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Happy Fathers Day:)

Hope all the Dad's had a great day! Hubby had both kids call and got a gift card from Cabela's:) He also got to mow today:) LOL! He would of yesterday but we finally got new phones:) YEA!!!! So of course that takes a few hours and then more hours to program the way you want:) We went from a Galaxy 5 to an LG7 ThinQ... a definite upgrade in picture quality and speed! All the accessories will arrive tomorrow from Amazon:)

Have no idea where the week went but it did and fast!

Monday quilted, Tuesday was lunch bunch, Wednesday quilted and took MIL out for her 91st bday dinner, Thursday errands all day, and Friday quilted. Not too much to show you though:(

Margaret made this snugly quilt:)
Feathers in the border and loops in the center... she used a poly batting.
Full feather row on the top border.
Finally another UFO is in the quilting closet. I think I made the blocks 10+years ago and finally made it into a flimsy. The red fabric I bought during our Waco trip with the Be…

Summer is trying to come!

Hi All,

Just back from bowling at Uncle Bucks... it's attached to the Bass Pro Shop in Round Rock. Son and his family took us.... SO much fun!!! Unfortunately the 3 year old had the highest score:) LOL!!!! Then a great dinner at Cheddars back home:) So a fun filled day.... we were at the eldest granddaughter recitals yesterday:) She had 2 dances at the noon show and 2 more at the 4 pm show:) They all do such a great job!!! And she made company so now we get to attend competitions also:)

Of course I pretty much quilted on the Judy Niemeyer most of the week:) It is all done:)

I got my temporary crown and also went on a road trip with me bee. So will need a day off just to catch up:) The road trip had us heading to Elm Mott to the Simply Fabrics Shop and
Homestead Heritage. We also had a great lunch and piece of pie there:) yums!!!Then to PHD shop in Waco and back :) Had a lot of fun and there were 8 of us that went:) We are planning another trip next month to Rosebud:) YEA!!!

Okay o…

June already!

HI all:)

Busy week! Don't know where it went!
I quilted Monday and Tuesday, finished my root canal on Wednesday, errands and haircut on Thursday and then more quilting on Friday. Unfortunately I don't have anything finished to show you this time:( The Judy N quilt is taking up all my time!

Then yesterday I decided while Hubby was doing the yard work I would clean the windows and wash the curtains in the living, dining room and kitchen. Well that lead to an all out Spring cleaning!!! So now all 3 rooms are sparkling:) yea!!! I even waxed my wooden floors in entry and hallway:) The bedrooms didn't get anything done:( We are planning on painting Hubby's room so it will get cleaned then:)

Hubby also got his bathroom painted and the light put up:) YEA!!! Next is pulling up the old flooring and doing any repairs and then laying down wood looking vinyl:) It is coming together:)

SO the only pics I have are these:

A look at the quilt I have been quilting......
The new light fix…

Summer has arrived:(

Hi All:)

The temps have been steadily going up and we are to be in the 100's this week already:( UGH!!!!
I have a feeling it's gonna be a scorcher this year:(

Not as much done as I had wanted.... the antibiotic side effects were doing a number on me so only quilted one day:( I did get my plan ready for the Judy Niemeyer I am starting tomorrow:) So I guess that's something! Also went to Bee:) I worked on an old UFO... prob 10 years??? Not done yet but maybe next week if I get some sewing time:)

On with the pictures:

First up are my Spargo birds #13, 14 and 15:) The next 3 are in the works:)
Cam made this original design for her mentor.
Lots of roses as that is the sorority flower.
I put roses in the corners and then filled the rest.
She had 2 floating roses so just had to add stems and leaves and then filler.
The back makes it reversible:)
Rosette #9 started:) 
Well as I was saying will be high temps so will be in Studio with AC running!!!! Will be home 3 days, have an appt…

Another busy week!!!

Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was filled to the top!!! Monday I got my teeth cleaned and quilted, Tuesday quilted and had Guild mtg, Wednesday quilted and had root canal, Thursday ran errands and quilted and Friday took the whole day off:) Of course that just means hand work:)

The root canal went pretty well... don't remember it hurting that much ... guess I just forgot! SO glad I got Tylenol with codeine!!! I also had an abscess under the root so am on antibiotics for 10 days:( I go back on the 30th to finish and then back to dentist to finish the root canal the following week...... SO not in a hurry to do that again!!!

Okay on to the quilting:)

First is Shelley's quilt made for her friend with Alzheimer's:(
I think it's called Hugs and Kisses.  I did piano keys in the border and loops and hearts in the center.
I also did the emb on the back for her:)
Dot made this adorable Project Linus quilt.  Just did loops all over with my favorite Joseph's Coat thread:…