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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oct 27, 2013

Hi everybody:)
What glorious weather we have been having! No A/C all week:) Yee Haw!!!! This is unusual for us Texans! We usually go from A/C to heater all in one day:) Had a big storm come through at  2 this morning and we got 1 1/8 inches of rain:) Poor KoKo was SO scared she came to bed with me:)
This is the loudest storm we've had in awhile.
I have awesome news.... 6 mores days and the in laws will be on the road:) Not that I am excited or anything but I bet there will be some happy dancing next Sunday:) :)
Got some quilting done this week and am SO looking forward to quilting during the week instead of cramming it all in 2 days!
Not going to Houston this year... with the in laws leaving I guess I should stay here plus my BFF's can't go so I will save $ and stay home:( I will go next year for sure... come in laws or not:) haha!!!
Ok some pictures are now needed:)
This is Dolly's Thangles Buck a Block quilt.

Love the fabrics!!! She let me play so each block is different:)

Here is the backing...

You can see some of my playing:)

This is also Dolly's. I call it the Amish Star but am unsure of the actual name. I took the pictures outside.

Love of curvy things and feathers!

Another view.

Closeup of the star.

Backing taken outside.

         Backing taken inside. You can really see all the quilting!!!
Stash enhancement:) Connecting Threads had their solids for .99 a fat so stocked up for 2 projects:)

This is Maleah's Dot quilt.

Just looped all over.

Love the leftover backing:)

This is Maleah's Selvages quilt.

What a fun!
Here is her backing... hard to see the quilting but it was all freehand:)
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!!! Will be a quiet one here as hubby will take MIL to last Bingo:) Wish I could make the smile MUCH larger!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oct 20, 2013

Hi everybody!
So glad I am back to 100% and whatever my "normal" is:) ha ha! The new allergy meds are working but then it has been cool and damp so will see when the temps rise and we get dried out again. We had about 6 inches of rain this week:) WOW! And the air is off and the windows are open a bit. The temps have been in the 40's in the morning and then upper 60's to lower 70's in the afternoon. VERY unusual for usin's here in Texas! But we are lovin it!
Didn't get much quilting done during the week as the inlaws are still here. Only 13 more days and they will hit the road:) We did get the funeral plans all worked out so if something does happen we don't have to worry about that! They are 86 so we know it will happen within the next couple of years.
I did however get some sewing done:) You know a bit here and there whenever I could and I got something finished:) yea!!! Well it needs to be quilted but then who knows when that will happen:)
Ok on with the show!
These are the pieces I had sewn at Bee last Friday on the design wall.

Here is the top all finished:) They wanted 4 in squares all for the background but I added strips instead. Much easier once I figured out the measurements:) They are wonky stars so that was a challenge for me but really fun! This was a free pattern from Micheal Miller Fabrics.

This was made by Beverly's grandmother. She thinks it is about 100 yrs old.
It needed a little repairing. So I retied it after I resewed the whole perimeter. I just took the stitches out and then slipped both sides in farther and restitched.

Her is a close up of the edge. It used to be a green and pink quilt made of a sateen fabric. I think the ties were yellow yarn. Now it is teal and mauve with beige yarn.

Saw this on Facebook and had to share it with ya'll:)
Have a great week and I will have quilting to show next time:)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oct 13, 2013

Hate these allergies!!!! Now that Cedar is back in the count my head is in the clouds:( In fact yesterday I was putting 2 dinner plates away and dropped them on the counter. SMASH! After I cleaned it all up I looked at my 3 week old Galaxy 4 phone and it got smashed too:( Darn! Good thing we got the insurance! should be getting a new one hopefully on Tuesday since Mon is a holiday. Needless to say I was a danger to myself and others so the reclincer and I were VERY good friends all day:)
Feeling somewhat better today but not even 80% yet so will be friends with the recliner yet another day:(
We did get almost 4 inchs of rain last night:) yea!!!! I am sure the barometric pressure added to my brain instability!

Ok so I did get something quilted last weekend:

This is Pat's King size quilt:) She is givng it to her son for Christmas.

I used the Longhorn, Texas, Cowboy Hat panto on it.

Looks really good:)

I bought some fabric therapy and it came in this week:) The barcelona was from Etsy.... my new go to! And the Pearls were from Fat Qtr Shop.

                              These are called Skinny pincushions from Green Bee Patterns. It is a free pattern:) I made a bunch to share with my Bee and the rest are going to the church bazaar. All used scraps:) Didn't even make a dent though:(

This is Benjum's monster because it is his sister's bday gift:) I made it on the emb machine. It was a free design from Emboidery Garden. Love her designs!
The crayon caddy on the right is Peyton Bday gift:) The one on the left will be Haydens on her bday in March.

Opens up to hold crayons, paper pad, and stickers in a pocket behind the pad:)
Hope you all have a great week! Will try to get something done to show next weekend:)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oct 6, 203

October... what the heck???? Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas is just around the corner! Better get busy:)

Was pretty warm here until about 11 yesterday when a glorious cold front blew in:) yea!!!! 50's this morning and only upper 70's for the high:) The house and studio are open and the allergens are coming in but also all the wonderful fresh air!!!! Yippee!!!!! Love this weather!!!!

The in laws had a really nice 65th anniversary day on Tues. My SIL came and stayed until Friday so I was on furlough for a few days:) yea for me!!! I got quite  a bit done in the studio and got caught up on my errands:) Then back to the regular scheduled program:( They are making plans to go back to Florida after the 23rd... he has blood work scheduled that day. I don't think they are really able to make the trip back but they are grownups with their own minds:) My SIL will be driving them back and then staying for a bit.

Ok so lots of pictures:)
First up is Dolly's Batik Star:) I did feathers in the borders and my paisley fill around the stars.

She let me play so I did straight lines on the Irish chain parts so they cross on the middle blocks.
The backing shows the feathers:)

Jill is my modern quilter:) Love when she comes up with ideas I am really skeptical about but turn out beautiful!

Take the quilting on this one. She wanted me to use Featherization panto and pumpkin colored thread? What???

                                     Well it turned out just awesome!!!!
Here is the backing fabric... love it!

Shelley made a Christmas quilt for her daughter:)

 I did freehand loops and holly leaves all over except the borders where she wanted fancy stitching:)
Closeup of a holly leaf. I tried to put them in the plain fabric:)

Backing fabric.

This is the twister I taught her at the retreat in Feb.

Love quilting them!

                                            Backing fabric:)

Ok a bad picture of my belly... this is what happens to your shirt when you have red fleece as the backing fabric:) Love all my threads?

Mary made this for a gift.

You can really see the fun I had on the backing:) This is where the red fleece came from.

  Elaine's tree quilt with just loops all over.

She made a raffle quilt for Christmas for her family. They all get to put their name in the hat and the one pulled will get the quilt:) No need to make a ton of quilts:)
Love the backing fabric!

This is Cheryl's first quilt.

She started hand quilting it but needed it a lot faster so I got to quilt, trim and bind it for her.

Haven't used store bought binding in like forever:)
Got my Thanksgiving group all finished:) They have been stitched and hanging for about 6 months... even had the backing fabric:) They are filled with Cluster Fill and sand in the base so they stand.

                        My Native Americans:) Love the fishing pole.
                 There are all kinds of buttons and fancy threads used.
My Pilgrims... the picture makes their heads look lopsided but they aren't!

And of course Mr. Turkey. He even has a few fall leaves in front of him:)
My house is all decorated for Fall and this weather makes it feel like Fall so I guess I am ready:)
Have a SEW wonderful week!!!!