrote a letter of apology. I hope it lasts for the sake of my grand daughters:) So I am in a happy place. Tried same approach with my parents but nothing yet. I have to just assume that it is their choice. I have no regrets and have peace of mind:)
My Koko is sick again.. or else never over what she had. I took her in on Thursday and she got fluids. Friday no better:( So pu prescription that will keep her from throwing up and sh…