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I am not a big fan of 30 degree drops in temp! It was a lovely 85 on Thursday and then bam! 50 on Friday:( We had a light frost last night... Buster did decide to come in Friday night and had been in until I out him out for the afternoon today:) The sun is really nice for them to bask in! Bob is in the other chair:)

Busy quilting week:) Down to 10 to get done by Christmas:) That is doable!
On with the pics!

This is Dot's Ornament quilt:)
I have quilted one before but for Martha:)
Turned out so good! And it's fun to have to figure out what to quilt as you roll the quilt along:) Never a dull moment!
Love the way it turned out!
I have another Christmas one on the frame but am only halfway done with it so you will have to wait until next time to see it:)
2 more Bee blocks finished:)
Had Bee on Friday so I am now up to 30 blocks finished... only and I am saying that with sarcasm...50 more to go!
#2 Spargo bird is all done also:) #3 will be done when I can figure out how to do the B…

Another cool front and we got rain:)

The front came through early this morning and we got an inch of rain:) Wash those pollens!!!

Have had the AC off most of the week with the windows open:) Yes pollen but live tv for kitties:) They just LOVE it!!!

Talking about Kitties... Buster is home:) The pound called me Monday morning and they had him. They had picked him up at Whataburger ... over 2.5 miles from the house???? We really think someone picked him up and took him. Hubby bailed him out:) There was a kid walking down the cement drainage ditch behind our house and Buster starting freaking out trying to find a place to hid:( Poor dude!!! He is staying ion the backyard all the time now:)

I got some quilting done even though I had one day less due to Hubby taking Monday off... yes he did have a great time at the NHRA drag races in Ennis:)

Here is what I got done:)

Ruth Ellen made this amazing quilt! The 3D effect is just something else!!!
She wanted lines on the bow... I kept the middle of the knot unquilted so it popped:)

Love this cold front!!!

Do you believe it was in the 90's the last 2 days and the high today is in the low 70's??? Just amazing!!! Love having all the windows open! And so do all the furbabies! Live tv for them:)

This week went really fast... but then they do that right? Had Bee on Friday and got to make more of the shirt blocks.... it is slowly getting done:)

Today is an odd day in the Hubby went to the NHRA drag races with some friends and left at 5:30 and probably won't be back until 10ish... the odd thing is I have a whole day for me:) No feeling like I have to be sitting with him watching tv so I got to pick whatever I wanted to do:) So I sewed:) I know!!!! No quilting either! He took tomorrow off because he knew he will be wore out so no quilting tomorrow either but I will be with him:)

So what did I sew you ask? I have 2 kits sitting around that have been talking to me and I have played with them both but could not make heads or tails of either.... one is a Man Chemo kit and the other a bo…

Happy Fall Ya'll:)

We are having somewhat cooler temps... of course low 90's and upper 80's but still cooler esp in the mornings:) And the leaves are changing colors and falling off:) YEA!!! This is my favorite time of the year!!!

I am better this week... thank you to all of you wonderful friends that emailed me:) I felt the love and virtual hugs:) I watched  a ministers sermon that my second cousin posted on FB and came away with "the Gift is in the Grind":) In other words you have to put a bow on everything that is a grind... family, work ,commute, work associates... whatever you say... oh no she/he/it comes....Just think of it all as a gift that is part of the everyday grind. Seemed to help me in my mind set:) (if you google that you will find the sermon)

So my gift this week was to finish one awesome applique quilt and am almost finished with the next one:) I also had a great lunch with friends! Always so uplifting to laugh and hug friends!!!

Ok on with the show....

This quilt is f…

Happy October!!!!

Hard to believe the holiday season is swiftly approaching!!! At least we are having some cooler weather and even rain:) yea!

I had a customer ask me if I was getting burned out yet... I truthfully answered yes. It is like any thing that turns into a job instead of fun time all the time. The pressure to meet a quota to pay bills... esp the BCBS one:(  It seems that the insurance premium goes up every year and the quota goes up but the fun does not:( I know what you are all thinking... she is going to stop quilting for others soon... I plan to do this for as long as I am able to. I will stop when I don't feel like my quilting is good enough anymore.  Hopefully one day someone will find an insurance program or plan is more affordable. Mine is no longer available... I have had it for 6 if I change withing BCBS I get a worse plan with higher deductible so I am in a catch 22 so to speak:(
I don't like Dr's as they always and I mean always find something wrong with me …