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Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015

Wow last weekend in July already???  What have I actually done this month???? Lots of quilting for sure! Was in and out a lot this week but did get some work done:)

MIL got another UTI so hubby had to deal with that and the home... she gets combative when she gets them:( Then of course the Dr sent the prescription to the wrong place and they didn't get to home until Thursday. She was diagnosed Monday:( UGH!!!!! Hubby had retail therapy and bought another gun:) ha ha!!! I buy fabric:) She is much better today... think this will be something he has to deal with more and more as her mind goes:(

This is Marlene's week:) All the quilts are from her:) I have one more I am quilting now:)
Love this baby quilt! Anyone know the name?  Saw tooth maybe?

Wacky feathers in border, new pattern I learned from Whirls n Swirls on inner border and then just loops in the middle.

Minky on back:)

Love this Ducky one!!!!

Lots of water quilting:)

More minky on the back.

I called this one an Easter quilt but it could be something else:)

Lots of fillers:)

Machine appliqued.

Sweet quilt!

Yes more minky type of fabric for backing.

Posted this picture on Whirls n Swirls to show off her design:)

My BOM is all caught up. Inset seams on this one... was kinda scary but pattern was written well:)

Hexie has the last row on the design wall:) Now to sew it all together and do the fill ins.

Will send to my daughter tomorrow... she will be finishing her Cadaver class this week.

Embroidery Garden has this cute in the hoop project for embroidery machines:) A little chalkboard that has a zippered pocket for chalk and the eraser:)
All rolled up:) Too cute!!!!

Kathy J finished all her prairie points:)

Nice close up picture of it! Sure added a lot to the quilt:) Great Job!!!

Shelley's son in law got his Harley t-shirt quilt for his birthday. He looks pretty happy:)

This is my quilting police.......

I must be doing ok since he is sleeping:) ha ha!!! Bob doesn't hardly ever want to go outside anymore.... think the heat might be the reason!
Well ya'll stay cool and sew some more:)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19, 2015

Hello everybody!

Had a productive week:) Was home more then usual:) yea!!! But did run errands one day and then go to Waco shopping with a few Bee friends:) We went to Tomorrow's quilts, Hip Stitch Studio... she is closing at the end of the month:( but will still be at her house, and then the new Joann's:) FUN!!!! Also had really good food at Don Carlos:) Was nice to be out with a bunch of like minded ladies!
Thanks girls!

But to have fun I had to work first....

I just caught up on my BOM and another arrived:) I am still on schedule though:) Well kinda!

Carola's last football quilt... or we hope!

She made this one a bit simpler then all the others:)

Great quilting on the back:)

Cindy made this one for her grandson who is headed to college next moth.

School colors... San Marcos is where the school is... think it's Texas State?
Loops in a pretty gold thread.

Love love the backing!!!!
Elaine and her Bee exchanged 5 in squares and made this quilt pattern.

I just looped it with white thread.

Really fun looking at all the fabrics!

These were leftover Dresden Plates Elaine had so she made a little quilt.

She wanted simple so more loops:)

I have some of that fabric:)

Starting on Marlene's pile:)

This is such a sweet baby quilt! Love all the pinwheels! And the cute farm border fabric... great idea!

Used a minkee type of fabric on the back... she is making them for her future grand and great grand kids:)

Finally got Jackson's blocks done.

Really wanted a better J and K fabric but somehow kangaroos have been eliminated from the fabric world:(

Got another row done on the Hexie quilt.
 Just one more to make.... another blue row. Then fill in all the spaces:) Might get it done this year:) Just realized I need to unsew 4 white hexies at the end of each row so the new colored ones can be attached... oh well... I am doing this from a picture and changing things as I go so nothing new:)
Have an awesome week:)
Saw this on Pinterest:)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12, 2015

Well I think Summer has officially arrived here in Central Texas! The temps are creeping up to 100 but hasn't quite made it there yet:) That is as Martha says A Good Thing!

Was a busy week with lunches, errands, Bee, and quilting:) Got the weekend off so was able to do machine embroidery:) yea! Hope to get caught up on my BOM today and get loaded for tomorrow:) I have 3 more quilts coming in this week that I know of:) So back to over 20:)

This is still one of Mrs. Taylor's quilts she made for Project Linus. She has been gone for 2 years. Pat said we should be all done with hers by the end of the year:)

One of Delyte's quilts that her mother made years and years ago. She said she has been gone for 23 years so it has been awhile.

Yes that polyester:)

This one was long and not wide. Great for the top of a couch.

This is the second one. Almost queen size.

I loop meandered both and did the binding as well... all poly.

She will give her brother first choice and then keep the other for herself. So now all three will have a quilt to remember their mother by:)
Gayle's niece Alisa made this one.

Great fabrics!

Loop meandered all over and it really looks great on the back... used a lovely variegated thread:)

My hexies are slowly coming together! It will help now that I have figured out the layout!

My BFF from TN..  the one I stayed with last month... has another grandson so of course he needed sprinkler covers:) ha ha!!! I am making him name blocks but not quite finished yet hopefully by the end of the week.
Have an awesome week!!!!! Stay cool!