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Winner Winner Chicken dinner...Ok Taco dinner:)

Hi all... the title says it all:) We had our Temple Wildflower Guild Quilt Show this past weekend:) Yes I was a winner 2 times:) Yea!!!! Sure is nice to see red ribbons on your quilts!  It was also awesome to see some of the quilts I had quilted entered in the show. They were put in for their piecing and not my quilting but 1 did an honorable mention:)

My Science Fair quilt.
2nd place in Quilting:)
Cool Guys or as my hubby calls it Unique Beaks:)
2nd in Other Category
I finally got to use my gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop from my daughter for my Birthday:) Zen Chic's Paper collection:)Still haven't taken plastic off:) Don't want any drool to get on it:):)

Unfortunately that is the best news of the week! There was a full moon for the cats on Wednesday:(

1. Jax decided I needed to be up at 4:30?

2. I have a beautiful stray we have been calling baby that rode by the engine of the neighbor's truck a month or so ago and I have been feeding her. So thought it was tim…

Heat Break!

We had 1/2 in of rain last week?? I know it never rains in August! It dropped the temps below 100 and we are SO thankful! Of course back to 99 today but yet another cool front and a chance of rain next week:) Yea!

I had a VERY busy quilting week even though I was only home 2 days:) I was the energizer quilter:)

Gayle had this beautiful yardage and didn't want to cut it so just added a pieced border in the center. Great idea!
Kinda laying crooked:(
She used  Minkee on the back and just wanted loops:)
Shaleem made this Texas quilt that grew and grew:)
Love the different fabrics! I used a Texas pantograph of Hats, Texas, and Longhorns on it.
Here is the hat.
Here is the Texas with a star in the center.
And lastly the Longhorn.

She used her extras for the backing.
Kathy made this great Blue and White quilt for her Grandson.
She just wanted loops and her grandson's name on it.

Shaleem made this Kate Spain stars quilt and let me play:)
I did small swirls in the stars and then straig…

Aug is halfway gone already!!!

This was a quick week since I wasn't home for most of it:) Pat stole me and we went to Dallas area for 3 days:) Had SO much fun!!!! Ate new foods... a Gyro...and bought a bit of fabric:)
We were headed to the Plano quilt show and to a Make a Blanket day for Project Linus. All were a success!!!

First though Pat took me to downtown Dallas for a few other tourist sites.
This is the cattle drive in the middle of downtown Dallas. The sculptures are very detailed and huge!
Here is Pat's better side:) But it is mostly to show you how big they are.

They meander down a hill.


And across a pond. To the right there is a walkway with old brands and behind it is a very old cemetery with the first Mayor and other important people from the very early years of Dallas. Very interesting! This is the Kennedy Memorial. The sun was so bright and directly in my face so got these off the Internet.

This is the inside... it is a place for reflection. We drove by the Grassy Knoll and depository.
Will s…

Whoooooo figured out how to upload pics:)

Just me again:) Figured it out:) Have to use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer if you were wondering:) So on with the pictures:)

My daughter's Tardis quilt top is all done... now to put in line for quilting:)
Dot made this adorable Red work Christmas quilt.. too cute!
I pretty much kept it simple by outlining the red work and playing in all the sashings:)
Sweet backing:)

Carola made this really neat Texas quilt. She appliqued the scenes.
I pretty much outlined and filled in with different fillers.

You can see the quilting on the backing better.

Carola's Texas flag. Love this pattern!!!!
Filled in each color area with a different filler.
Really can see it on the back!
I made this last year but cut all the redwork blocks too small and then had to make all kinds of adjustments. Needless to say I don't want it anymore so....
I quilted it and put bling on it to give to MIL to hang on her door at the Assisted Living Center:)
Another UFO going out the door:) yea!!!!
Enjoy the rest of t…