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Summer has arrived:(

Hi All:)

The temps have been steadily going up and we are to be in the 100's this week already:( UGH!!!!
I have a feeling it's gonna be a scorcher this year:(

Not as much done as I had wanted.... the antibiotic side effects were doing a number on me so only quilted one day:( I did get my plan ready for the Judy Niemeyer I am starting tomorrow:) So I guess that's something! Also went to Bee:) I worked on an old UFO... prob 10 years??? Not done yet but maybe next week if I get some sewing time:)

On with the pictures:

First up are my Spargo birds #13, 14 and 15:) The next 3 are in the works:)
Cam made this original design for her mentor.
Lots of roses as that is the sorority flower.
I put roses in the corners and then filled the rest.
She had 2 floating roses so just had to add stems and leaves and then filler.
The back makes it reversible:)
Rosette #9 started:) 
Well as I was saying will be high temps so will be in Studio with AC running!!!! Will be home 3 days, have an appt…

Another busy week!!!

Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was filled to the top!!! Monday I got my teeth cleaned and quilted, Tuesday quilted and had Guild mtg, Wednesday quilted and had root canal, Thursday ran errands and quilted and Friday took the whole day off:) Of course that just means hand work:)

The root canal went pretty well... don't remember it hurting that much ... guess I just forgot! SO glad I got Tylenol with codeine!!! I also had an abscess under the root so am on antibiotics for 10 days:( I go back on the 30th to finish and then back to dentist to finish the root canal the following week...... SO not in a hurry to do that again!!!

Okay on to the quilting:)

First is Shelley's quilt made for her friend with Alzheimer's:(
I think it's called Hugs and Kisses.  I did piano keys in the border and loops and hearts in the center.
I also did the emb on the back for her:)
Dot made this adorable Project Linus quilt.  Just did loops all over with my favorite Joseph's Coat thread:…

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! I celebrated on Thursday also when my son and the 2 grand daughters spent most of the afternoon with me:) Fun times!!! Today my daughter called and we caught up:)There were gift cards and chocolate covered strawberries involved also:)

Another busy week here... just not in quilting:(
Had lunch bunch  and went to the dentist for a crown and he did half the work because now I need to have a root canal first:( Seems to be the story of my life right now.... so Monday I get my teeth cleaned and on Wed I get the root canal. Another fun week:) LOL!!!

I did get a few things done:

First up is Brenda's Crown Royal quilt.
Meandered all over with a green thread.
Never have seen different colors of the bags always thought they were purple. Learned something new:)
Next is Kathy J's quilt for her grand son.
Loops quilted all over with King Tut Joseph's coat... one of my favorites!
Loved seeing all the different fabrics:)
Even a piano!
Great backing:)

SO much better week!!!

Hi all:)

The bite is all healed and the rabies test came back negative... knew that already! His shots were up to date and he hadn't been messing with any wild animals.

I pretty much worked on one quilt all week... Dora flew in from NC just to bring me the quilt:) Really:) No not really:) She is visiting her SIL Dot and I knew the quilt was coming with her:)

I have also been getting my Guild challenges finished.....our art one is due on the 15th and the donation challenge is due next month. I know I am crazy but it is fun:) There will be pictures as soon as I can post them:)

OK on with the pictures:
This is Dora's wedding ring quilt.
Ruler and free hand work.... the flowers are all free hand and since nature never has the same exact flowers I am ok:) Right???
And surprise it's reversible also:)
Rosette #7 all done.....
I couldn't stand it any longer... I had to put all the rosettes on the poor empty design wall:) Can't put it lower as Bob does like to rearrange thi…