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Busy Busy week:)

Hi everybody,

Got a lot of things finished up this week:)

Janice's Kitty quilt... and yes I did give it back to her after I was finished quilting it... LOL!
Had lots of fun quilting curlz on each kitty with matching thread:) They each had such a personality!
She had embroidered Jerry in the corner... he is taunting the poor babies!
Gray backing so you can really see the quilting:)
Hard to see but I quilted paw prints in the other 3 corners:)
Rosette 11a all done... have started the 12s and then to sew it all together:)
My biggest finish is Andrea's memory quilt made with all of her dad's shirts and pants.
Was definitely a challenge and I am SO happy with the end result!!
Hubby is holding it up so you can see it better:)
Yes there are even socks!
This sis the back.... bowling fabric, a baseball panel and more shirt fabric to get it the right size.

Had more scraps leftover so made her 2 pillows for her sons:)

My goodies I bought at the Quilt House in New Braunfels. They had …

I was wrong... 100++++ degrees all week:(

UGH!!! It is WAY TOO hot!!!! I am trying to keep some of the grass and the plants alive. Also Fuzzy has been coming in everyday... the other 2 will not:( I have seen them both panting:( Have been giving them fresh cool water twice a day... poor babies!!! Suppose to be more this coming week:(
This is the time in Texas I am NOT a happy camper!!!!

At least I was home all but one morning and I got back as soon as I could! But we do need to eat:) LOL!

So since I was here I got a lot done... I mean a lot!!! Wait for picture overload!!!

Dolly made 2 Judy Niemeyer runners. This is the first one.
Lots of pebbles....
back shows some of the quilting. Was definitely a different one but liked the way it turned out! I would try to make one of these but that would be about as big as I would go:)
The second one.
Lots of echoing and feathers:)
Love the spring colors!
Backing shows some of the quilting. Remember if you click on the picture it will give you a bigger picture:)
Brenda made this jelly roll…

100 degrees for the whole week:(

Well July has finally arrived! I remember having these high temps as early as May and June some years but I think it will be here to stay for awhile:( We did get teased earlier..... Oh well we are always thankful for James Carrier and the invention of the air conditioner!

Have no idea where the week went!!!
Monday I quilted.
Tuesday the plumbers came and went and came again:) The faucet I bought was broken and they needed a part that was not on their truck. So I ran to get it exchanged and get the correct drain. By the end of the day it was done:)
Wednesday was sick all day:(
Thursday errands all day! Had to get more items to finish off bathroom and Calli went to vet for the first time. Now that was a hoot! She was rather pissed off about having to go and actually flipped around inside the carrier. The vet tried to calm here with a sprayed towel... nope she was not having that. So she finally did the scootch and pull and was able to give her her shots. She is about 6 months old and wa…