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Nov 23, 2013

WOW what a difference a day makes in Texas weather!

When we went to bed on Thurs it was 76 with the A/C on it was So humid! Then when we got up Friday we had to turn the heater on as it was 37! BBRRR!!! Hasn't gotten much warmer than that since:( May have wintery mix tomorrow night into Monday. Yuck! This is not normal for Texas! We don't get this stuff until late January... Not sure what's going on!

I did get some quilting done along with some socializing this week:) Have to keep sane somehow since I haven't eaten any chocolate in almost 6 weeks. I can also post a few pics that I hinted about last week since the people have received them:)

Ok here goes.....
Happy Birthday again Delyte:) I stitched out a Sammy on a sweatshirt for her:)
This is a hand emb wall hanging that is finished except for the quilting:)
Yup she is mine!
Fun pillow cases Lori Beth made for her kids for Christmas! I got to emb their names:) Love the lime green one!!! May have to make me one:)

Nov 17, 2013

Well Summer or is it Spring is back here in Texas:( Had to turn the air back on so my heater pilot light is lit and the air is running. Only here in Texas! Suppose to get in the upper 80's today but they are predicting a cold front is coming:)
The folks are all settled in and back to their routine. SIL flies back home on the 14th and then they will be on their own.
Was a great week... I was home all but one day so got lots of quilting done:) yea!

Here are pics of my work:)

This is Karen's Christmas wall hanging for her bonus family.
She let me play yet again:) I always have fun!
Here is the backing... I also trimmed, bound, and added a hanging sleeve for her.
Cam needed a quick baby blanket:)
I added the embroider and loop meandered all over it. Hot pink loops:)

Dot has working on this quilt off and on for 4 years:) What an awesome job she did on all the hand embroidery!
The quilting isn't half bad either:) ha ha!
I got to play......
 Here is the backing she used scraps an…

Nov 9, 2013

Whoo Hoo!!!!! I am in law free!!!!! What a great week and weekend!!!!!
Yes I have been doing the Happy dance:) Almost had them back as FIL had to go into the VA hospital for a problem that he had when he left but wouldn't go see a Dr here about. I guess we don't have any Dr's here:) SIl suggested she bring them back.... NO!!!!!! He felt better and off they went:) Hallelujah!
So I got to get back into my routine:)
Here is what I have been working on all week....
This is Dolly's undulating Irish Chain.
Had fun "playing" :)
Here is the back... lots of stops and starts.
This is Leigh's Christmas Panel quilt.
She wanted deb's swirls panto in gold thread.
Just stunning! This is the backing.
This is Ruby's cross stitched baby blanket.
Followed the suggested quilting and added a bit more:)
Here is the back:)
This is what I have been working on for a few weeks. It is now ready to be quilted. The owls were knitted by my friend Karin for my Bday in June. The…

Nov 3, 2013

WOO HOO the folks are on the road heading to Florida:) I am doing a Happy Dance!!!! They are saying they are coming back in March. I think I will ok by then:) ha ha!!

Fall has decided to stay few days:) The leaves are all falling off and the grass is a lush green because all of the rain:) And now the temps have been really nice and cool:) No A/C and no heat yet:) Toughing it out on these chili mornings:)

Got some quilting and sewing done this week:) yea!!!

First up is Donna's Tractor panel:) She let me play so there was a lot of outlining.
Love the border and backing fabric for this one... just perfect!

This is for Kim's granddaughter:)
Did little loops and hearts. Just precious!
The backing looks pretty good too:)

These are my 2 Toes in the Sand BOM's. Jaybirds has  a new BOM coning out in Jan and I have already signed up:)
These are kitty pincushions. I bought the kits at my local Nedlewerks Store. Bought one for a gift and then went back a few days later and wanted one …