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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Almost March

I almost thought Summer had arrived this past week... do you believe 90 degrees??? Crazy!!!! Of course another cold front has come through so the high today is only in the low 60's. It is no wonder people are all sick!!! Seems as if Mother Nature is going through menopause:) One day hot the next cold... just laugh we have all been there:) haha!!!

Was  a busy week!!! Quilting and life!

First is my March Wool BOM:) all done!

This is Sue's quilt. She either bought or made it on an Alaskan quilt cruise... turned out beautiful!!!

Just love the batiks!!!

I added a lot of movement to it with the feathers and swirls:)

This is Linda W's pinwheel quilt.

Was a big one and all she wanted was loops:)

Even the backing is scrappy:)
I love this one from Linda W.!

I called it scrappy squares even though they are more like rectangles:) She wanted he butterfly panto-graph done on it so I did it in the bright variegated thread.

Looks wonderful on the back also!!

Another Lucy Boston Crosses block... only 3 more to go:) I go sidetracked with a bluebonnet wool project but will get back to it in a day or 2:)

I got a bunch of strips sewn at Bee this week... they are in sets of 2 and so I have 2 weeks to press them all before heading back to Bee to sew them all into 1 strip set. Then the real cutting will begin:)

Have an awesome week and either stay warm or cool depending on your/our weather:) haha!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happy President's day!

Of course that's not till tomorrow but it is better to be early then late:)

Got my friend Rosemary's sewing room all finished and organized:) yea!!! She will be at a retreat for most of the week so I know it will stay clean:) hahahahahahha!!!!

Had to take the eldest cat Buster in for his shots and some allergy meds. He pulls his hair out about this time for the past few years. The meds fix him and all is fine until next year:( He is almost 14 years now.

Lunch bunch was fun this week and Pat's friend Linda ... mine now too... came in from Dallas and joined us:) She also went to Waco to the Shop hop with us. It was a busy and fun week and I did get a few things done:)

This lovely Purple Star is JoAnn's creation.

Lots of feathers!

Here is a pic of the center star.

And the backing:)

Got 2 more Lucy Boston Crosses done... only 4 more then putting it together!

Made these 2 cute little xstitch hangings. One is a gift and one is for me:)

Another busy week and I have a quilt loaded for tomorrow already:) We are suppose to get a lot of rain tonight into tomorrow morning again. 84 degrees yesterday??? I have the AC on today and may have the heater on in a day or 2 again:( Never a dull moment!!!
Hubby even mowed yesterday as the weeds are getting a bit too tall.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Galentines Day:)

The title means to celebrate with your gal friends for Valentines Day:) Guess it's more for singles but I thought it was a great idea since I will be with my Lunch Bunch Group on Tuesday and we are all married.

We had 84 degrees 2 days in a row and Massachusetts had 12-16 in of snow... just crazy!

Busy week with quilting! Yea!!! I have one loaded and started and will finish it this week since I will only be home 2 days..... I helped a friend organize her studio and part of her sewing room and will finish up this Saturday:) I spent the night after my Bee and most of Saturday:) Yes there was wine involved:)

First up is Dot's 4 patch quilt. Yes I have done 2 others from her group but Christmas:)

Love how the circle feathers turned out!

and it can be reversible:) haha!!!

Elaine had the same squares but made half square  triangles instead with them instead.

She wanted it looped and I think it looks lovely!

Great paisley backing fabric!

Am caught up with my BOM... worked on them at Bee:)

Another Lucy Boston Cross block done:)

Lunch bunch, vet appt for Buster our eldest...he is due for his shots and has been pulling his hair out? And then Lunch Bunch and Shop Hop in Waco on Friday:) FUN!!!!

Hope you have a great week!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Well the weather has been cold most of the weekend and yet we are to have 80's next week??? No wonder everyone is sneezing and coughing! Either that or it's the Cedar:(

I got a lot done this week since I was home a lot:) Always get stuff done when I am not running the roads:)

Here are the picture to prove it:

This is Leta Bess's flower quilt.

She is in her 90's and still does hand applique:)

Love how it all turned out!!! I heard she did too:)

Ruth Ellen made this sampler quilt.

I am hoping the quilting makes her like it more then she did!!

Loved all the little country blocks! Of course my fav are the sunflowers!

She had already embellished it but I was able to quilt around them:)

Look it's reversible on the back! You can really see the quilting now!

Yet another Lucy Boston Cross made:) I have another about finished then it will be on to #15:) It must get done this year so I can start my Millifore!!!

I actually got to sew yesterday:) I worked on my challenge Project Linus quilt. We pu a bag of fabrics... mostly 1/2 yd and under and then had to make a quilt:) I am ready to sew all my pieces together:) yea!!!

Home again most of the week so should get Dot's quilt finished and maybe one more:)
Have an awesome week!!!!