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May 27,2015

Wow May is almost over already! Where is the time going???

We had a bunch of rain again this week but no studio flooding this time:) yea! The lakes are full and hopefully things will begin to dry out soon for everybody! I bet we will be wishing for more rain later this year?

I was a bit busy this week.... picked up daughter from airport on Wed and then of course there was no set schedule:( I am a planner so having a hard time with that! Oh well I will make it... I hope! We are heading on the road in a few days and I will fly  from TN:) Yes I am getting to stay a few days with my BFF Joan in Knoxville:)  She left me two years ago. I am SO excited!!!!!

Okay enough about me... here is what I did get done this week:

Of course Bob is the quilt police around here:) ha! Is that a 1/4" seam???
I have been working on this t-shirt quilt off and on for a few months I think....
Finally got the top all put together.. the back will also have some t-shirts on it. Am waiting for the link to the …

May 24, 2015

Hi All,

We are all drowning down here in Texas!!!! Had 3.25 inches of rain last night and of course it was all within an hour or 2 so the studio got a little wet:( We soaked up all we could after moving a closet, bookcase and 2 smaller cabinets that hold all my long arm supplies  and then set the fans on it all night. Was pretty dry this morning so by 1 had everything back in place.... hate when this happens and haven't found a solution yet. The guy that poured the cement drive about 20 years ago is no longer living... so...... as long as we don't get 3-4 in in 1-2 hours or the wind is not blowing rain at 60 mph sideways we don't have any problems:) Yes the second case has happened before... only in Texas!
On the other hand I am hoping our lakes are getting full! we were fortunate to not have the serious flooding that the towns south of us did!

Got 2 items done this week and another is already on the frame and started:) Could only take indoor pictures again this week:(


May 16, 2015

Hello all:)
I worked on one quilt all week and when she picked it up it was all worth it just to see her face:)
So let's get the pictures rolling!

Ok first up is my quilting guide. It is the plastic that is from a poster frame... I tape the sides so I know where it ends and the fabric begins. Then I draw with an erasable marker until I get what I want. Of course I have changed this as I am quilting... I stuck to this pretty much for this quilt. When I start I write the measurements on it also because once I slepz I forgetz:) ha ha!!!
Here is Erlene's awesome quilt!!! All the 9 patches were made in her Bee and they exchanged them. So there were a lot of fabrics... fun to see them all!
Played in the border a lot!!! If you click on the picture it will go to a bigger picture so you can really see the quilting!
More border:)
Side view.... sorry we had days of rain so this is the best I could do for pictures!
The 9 patches... excuse the long thread.
The backing really shows all the …

May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Had a nice chat with my daughter and we are planning a road trip for next month so need to quilt more:) ha ha!!! No really I have some must do's before we head out so took today to quilt:) Hubby was with MIL and SIL all day so I quilted:) Bought some new CD's and just tuned it up, locked the door, and quilted:) It took most of the day to finish the border and to quilt the first row:) It's a bigun!

I did get 2 done this week before loading this one:

Megan's Squares. I think I have that layer cake in my stash:)
Used Modern Squares panto with turq and brown variegated thread.
Used white thread on the back:)
Megan's Texas Panel. I have done one of these for her before.
Lots of playing:)
That's all from here... we have been VERY lucky and have not gotten any of the serious weather here... it has all been North of us. Sorry for them!!! Maybe 1/2 in of rain so far. Beautiful... NOT... lightening storm Friday and I got to drive through …

May 3, 2014

Welcome May!!!!!

Had a great road trip with my friend Pat to Dallas area. My body just is not too happy afterwards! Could never make the trip in one day anymore but 2 days still seems like too much! Oh well napping helps! Judy took us to a great modern quilt shop!!! All the Grunge and solids you would ever want!!! Yes bought a bit... only 8 fats:) Need them for our Guild challenge fabric:)

Got some quilting done this week too!
First is my MIL pillow all ready for Mother's Day:)
Carola's quilt. LOVE this one!!!! Laid it outside so sorry for the shadows.
Did some highlight stitching on the girl mostly.
Lots of feathers and a new design in the center of the squares.
LOTS of swirls!!!!
Carola's Christmas panel. Love border fabrics... I would never of picked those!
Lots of loops and snowflakes:)
You can see them on the back:)
Linda's blue quilt for her brother.
Real scrappy. Just quilted loops all over.
Close up.
Scrappy backing too!
Ok come and pu your quilts:)…