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Dec 28, 2013

Hope everybody had a great Christmas! Ours was nice and quiet! Granddaughter came with her parents for a bit. She definitely figured out how to open presents this year. She opened every bodies:) She is almost 3 now:) Growing like a weed and such a delight!
I have been a quilting machine. What??? Aren't you suppose to be off you ask??? Yes I am so I am SO quilting my tops:) It got to where I couldn't fit any more new tops in the closet:( So I am clearing them out by quilting them:) YEA! I have SO many more to make and need the room to store them until I quilt them:) ha ha!!!
Sorry this post is VERY picture heavy as I had helpers)

First up is my Snowman BOM. It has been in the closet for about a year.
All hand applique and embroidery.
Had great fun playing:)
Here is the gorgeous backing! I did feathers in the border.
Here is my Whoooolala quilt!
If you remember Karin knitted the owls for my Birthday back in June.
I used a layer cake and just played  to make the quilt:) Had a lot…

Merry Christmas 2013!

Hope everybody is all finished with their shopping and wrapping and are now baking:) We are going light on the baking as hubby and I both lost that precious weight and don't want it back just yet:) That doesn't mean we won't indulge a bit this coming week:)
The in laws are doing great! SIL left on Wed and they are on their own. He is back to driving... I know a bit scary but they are in Fl where they all drive  about the same:)
It was SO nice to have the week off from customer quilts:) I have my snowman quilt about 1/2 way quilted and am hoping to finish it today or tomorrow:) So there will be a picture next week for sure!
Since there wasn't much "work" being done I took pictures of my workspace we call the studio:)
                                    View when you walk in on the left.
On the right Dazi. The large white cabinets store my fabric, customer and my tops.
View from the back to the door. There is Bree.
My design wall. The little cabinets hold all m…

Dec 15, 2013

Do you believe there are only 10 more days until Christmas? Are you all done?? I am just about finished. Will wrap later today and get pkgs in the mail this week.
We um I mean I have scaled WAY back on the baking and candy making. Just a small batch of fudge for hubby and me:)
Have been losing weight nice and slow and def don't want to add a bunch back on! I gained 10 before the in laws came and then 10 more while they were here. I only have 7 more to go:) yea!!!
Got my customer quilts done last week so I get this week to do a bit of quilting for me;) I have a snowman BOM that I made last year that will get quilted this week plus a few get togethers with friends:)
Ok on with the pictures!

First up is Cam's quilt for her niece. I SO got to play:) yea!!! Don't know why the backing picture came up first but ain't it grand?
Here is the front:) I did a lot of dot to dot quilting I learned from Angela Walters from her Craftsy class.
Turned out just beautiful!
She wanted he…

Dec 8, 2013

WOW Winter has SO come to Texas!!!!
Wed it was a very warm 84 and since then it hasn't been warm at all! We have had a cold blast that has left snow and ice here:( Fortunately the ground was warm and no ice on the streets but I have some beautiful icicles on the house! Suppose to be above freezing today. 19 last night and didn't get out of the 20's yesterday. At least it feels like Christmas:)
My quilting pile is dwindling so nicely:) I have 2 more for this week and one of mine and then I will be closing shop until next year:) Am looking forward to the break!
Ok on with the pictures:)
First up are ice pics:) These are not real poinsettias!
Off my in laws shed.
What I see out the front door... just turn your head sideways. Can't get it flipped:( Now onto quilting: This is Dot's SIL from CA's quilt. She needed it faster than her quilter could get it done so I got to quilt it:) Once again you have to turn your head?
These pics were take outside on the 84 degree da…