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May 26, 2013

Wow what a week!!!!

I only got in one day of quilting as I was on the road the rest of the week:)
I did quilt on Mon but only got 1/2 way with a king size. Will finish it tomorrow so you will get to See it next week:)

Ok so Tues was lunch bunch group so we went out to eat and then visited for  a bit. Large storm coming so we all left early and I didn't go to guild mtg that night.

Wed Rosemary and I met and she drove to Waco so we could get a few tips and tricks from the amazing Molly! She has a quilt hanging in Paducah...I know.. wow!!! Learned a few things so will have to try them out:)

Thurs was errand day and I finished the Illusions Twister top:)

Then on Fri we went to Kerrville for their quilt show:) Lots of beautiful quilts!!!! Of course had to stop at the quilt shops... Creations in Kerrville and One Quilt Place in Fredricksburg. Oh and we had to eat so we stopped at Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls for breakfast and then on the way back for Happy Hour.... slice of pie and c…

May 19, 2013

Ok summer has unofficially arrived her in Texas:( Once the A/C is on it usually stays on. We did have a few lovely days of rain....unfortunately some in Texas had tornadoes and other destruction:( Please say  a little prayer for them!
The rain did help our yard and the flowers that just grow around here without my help:)

Funny how one sunflower just grows in the middle of the yard:) That's my studio on the background.
My peony. Only one of the 3 plants bloomed this year. Ok so I was really in the quilting mood this week as you will be seeing:) Get spurts like this and now I only have a few in the closet for customers:)
These 3 are all Camille's. All baby quilts:) This one is embroidered with the girl's name and weight and such:)
These 2 are for twins not here yet:)
This is Sue's and she is a new quilter:) Just loop meandered all over it with variegated thread:)
This Emily's first quilt ever! She is almost 10 and her Aunt Leigh helped her:)
Emily wanted flowers on i…

Happy Mother's day:)

Hope all you Mums, Moms, Mother's, and Mommies all have an awesome day!!! I however think everyday should be Mother's Day:) What do you think? We should be thanked and honored everyday for what we do:) Amen to that!!!!

My daughter Kayla who lives in MS sent me a beautiful card a gift card to Hobby Lobby:) Now I can get the cutting mat that spins:) yea!!! Son and his family will be here sometime this afternoon.

Had a slow work week but fun! I had sewing at June's on Wed, Project Linus bunch on Thurs and then my Bee on Fri:) Always fun to hang with the girls:)

I do have some pics:)

This is Lori Beth's ginormous quilt:)
It is a king size monster:)
She wanted it to be reversible if she gets tired of one side.
So I quilted it with just white thread.
And did loops and e's:) She loves it!
I am a winner:) yea!!!! Won these during the Quiltmakers 100 blocks 7  blog hop. I got to pick a pattern.... I picked Retro Ribbons and the rest were "extras". Love them all!!!…

May 4, 2013

Hey hey hey it's May:) ha ha!!!!

Was a fast and furious week with lots of things going on and the weather was unpredictable! Was 87 on Wed and then the high for Thurs was 56 and that was right at midnight? Wow!!!! The main thing was no snow!!!! We broke lots of records! I do remember an Easter where we built a snow bunny.......

                                          This was in April 2007.

Ok enough fun! Here are my accomplishments for the week:)

                                  First up is Christina's Star quilt

I really played with my newly learned feathers from Angela Walters class on Craftsy:)
Love the swirls in the surrounding blocks:)
Here is the back.... too awesome!
Ok new customer that needed a Bday gift for his wife.... the next day! Men!!! He had just gotten the chairs in and while I was at it could I make his too:) Sure!
So had to make labels instead of stitching directly on the chairs as they did not come apart.
He was happy so I was too:)
Embroidery on a baby…