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July 26, 2015

Wow last weekend in July already???  What have I actually done this month???? Lots of quilting for sure! Was in and out a lot this week but did get some work done:)

MIL got another UTI so hubby had to deal with that and the home... she gets combative when she gets them:( Then of course the Dr sent the prescription to the wrong place and they didn't get to home until Thursday. She was diagnosed Monday:( UGH!!!!! Hubby had retail therapy and bought another gun:) ha ha!!! I buy fabric:) She is much better today... think this will be something he has to deal with more and more as her mind goes:(

This is Marlene's week:) All the quilts are from her:) I have one more I am quilting now:)
Love this baby quilt! Anyone know the name?  Saw tooth maybe?
Wacky feathers in border, new pattern I learned from Whirls n Swirls on inner border and then just loops in the middle.
Minky on back:)
Love this Ducky one!!!!
Lots of water quilting:)
More minky on the back.
I called this one an Easter qu…

July 19, 2015

Hello everybody!

Had a productive week:) Was home more then usual:) yea!!! But did run errands one day and then go to Waco shopping with a few Bee friends:) We went to Tomorrow's quilts, Hip Stitch Studio... she is closing at the end of the month:( but will still be at her house, and then the new Joann's:) FUN!!!! Also had really good food at Don Carlos:) Was nice to be out with a bunch of like minded ladies!
Thanks girls!

But to have fun I had to work first....

I just caught up on my BOM and another arrived:) I am still on schedule though:) Well kinda!
Carola's last football quilt... or we hope!
She made this one a bit simpler then all the others:)
Great quilting on the back:)
Cindy made this one for her grandson who is headed to college next moth.
School colors... San Marcos is where the school is... think it's Texas State? Loops in a pretty gold thread.
Love love the backing!!!! Elaine and her Bee exchanged 5 in squares and made this quilt pattern.
I just looped it …

July 12, 2015

Well I think Summer has officially arrived here in Central Texas! The temps are creeping up to 100 but hasn't quite made it there yet:) That is as Martha says A Good Thing!

Was a busy week with lunches, errands, Bee, and quilting:) Got the weekend off so was able to do machine embroidery:) yea! Hope to get caught up on my BOM today and get loaded for tomorrow:) I have 3 more quilts coming in this week that I know of:) So back to over 20:)

This is still one of Mrs. Taylor's quilts she made for Project Linus. She has been gone for 2 years. Pat said we should be all done with hers by the end of the year:)
One of Delyte's quilts that her mother made years and years ago. She said she has been gone for 23 years so it has been awhile.
Yes that polyester:)
This one was long and not wide. Great for the top of a couch.
This is the second one. Almost queen size.
I loop meandered both and did the binding as well... all poly.
She will give her brother first choice and then keep the ot…