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Dec 28, 2014

The last post of the year!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! Ours was nice and quiet:) MIL did pretty well at our house... they all went to cemetery to wish FIL a Merry Christmas and they were surprised to find his headstone had been place:) made them all happy:)
Since Dazi has been on vaca I have been sewing:) yea!!!! Have lots of things to show you today.... all the gifts I made can also be revealed:)

Embroidered the pink ribbon on this shirt for Pat to give to Linda:)
My daughter and Son in Law belong to the Church of Bacon so they each got a bacon ornament:) The cat is Steampunk so Kayla loved it:)
A UT pillow for me and Pat:)
Crabapple Hill Snowmen kitchen towels... I think I kept one for myself... will have to check:)
A cute fabric book for my kinda adopted niece and nephew..
Side view....
For the adopted Nephew a street quilt. The jean pockets are able to hold the cars like a garage.
Definitely needed street signs!
Cute backing fabric I found! It's n…

Dec 21, 2014

Only 4 more sleeps until Christmas:) Yea! All the packages have gone out and have arrived safely... well almost all of them... daughters cookie container opened and she had to hunt cookies among the gifts:) An Adventure:) haha!!! There was no need for the  second rule:)
Even Dazi's front handles that were shipped out have arrived and her light fixed and she is on her way home. Suppose to be here Wednesday:)

Weather has been up and down in temps... suppose to be 70's tomorrow and then drop but back to upper 60's by Christmas. May have the AC on by then:(

I have a few things I have been working on so on with the show:

First up is my sunflower....
It grew....
And grew...
And grew:)
Added the border and now waiting to be quilted:)
My iron arrived that I bought at Houston Quilt Festival. Yea!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!
One more sleigh cross stitch done:)
My new project all cut out....
1/2 of the blocks are done:)
One more Houston project finished:) Love these guys!!! Well I hope everyon…

Dec 14, 2014

Hope you are almost done!!! I am:)

Got my last customer quilt pu and did a few Project Linus quilts and then took Dazi's handles off so I can send back to Nolting so they can fix her light:) yea!!!! I have had an Ikea light velcroed to the top of machine... worked but the cord kept getting caught on stuff and Bob:) Not funny when you are quilting!

MIL has great days and then other days..... feels as if she is a burden one minute and then ready to go somewhere the next. Dementia is really a strange disease! And she is only in the early stages. They looked at a local assisted living center and she said it was nice but she wasn't ready... may not be her choice:( Of course there is a long waiting list. They will look at the centers near my SIL this week as they are heading back tomorrow but will be back at Christmas since I am hosting:)

Was not a fun week for me but then I don't complain much but I had Cedar fever where I wished they would pull all of my teeth as they hurt SO …