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Almost Thanksgiving:)

Well the temperatures have dropped again for a few days:) At least it does make it feel more like Fall.
Was a busy week so just a little quilting done. I only have 2 more Christmas ones to get done and then back to regular schedule...

Here is what I did get done:

Nancy had one more Wolf quilt to get done:)
This one is for her husband and she wanted to custom.
Hard to tell on the front
But you can definitely see the work on the back!

Pat made Linda a quilt out of flannel.
So soft and cuddly:)
Loops and hearts all over:)
We voted on our Guild's challenge entries and I won 3rd:) yea!!!
It had to have the purple fabric and fabric manipulation on/in it.
Was a good challenge as it made me go WAY out of my comfort zone!!

Found this sweet emb design and had to make a towel for Kathy J:)
Gifts for a few friends:) And one for me!!!!
My Chicken Butt towel:)

It is Hubby's birthday today... he is yet again 23:) So we went on a day trip and I got to visit 2 quilt shops:)
Bought these from S…

Heater this week :)

With our ever changing weather we went from AC right to Heater... don't think it was the same day but it could of been:) If you don't like the weather just wait a day or 2:) haha!!!

How is everybody doing with the time change? I am loving it!!! I have started walking again:) The last time I went walking was when  fell:( I am VERY careful!!! Nice to get out!

Had lunch bunch this week and my teeth are nice and shiny again:) yea! Other then that I got a lot of quilting done!!!

First up is one of Nancy's Wolf panels,,, this one is for her daughter.
I did a panto called Deb's Swirls with a gray thread.
Love how it turned out!
Wolf #2 for son in law.
Black thread this time.
I really liked how it turned out and so did she:) Wold #3 is getting started on tomorrow but no panto this time... custom.
Lenore is a new customer and we just kept is simple with loop meaner on this one.
I use black thread.
Love the quilting on the red backing!
Jill made this Aggie quilt for her son in l…

Ac on again:) haha!!!

Well true to form the temperature has changed:) It was in the 50's last weekend and upper 80's this weekend... we even set a new record high on Thursday of 91??? WOW!!! Wonder if we are the only state that has the AC and Heater on at the same time??? I think we had the ac on last year at Christmas:)

Busy week here.... lots of quilting and of course we had Bee this week:) I only need 40 more blocks for my shirt quilt:) yea!!!

So here are the pics:

First up is Mary's Round Robin. We did these last year where the technique was selected and you did your own row:) This way you get a quilt you love:) Mary out did herself!
There was piecing, applique, paper piecing, embroidery, and embellishing. 
Was fun to do and every one was so unique! Mary's was fun to quilt because each row was different:) Keeps me very interested! I did a lot of ruler work and curlz:)
She had a scrappy backing which is always my fav:)
Brenda made 2 Sunbonnet Sue quilts for her nieces.
Great job using all…