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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept 29, 2013

Oct will be here in 2 days... wow!!!!

Oct 1 is my MIL's 65th wedding anniv. How totally cool is that! We are getting what family lives close together and going out to eat:) Should be fun:)

Drama has been quiet this week so I am starting to do less stress eating:) yea!!! I am to the point of just buying the next pants size and worrying about it next year... it is coming pretty fast anyway:)

Woke up this morning to a beautiful slow rain:) We got a few showers in
 the past few days and it has been lovely!

Had a nice day with the girls and we went to Round Rock for their quilt show. As always beautiful quilts but the bldg is to small so they can not be fully appreciated.

We ate breakfast at the Monument Cafe in Georgtown. All free range and local produce and all homemade:) The waiter was cute too:)

Here is what some of us ate.....
Had to snap this pretty fast as it was disappearing:) It's banana bread french toast with carmelized bananas and sauce:)

This was my plate:) SO good!!!!
Ok to quilting:)

Miss Donna made another panel quilt:)

I got to play... I wanted the snowflakes to pop!

Here is a closeup of borders.


Another Miss Donna panel.

Did a lot of outlining.

Here is the backing and you can really see the work:)

Tablerunner by Miss Donna:)

Simple quilting:)

These are my Toes in the Sand BOMs.

It arrived!!!! A fat qtr medley of Angela Walters new fabric line Legacy! Just beautiful! I bought it off Etsy from Stash Fabrics. Great service and great prices! Check her out!

Fabric I found at Poppy Quilt Store in Georgetown... am getting a big girl quilt together for grand daughter:)

What's on my design wall so far:) They are just pinned on the background so far:) More hexies to make and then sew them all on:)
Have a fantastic week!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sept 22, 2013

Howdy ya'll:) I am saying that with my best Texas accent:)

This was another fast and furious week... seems as all of them are lately!
The folks are doing good and besides son drama all is well here:)

We had 3 inches of glorious rain this week and a cold front so the windows have been open for 2 days now:) The kitties are loving it!!!! My pocketbook too!

Ok so here is what I did get done this week.....

This is Monica's Christmas Star. Really didn't want to give it back to her:)
Guess that happens to us longarmers once in awhile!

I used my lessons from Angela Walters Dot to Dot class again:)

Here is the back!

This is Karen's Quilt. Not sure of the name but it is so soft and beautiful!
We used another Army wool blanket as the batting. It is SO heavy! But that's what she likes.


Here is the star in the center. I did swirls to kind of set it apart from the rest of the quilt. Forgot to turn the picture... sorry.

Here is a closeup of the feathers in the inner border. Am loving the feathers!

Two pictures of the back.


Here we have Monica's Pumpkin pile. It is a panel that I got to play on:)

Closeup of quilting. She said it looked like the pumpkins were popin gout of the fabric... exactly what I was going for:) Success!


This is Georgia's western table topper. Her father had made a table years ago and it is an odd shape so she had to make her own tablecloth.

She is changing her kitchen to a western theme... what fun!

I used the longhorn panto and it is now reversible:)
Have  a few Christmas panels I am quilting this weekend and the customer closet keeps me at about 12 in waiting. 2-3 go out and 2-3 more come in:) Feels good to have some kind of job security:)
Hope everyong has a terrific week! I am planning on going to the Round Rock Quilt Show on Friday!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sept 15, 2013

Sept is half way gone already??? Don't know where this month is going!

I got to go to my Bee mtg on Friday... what fun we have!!!! It was a great day! Thanks girls!

The in laws are still the same but I am getting better:) I think the day away helped:) ha ha!

Ok on to quilting... It is really been picking up as my customers need Christmas items:) yea! Oh and Fall and such:) It is always so much fun to play on other peoples creations!

Ok enough jibber jabber!

Merry Christmas Ya'll!!!

Miss Donna wanted these done for a bazaar at the end of the month. She just opened a quilt shop in town.... will be awesome after she gets to market!

we have one yardage quilt and 2 table runners made the same way:)

A panel wall hanging from Miss Donna:)

I played:)

The back is pretty and sparkly:)

Halloween is right around the corner:)
Two cute panels:) Also from Miss Donna....


                          Here was my pick ups after last weekend:)
Made 2 alphabet blocks real quick for a cousins baby. He is only 6 months so I am NOT too far behind:)

                                               More block sides...
At our Bee,  Shelley had a bunch of feed sacks she didn't want anymore so we lined up and took turns picking one at a time:) These are the ones I picked:) Thank you again Shelley!

This one was still stitched like flour just came out of it:)

Here is the Medallion top all done:) Now onto the back:)

Have a great week!!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sept 8, 2013

Howdy ya'll!!!!
Another busy week around here! Not sure how I am staying sane except for my quilting and music:) Oh and my walks:) I am back to walking and it sure clears the brain matter:)
You would think with a short week it would be a quiet one but nope... always exciting with in laws:) ha ha!!! I asked hubby permission to leave MIL in Walmart one day.... never responded so had to bring her back:) ha ha!!!!

I did get some awesome quilting done:)

                        This sweetie is a baby quilt made by Judy:)
She cross stitched the blocks:) She lets me "play"

Love the backing too!

Christina's Sock monkey quilt.

Great idea just using yardage and adding a border:)

Another yardage quilt:)

I looped both:)

Oh what do I see.... yes I am quilting feathers:)

Karen wanted a wool Army blanket and batting in the middle. Rediscovered that wool makes me itchy esp when I had to piece it. Did quilt beautifully though!


Hung it on my design wall.... just love it! So did Karen! She is sending to her son in OR or maybe not:) Well she emailed him pics so I guess she has to now:(

I used lessons from Angela Walters Dot to Dot quilting class that I took from Craftsy.

More dot to dot:) Love the way it makes the star radiate!

My feathers on the back:) Not perfect but that's ok:) Learned those from Angela too:) I got to do the binding too:) And yes I had my little fan on next to me the whole time:)

Love the way the light plays up the quilting when it is draped over frame:) Love it and really didn't want it to go home:)
I also finished my "Sun Kissed" pillow:) Looks grand in the yard! It is a pattern from Connecting Threads.

Close up of all the stitching:)
Hope you had a great week and that this coming week is awesome!!!!
I have been quilting all weekend but still need to take pics:)
See ya next time!