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Hi All,

Sorry I missed my normal blog day... family:)

My daughter flew in Saturday night and my son and his family came over on Sunday. We baked lots of cookies with the girls:) What fun we had!!! Yesterday daughter wanted to go antiquing so we headed to Antique Mall in Round Rock and then Half Price Books:) Today a little quieter... just some sewing and they went to visit MIL. She then has a friend she will be with for dinner and friendship:) Tomorrow she goes to my parents house and on Thursday another day with my son and one of his daughters:) Then Friday at 5am she leaves:( Will miss her!!! SO glad she was able to come down from Ohio:)

Also on Friday the counter top guys will be here to make a template:) YEA!!!!!

So I did get the last quilt finished and some handwork:)

So I finished the last 3 Spargo birds:)
This is Pam's quilt she made for herself. We need to do that every once in awhile:)
Love the poppies and it was a large queen so pretty big!
Hard to see the quilting but t…

Almost done for the year:)

As Christmas is fast approaching the baking and decorating has begun:) Hubby and I made fudge, chocolate peanut clusters, kit kats, and white trash yesterday. Today I am baking gingerbread cookies.
We also have the little live tree up and strung popcorn today to finish it up:)

As I have been baking/cooking I have been cleaning out cabinets and replacing the shelf paper. The ones I have finished look SO nice and clean! Of course there is some culling being done along the way also:)

I did get one quilt done and have been working on another the rest of the week and should... should finish it tomorrow:) It is almost a king size so taking a it of time:)

Fran made this beautiful batik quilt. I just love the colors!!!
Loops and 8's were quilted in every strip with King tut thread.
You can really see it all on the back:)
This is a peek of the quilt I am still working on....
All the chocolate peanut clusters I made:)
This will be the last week I am open and I am only here 2 days:) Have Lun…

December is here!

Hi All,

Hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner! Got the house lightly decorated again this year. Am sending 2 boxes of stuff to a cousin to enjoy:) Really don't need SO much stuff!!!! Now  do need fabric and thread:) LOL!!!!

The counter top guy came on Tuesday and we have him doing the counter top and the back splash for us:)  Home Depot will do all the work:) We are just tired! So the counter top will be this:
and the back splash will be white subway tile:) Nice and clean looking! Of course it will be 4-5  weeks until we can get it done:( Definitely bummed about that!!!

We did a bit more trim work today and hubby said it felt odd to not be doing anything:) It is time to rest:) I will redo all the shelf paper and cleaning out all the cabinets little by little:) Surprising how much stuff we have!

Got a little quilting done and have been working on my Sue Spargo birds pretty steady:)
So on with pictures:

After Thanksgiving

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Hubby and I worked all day! We did get a bunch accomplished so we are VERY happy!!!

These are the before and after pictures of the kitchen. The countertop guy comes Tuesday so hopefully the kitchen/dining room will be all finished before my daughter arrives on the 15th:)

Kitchen before..... everything has been painted except the bottom cabinets. We installed the enclosed area above the top cabinets.
Dining room before.....
The Jelly Roll rug I made for the entryway but then moved into the kitchen:) I will need to make another and a smaller one for the cat feeding station.
Our biggest helper KoKo:)
We ripped up 5... yes 5... layers of flooring on Thanksgiving Day.  We actually found the original flooring that had to be some sort of ceramic or clay or else it was SO old it turned to that? The day before we had finished painting.
Here is dining room with out the flooring:) The black is a water resistant thing they had put down when the hous…

Almost Thanksgiving!

Hi All:)
We have been working hard in the kitchen today so am a little late is posting today. We have the walls all painted in kitchen and dining room and 1 section of cabinets about finished. We are taking the doors off and painting them and then 
Hubby has taken Wed and Fri off this week and the major work will be done then:) YEA!!!
I have an appt on the 27th for the countertop guy to come by:) We have decided on quartz and there is a new design we love!!!! Hope it's affordable!
Now we are also thinking an island with a dishwasher... but prob not till next year:)
Not too much quilting done as we had lunch bunch and errand day this week....

Last of gdaughter #2's Christmas gift all done:)
Our Guild held their challenge this past week... it was to draw a color and then only use it... the fat qtr... and black and white fabrics. This is what I came up with:)
Then the guild members vote.
I won the yellow category... the top vote getter then won the Best of Show…

Winter is trying to sneak in:(

Has been a bit cooler the last few days... in fact in might freeze tonight:( It is sprinkling right now so hopefully all will be ok in the morning!

Busy week quilting, getting my Operation Christmas Child boxes finished up and went to Bee:)
My daughter also let us know she will be here next month before Christmas:) YEA!!!

So we worked on the kitchen some more this weekend... yesterday we bought everything we needed and today the space above the cabinets is all filled in. I once again have discovered I HATE doing mitered corners with trim! Looks good and we need more trim to finish up:) Different then what we had purchased... it is a deep black hole for sure!!!

MIL is doing much better... she was released Wed and is getting Hospice care now so that is a good thing!

Ok enough blabbing:) Here are the pictures:

Linda bought this at an estate sale in Dallas area for $5. Then I prettied it up for her:)
Lots of custom quilting:)
The back looks good to:)
Margaret made this sweet hand embroide…