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Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 27,2015

Wow May is almost over already! Where is the time going???

We had a bunch of rain again this week but no studio flooding this time:) yea! The lakes are full and hopefully things will begin to dry out soon for everybody! I bet we will be wishing for more rain later this year?

I was a bit busy this week.... picked up daughter from airport on Wed and then of course there was no set schedule:( I am a planner so having a hard time with that! Oh well I will make it... I hope! We are heading on the road in a few days and I will fly  from TN:) Yes I am getting to stay a few days with my BFF Joan in Knoxville:)  She left me two years ago. I am SO excited!!!!!

Okay enough about me... here is what I did get done this week:

Of course Bob is the quilt police around here:) ha! Is that a 1/4" seam???

I have been working on this t-shirt quilt off and on for a few months I think....

Finally got the top all put together.. the back will also have some t-shirts on it. Am waiting for the link to the backing fabric she wants... hint hint!

Love this Disappearing Hourglass quilt Gayle made as a wedding gift. 

Had fun quilting it!!!!

Lime green backing... too cool!

Elaine made this yellow work baby quilt for a great grandchild I think... she has many:)

She did a great job doing all the handwork.

Fun backing!

Daughter and I went to all the Goodwill's in the area. She looks for items for her costumes and I usually look at books and all the other stuff. Well I found this for only $2.99 so had to buy it for sure!

Two more BOM done:) I am trying to stay on top of it!!!! Probably get the next ones next week:)
Everyone have a great week or two:) I will blog after I get back and hopefully I will remember to take pictures:) Usually hubby is in charge of that!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015

Hi All,

We are all drowning down here in Texas!!!! Had 3.25 inches of rain last night and of course it was all within an hour or 2 so the studio got a little wet:( We soaked up all we could after moving a closet, bookcase and 2 smaller cabinets that hold all my long arm supplies  and then set the fans on it all night. Was pretty dry this morning so by 1 had everything back in place.... hate when this happens and haven't found a solution yet. The guy that poured the cement drive about 20 years ago is no longer living... so...... as long as we don't get 3-4 in in 1-2 hours or the wind is not blowing rain at 60 mph sideways we don't have any problems:) Yes the second case has happened before... only in Texas!
On the other hand I am hoping our lakes are getting full! we were fortunate to not have the serious flooding that the towns south of us did!

Got 2 items done this week and another is already on the frame and started:) Could only take indoor pictures again this week:(

Dora flew with this one from NC. And in Austin she arrived but her luggage did not:( Oh Oh!!! The quilt was in the suitcase:( Well the next morning her suitcase was on the front porch:) She did say she was carrying it on this time:)

Close up of one of the appliqued blocks.

Love stars!!!! There was a lot of play room for me too:)



Made this cutie for Joan's grandson that I will be seeing in a few weeks:)

He is a puppy lovie blanket from Embroidery Garden.
Guess I better get quilting.... got more in the closet then I ever thought I would:) Feeling blessed for sure!!!
Have an awesome week!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 16, 2015

Hello all:)
I worked on one quilt all week and when she picked it up it was all worth it just to see her face:)
So let's get the pictures rolling!

Ok first up is my quilting guide. It is the plastic that is from a poster frame... I tape the sides so I know where it ends and the fabric begins. Then I draw with an erasable marker until I get what I want. Of course I have changed this as I am quilting... I stuck to this pretty much for this quilt. When I start I write the measurements on it also because once I slepz I forgetz:) ha ha!!!

Here is Erlene's awesome quilt!!! All the 9 patches were made in her Bee and they exchanged them. So there were a lot of fabrics... fun to see them all!

Played in the border a lot!!! If you click on the picture it will go to a bigger picture so you can really see the quilting!

More border:)

Side view.... sorry we had days of rain so this is the best I could do for pictures!

The 9 patches... excuse the long thread.

The backing really shows all the work I did:) I figured I quilted about 40 hours on it. It was SO worth it!!!!
Needless to say that was it for this week:) Did go to my Bee Friday so now they can see the quilt... 2 of my bee belong to Erlene's Bee and wanted to see the quilt:) Ha Ha! They had to wait!
Have one loaded for tomorrow for Dot's SIL from NC. She wants to take it back with her on the 26th... no pressure:) Can you believe I have 24 in the closet to quilt? All I can say is WOW and think how blessed I am! I will be open 4 years on the first and this is the busiest I have been! Guess this little hobby.... um business of mine is successful:) Thank you all for helping me!!!!!
Have an awesome week and stay dry... we are to get more rain... not complaining, we SO need it!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Had a nice chat with my daughter and we are planning a road trip for next month so need to quilt more:) ha ha!!! No really I have some must do's before we head out so took today to quilt:) Hubby was with MIL and SIL all day so I quilted:) Bought some new CD's and just tuned it up, locked the door, and quilted:) It took most of the day to finish the border and to quilt the first row:) It's a bigun!

I did get 2 done this week before loading this one:

Megan's Squares. I think I have that layer cake in my stash:)

Used Modern Squares panto with turq and brown variegated thread.

Used white thread on the back:)

Megan's Texas Panel. I have done one of these for her before.

Lots of playing:)


That's all from here... we have been VERY lucky and have not gotten any of the serious weather here... it has all been North of us. Sorry for them!!! Maybe 1/2 in of rain so far. Beautiful... NOT... lightening storm Friday and I got to drive through it. Not my favorite thing to do ever!!!!!
Have a safe and productive week:)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 3, 2014

Welcome May!!!!!

Had a great road trip with my friend Pat to Dallas area. My body just is not too happy afterwards! Could never make the trip in one day anymore but 2 days still seems like too much! Oh well napping helps! Judy took us to a great modern quilt shop!!! All the Grunge and solids you would ever want!!! Yes bought a bit... only 8 fats:) Need them for our Guild challenge fabric:)

Got some quilting done this week too!
First is my MIL pillow all ready for Mother's Day:)

Carola's quilt. LOVE this one!!!! Laid it outside so sorry for the shadows.

Did some highlight stitching on the girl mostly.

Lots of feathers and a new design in the center of the squares.

LOTS of swirls!!!!


Carola's Christmas panel. Love border fabrics... I would never of picked those!

Lots of loops and snowflakes:)

You can see them on the back:)

Linda's blue quilt for her brother.

Real scrappy. Just quilted loops all over.

Close up.

Scrappy backing too!

Ok come and pu your quilts:) ha ha!!! The first 3 on the left are for Project Linus and also in the bags on the floor. It will be all empty Tuesday:) yea!!! Then I need to fill it back up again:)

My BOM's are all done:)
Have 20 of 28 hexie blocks made... almost there:)
Have an awesome week!!!!