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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!!

Here it is almost November! WOW!!!! I feel like I am SO behind!! I will get it all together with a little help from my friends:) haha!!!

The grand-kids just left... they cam trick or treating to us today:) They are now headed to MIL at home:) She will be So happy to see them!

My daughter and hubby are coming for Christmas so we are very excited about that!

I did get some quilting done this week:)

Diane's Texas Our Texas quilt. Hand and machine applique:)

Every block was different so lots of fun!!!

It needed some shiplap .... shout out to Magnolia:)... or Beadboard as I call it:)

I will try to put feathers everywhere now:)

Great backing fabric!

Rising sun.....

The only request she had was the quilted flying geese trail... was a lot easier then I thought it would be:) She called and loves looking and seeing all the different things I quilted:)

Setting sun.....

Sarah made her second and as she says her last Dragonfly quilt:)

Lots of curls and swirls:)

Nice closeup of her dragonfly... it has the folded fabric stitched down to make the curves.

Her back was a light purple batik... just beautiful fabric to showcase all the quilting!

Gloria usually quilts her own but she made a whopper of a t shirt quilt and I got to quilt it for her:)

I always love looking at all the shirts.

I think this one was my favorite:)

And the backing was perfect!!!!

Mary Belle made this cute rag quilt for her niece.

I quilted loops and hearts all over:)

And minkee on the back:)

Not one of my cats but still cute!!!!

I will be heading to Houston Quilt Fest on Wednesday  and will be back on Saturday so hoping to get the one quilt that is loaded done before I leave... that is the last trip of the year for me so then I can hunker down and quilt till I run out:)

The back is SO much better and the more I rest the better it gets but there is no rest for the weary... ok the busy:) especially this time of year!!!

If there are others heading to Houston... safe travels and have fun!!! For those of you staying home.... we will buy enough for you:)

Okay break times over get sewing!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall has finally arrived and hopefully it will stay!

Hello all!

The title says it all about our weather this week:) The windows have been open everyday and long pants have been worn.... still wearing flip flops though:) Just beautiful!!!! Lower and upper 50's when we get up... perfect walking weather:) Yup everyday but Wednesday this week:) I am almost up to a mile and a half:) Highs in the upper 70's:) The weather should hold true until later this week when we will wake to upper 60's and high in the mid 80's. Still wonderful!!!

My back is much better so did a lot of quilting this week:)

Elaine's Christmas 4 patch is all done:)
Yes you have seen a few of these already:)

Surprises me all the time the way each person puts theirs together:) Same pattern but different fabrics:)

As you can see on the back... feathered circles and swirly things... yup technical name:)

Elaine's Fall quilt for ... herself:)

Just stippled all over with a variegated thread.

Love the backing!

One more from Elaine;)
Yes Bob is giving is appurrrrroval on this one!

I think this is his favorite:) They are all hand embroidered with 1 thread... I know!!!

Sweet backing!!!

Better picture without inspector:)

Bianca had a hiccup and decided to stop working again.... I have have have to remember to let her do her thing and not interrupt her!!! Here she is stitching out a Hip Cat on my backpack for Houston. The design is from Urban Threads.

All done:)

I am working with her some more today and will show you next time:)

I have a Texas quilt loaded and almost finished:) Super custom so worked on it 3 days so far....

Guess that's it form here:)
Have a wonderful week and get that machine going!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Texas State Fair!

Hi all!

Pat and I left on Thursday for Dallas to attend the Fair:) MY first time! It was SO much fun!!! So many vendors from remodeling to toys to kitchen gadgets:) I of course had to eat some Fair foods. Deep fried Mini Reeses cup:) Deep Fried Thanksgiving Dinner... had stuffing, turkey and cream corn then rolled into ball and fried, served with gravy and cranberry sauce:) Then Beef Brisket egg rolls... super yums!!! Also had some of those swirly fries:)  I would like to go back again:)

Here is Big Tex!!!

And yes he is huge!!!!

Here is the brisket egg roll:) yums!!!!

This cow and penguins were made out of butter.

Here is the sign.

Then on Friday we went to Judy's and she drove us to 3 quilt shops and of course I bought a little at all:) Then to Pat's granddaughter's house to help celebrate her 6th birthday:) Then pu Gyros and back to Linda's house where we were staying all weekend.
Saturday we packed up and headed to a Make A Blanket Day in Plano, then home but not before stopping at Braum's Ice Cream:)

So It was a VERY full weekend!!!

My back is SO much better and it did well throughout the trip! 

I quilted some and am about 1/2 way done with a quilt so no pictures today:( I am home most of next week and with the back almost fully healed I will be working!!!

It is only a few weeks before there is another road trip but this time to Houston Quilt Fest:) Yea!!!!

Hope ya'll had a great week and get back to work!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Slow and steady:)

My back is still healing... it is a slow process but there is excitement when I didn't use the Tens device for a whole day:) yea!!! Today is day 2:) Of course can't lift or stoop over very well but there is progress!!!! Hubby has been such a help!!!

I did get 3 quilts done this week before I could do no more... probably overdid it but I missed quilting and I kept hearing them call to me:)

Here is what I did get done this week:)

Corolla's Squares quilt.

Have not seen this pattern or fabric before:) Just beautiful!
She lets me play and play I did:)

You can see the quilting on the backing.

Kathy J let me quilt her Round Robin... she still needs to embellish it:)

Love all the bright fabrics!!! She also let me play:)

I wrote Buzz Buzz and Bumblebee in the tan borders.

What fun backing!!! She bought it on our trip to E Jays in Taylor:)

Ruth Ellen made this special purple quilt for a niece.

Just love the fabrics!!! An all over stipple with variegated purple thread was used.

Love the backing fabric!!!

Got one purse made from the cat fabric from Cloth Pocket... only one more to make:)

This is what I have been working on as I sit for hours on end resting this back... wool pennies. I bought this kit in Houston 3 years ago. At least it is getting made:) They are all fused and pinned on the black fabric now so just more hand sewing to do:)

Found this pattern with the pennies and decided to make it... I bought it from Nedlewerks last year. Went back to get the orange and green wool and got it made yesterday:) LOVE it!!!

Slowly cleaning out the kits I have bought and the ones I have put together:) There are starting to be empty shelves:) Also went through a  bunch of patterns.... I have them down to 1/2.

Of course I will buy more in Dallas and in Houston:( Well I will be more selective... I hope:) ha ha!!!

Keep those needles moving and get something made this week!!!
I will be here a few days and then off to Dallas:) I will tell you all about it next time:)
Sending you a big hug!