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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Okay Winter arrived last week and fall/spring is back this week:)

By my title you can tell it has warmed up and we got rain:) We did have a lovely very quiet Thanksgiving with pizza:)

We decorated for Christmas today:) Of course we were hot and melting but got it all done:) Used almost everything I have kept over the years:) I did a big purge a few years back. No real tree or even a big tree anymore. The babies... Jax and Gemma and even KoKo have never seen a Christmas tree. So we will keep up the tradition of a small tree with indestructible ornaments:)

We also started no grownup gifts last year... sure makes the season SO much easier and happier!!! No stress!!! Of course I have a few items for good friends and the granddaughters:)

In our Bee we do a sock exchange. You buy a pair of really fun socks and stuff one with goodies:) We had SO much fun with that last year!!!!

In our lunch bunch group we do a cookie exchange so I have to bake 6 1/2 dozen cookies next Sunday for that:)

Did you buy a lot of stuff on Black Friday? I found the Insta Pot for almost half price on Amazon so got that really quick! It arrived today:) I also bought some yardage for my hexie quilt from Fat Qtr Shop since everything for 20% off. I bought a few machine embroidery designs also. Wonder what will be on sale Cyber Monday??

I received Dazi's spring late Wednesday and then on Thursday we installed and I was back up and running on Friday:) So I do have some quilts to show:)

Judy Mc made this sweet Chrrstmas quilt. 

It was a Thangles Buck a block from a now closed Quilt Shop nearby.

I got to play with feathers:)

Another Judy Mc Thangles quilt.

The shop owner had either Western or reds... I did the reds one:)
I did special free motion in the borders and then loops in the rest... like rope:)

Had to piece her backing but still looks neat!

Ruth Ellen and her grand son made this quilt. I think it's Mine Craft... a video game.

She wants squares all over in green and then the white stitching in the "guy" is glow in the dark thread. Dazi was o too happy with it but since it was just a bit we pushed on:)

White backing really shows the squares.

More Christmas ornaments I made.

My wool penny rug that I bought in Houston 3 years ago is all finished:)

Used a batik for the backing instead of their boring black.

Closeup of quilting and hand stitching:)

More ornaments... am working on my favorite right now... a kitty!

The December wool hanging of the month all done:) 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting ready for Christmas!!! I am almost.... 6 more quilts... caught up with this years customers quilts:) Thanks again to those that let me push theirs to next year so I could meet the deadline:)

Have a great week!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Winter arrived!!!!

Wow we had 69 in the morning on Friday and by afternoon the North wind blew in! COLD!!!!! We made it Friday night without the heater but it was on Saturday as we had a light freeze last night. Kitties were warm all over our beds! Poor Baby still won't come in but I guess she's used to the weather:(

Well it was a week of lots of downs:( First I got the stomach thing back that I had in Houston... went on a very bland diet and it took almost all week to get back to normal... good news... lost 8 lbs:) Of course I know they will find me fast enough!  So that meant no Guild mtg and no Thanksgiving meal with MIL:(

Then to add insult to injury they say..  Dazi broke:( I was changing the thread and the tension spring broke:( Of course ordered one right away but don't expect it until Tuesday or later:( So that has halted all quilting:( But the good thing is I got a lot of of my projects finished and my cutting table is free of piles:) It also means if the spring arrives before Thanksgiving I will probably be quilting that day. I only have 9 and 1/2... the one on the frame... to finish so it's still doable with extra work!

Oh and Tobi did not have surgery on Monday... they did his preop bloodwork and he is anemic... so more meds and he is rescheduled for the 13th of December unless there is a cancellation.

Like I said a fun week... not!!!

Well I did get one quilt quilted and another started and then all my projects:

Nancy made this really cute Bathing Beauties quilt.

Had a lot of fun with feathers on the squares and swirls on the shell fabric.
Full view:)

The batik backing was perfect!

I am caught up on my BOM:)

My second Flatty cat for Gdaughter #2.

The second bag is done")

This is the lining fabric. Daughter will get to pick which one she wants:)

The 3 other animal pillows are made. Hubby will pick 2 for Gdaughter #2.

Look what else I got started:) My t shirt rag rug!! Lots of fun and really works out your arms: Will do a bit more and then set aside for a few days:) I hope to post more progress next week. I am planning on 2 blue and 2 red and black rugs. Hope to get them all made!

Well hoping this week is much better!!! Hope yours is too!!!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Almost Thanksgiving!

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We will go to MIL assisted living and eat on Wednesday of this week and then just have pizza and watch football all day on Thanksgiving:) Simple!

Have been quilting  a lot!!!! As you will see... I even worked on Sat and Sun of this week.... need to finish.....
Dot made this cute baby quilt for her first great grand daughter:)

Just loops and hearts all over:)

Marylyn made a scrappy Pinwheel quilt.

Just stipple all over.

Leftovers for backing:)

She also made this adorable snowman quilt.

They are all SO cute!!!

I did feathers in the border and different ones in every block of log cabin:)

This is her BOM.

All houses or buildings and snowmen. She needs to add buttons still.

Lots of swirls and feathers:)

Can you see the feathers in the border?

I stitched each building different.

And swirls in the snowmen.

You can see the swirls in the background.

More buildings to see:)

And the backing:)

Margaret made this precious violet hand embroidered quilt.

They are framed with feathers:)

You can see all the quilting on the back!

This was one of the kits I bought in Houston last week. It is the Nov block so I get it done really quick!!!

Got another BOM set done at Bee this week:) I am only 2 sets behind now:)

Judy had sent these to me through Pat... all kits are ready to stitch so got the first 2 done:) Something different to work on:)

Well busy week but will get some quilting dome:)
Tobi has dental surgery tomorrow and also neutered:( Poor dude!!!!
Keep him in your prayers!!!

Have an awesome Fall week!!!