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Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27, 2014

This has been the best week ever in awhile:) SIL was here all week so I got to go out to lunch with the girls, get my haircut, go to a play, quilt and sew:) yea!!!! Of course I am back on duty starting tomorrow and will be on for a week. We are trying this to give us more of a break then the 4-5 days we were getting before.

Ok now to the fun stuff.....
This is Marlene's Veterans quilt.

I looped with stars on the top half above the poppies and just looped on the lower half.

Love love the batik backing!!!!

Corolla is ahead for Christmas with this quilt! She still has to add buttons to Santa's face.

I got to play) Quilted fun feathers in the border.

Can really see my quilting on the back:)

Another quilt from Corolla. This one is going to Germany to a family member for his birthday.

Lots of stippling on this one.

Perfect backing fabric!

Monica made another Texas flag:)

She is also ahead for Christmas this year:)

I just played in every block:)


My dear friend Dot had extra theatre tickets and offered me 2. So I dragged my friend Pat along to this amazing musical! What fun we had!!!
Have an awesome week! I will be finishing up  my daughter Kayla's Steampunk Crazy quilt wallhanging....I hope:)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20, 2013

Hello all!

I am so exhusted from night calls from FIL. I have a hard time sleeping and if I am woken usually do not ever go back to sleep:( So I have been functioning on about 12 hours of sleep the past 3 days:( SIL is coming tomorrow and we are going to try a week on and a week off. I am behind on everything:( So needless to say I have pics but not much quilting.

Ok I got one quilted last weekend... I think I showed a peek last week:)

Love this monster panel!

Marlene just lets me play!

It was a nice day that day.... we had tons of rain ... well ok almost 3in last week and that is unheard of in Texas in July!
This how Bob sits every morning on my lap as I am reading emails:) He has become the official studio cat.

Please take my good side!

I have working on my daughter's Steam Punk Crazy patch wall hanging.

Have had the emb designs done for awhile but was afraid to start cutting. I do have to say that was SO much fun!!!! Now I get to embellish... I have lots of stuff:) Of course there will be handwork:)

The last block......

What I am working on now.... looks like a spider but it's not:)
Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep and sew next week:)
Have an awesome week!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 13, 2014

Hope everybody is sewing a bunch!!! I am sneaking in a bit every once in awhile:( Wish there were more hours in the day but I would probably sleep more then:) ha!
The in laws are getting PT twice a week and a nurse coming so there are 4 days a week with things going on... add a Dr appt for FIL this week, Guild Mtg and I have a Dr appt Friday and you can go ahead and call this coming week over already:( Oh well there are always the weekends:)
Talking about weekends..... nice transition Eh? SIL came in Thursday so I ran errands and met Hubby for dinner. Fri I quilted and had a full day for me:) Yesterday Hubby and I ran away to Buda TX. They have a lovely Quilt Shop that I have never been to... how did I miss that one? They just moved to their new location in April. Lots of fabric and gifty items.... hence the name... B&B Quilting and Gifts. Found some Moda trims, a Bird Brain pattern... love them!, and small book of embroidery designs:)

Love the quilt in the stone!

Erlene had told me about a pie place next door to the shop. Well they moved but there was a dessert place by the old location. But there was a pie place about 15 in down the hwy in Kyle. So we opted for it. It is the Texas Pie Co. and man are they good!!!!

Easy to find...esp with a big slice of pie on the bldg:)

My Almond Joy small pie... no slices just small or reg sized pies. Check out the huge cup of coffee!!!!

Hubby's Peach and Strawberry pie with a scoop of Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream:)

My bowl... my BFF Pat wanted 2 bites so that was what I had left:) Forgot to bring it back for her though:( Ha ha!

                                                   Hubby's Bowl:)

Okay I did get a quilt done this week.....

This is Erlene's Daffodil 9 patch quilt.

She wanted loop meander all over but agreed to some feathers in the border:)

Love Comma fabric!!!! Here is the back.

Have been able to fit a few Disappearing Hourglass blocks in every day:)
Just love making them!!!! Am thinking probably a few Project Linus blankets:)

Only 1 more A-Z Snowman blocks to go:)... bought the border fabrics already:)

What I am quilting right now:)
Bob went to the vet for a recheck on his ears and was treated for a yeast infection and got his booster shots. He goes back in 3 weeks just for an ear check. He didn't bite or claw anyone except me:) He has a large bright red sticker in his file that states... Will Bite... poor dude!!!! He even jumped into my lap last week:) He is feeling SO much better!!!!
Have an awesome week!



Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6, 2014

Surprise!!!! Yes I am still alive and kickin:)
Just been caring for the folks and quilting when I can.
Ran away last weekend to the farm house in Giddings. It was my bday gift to myself:) The girls and I had a grand time... lots of laughing, eating, and wine:)
MIL is doing WAY better!!! The Dr took her off 3 BP meds and now she is back with us:) She kept falling asleep... her bp was in the 80's:( No idea why her Dr did that to her. A second opinion is always good! She is going to Bingo and helping around the house. She also is dressing herself and doing her own hygeine:) yea!!!!
Now if we could get the FIL better we will be doing good! He is dizzy from his meds... has a bunch of specialist appts coming up so hopefully that will help. He is getting weaned off 1 BP med but it was replaced with another:(

Well this will be pretty picture heavy as I am cramming in 3 weeks of stuff:) Will try to be better on posting:)

Benjamin turned 2 in June and of course needed a bubble tshirt to wear with his bubble shorts his mom made for him. The larger tshirt is for Peyton since she needed a new shirt too:)

Shelley gave me 5 quilts to quilt:) This is Fields and Furrows. She bought the blocks on Ebay of all places:) They were made nicely and used Batik fabrics.

Beautiful day outside so there are shadows... I feathered the rows.

Here is the back.

More of the same blocks just set different.

More feathers:)

Even half feathers in the border:)

The back.

2 closeups.

Another one from Shelley.... Seagulls.

I did an all over panto of Deb's swirls... like swirling water or air currents from the wings.


Yes another one..... Topiary Tiles. It was/is a free Moda pattern.
Sorry about the sideways picture:(

I did an allover Curl'z and Feathers Pantograph.


Shelley's last one... Trip Around the World.
I did freehand quilting:)

Hope you can see it in the shadows?



This is Andre's Christmas quilt. Sorry it's sideways.

I got to play....

Backing and then I used the same fabric for the binding.

                                This is Karen B's red and white quilt.
She did an awesome job of piecing. I could really tell she is improving with every quilt I get. I tried new feathers in the!


Saw this tutorial from Missouri Star before I left for Giddings last weekend. So MeMe's had everything 1/2 off so I bought a layer cake and have made more of these.... disappearing hourglass. FUN!
My BOM. Only 2 more months to go:)

Well the rest of this week is filling up with Home Health and Therapy appts for the in laws. SIL will be here Thursday so I get the weekend off. More quilting will be done. I will also run away with hubby on Saturday!

Forgot to tell you Bob had his first Vet appt. He was So not happy! He had ear Mites and a yeast infection in his ears:( Poor dude! He goes back this week for the yeast infection and more shots. They think he is between 1 and 2 years old. He sure is little to be that old:) Anyway it took him more than a week before he would come into studio. I will put him in carrier outside this time:)
Have an awesome week!!!!