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Tomorrow is February

Hello all:)

The weather here has been absolutely amazing! Upper 70's during the day and 50's at night. And yes you guessed it... it will change yet again. Tomorrow evening a cold front is coming through and our highs will be maybe lower 60's and down to 28 + for the nights:( UGH!!! Just stay one thing!!!

Hubby was home for 2 days this week with what we think was Cedar Fever. I was out 1 day. This stuff just kicks our behinds! We are both feeling better and had someone tell us of some Texas Cedar Fever drops that work in the organic/healthy aisle of HEB. Will definitely be checking that out!

Since I was housebound one day I discovered the house needed a real deep cleaning. You know that Spring cleaning habit people have? Me either:) I used to do Fall and Spring cleaning and now it's hit or miss with  mostly misses:) Well I started by cleaning the entertainment center and fireplace during the week. Yesterday I cleaned the windows... inside only as there is still rain com…

January is almost gone.....

I hope if you were in the path of the snowstorms this past week that you are warm and safe!
We had a bit colder weather but all was dry. Suppose to get to mid 60's today and possibly 70's by next weekend:)

The first class with Bianca was a learning experience... ha ha!!!! No really I learned a lot! Now if I remember what I learned will be the thing! I go back in another week for more sewing... like zippers, blind hem, and so forth. This past class was lots of lecturing and getting to know all the buttons:) All in all an exhausting day! I think the allergy meds are really tiring me out! The classes are an hour away and 3 hours long so was pretty wore out by the time I got home!

We had Guild Tuesday night and it was our 25th anniversary:) Was a very nice presentation! An I was in charge of cutting up the beautiful cake:)

Then I quilted the rest of the week:)

This is Cam's bedspread.
I did a panto graph all over it.
She wants to use it as a reversible quilt.
I thought it turn…

Still January:)

Hi All:)
Seems like this is a long month already! So many things going on!
I got some quilting in this week and also some Cedar Fever:( Changed up the meds and so much better:)

First up in Gayle's Wildlife quilt.
She just wanted stippling:)
Love the backing fabric!!!!

Rosanne's Rose quilt.

She wanted the open squares with something pretty and plain quilting on the flower blocks.
I did my circle feathers and then outlined the flowers and added swirls in the floral squares. I also outlined the flowers in the border.
You can see some of it on the back:)

Another from Gayle.
Love blue and yellow together! She just wanted loops:)
Rail fence from Gayle.
I just stippled it all over.
Great lap quilt!
February Bertie all done:)
My Tula Pink Petals quilt blocks ready to be sewed together:)
This is my first Lucy Boston cross. Am using my civil war reproductions up.
Here is the back... you can see my papers and the basting stitches. Took me all day to sew the pieces together! Only …

First week of being back open....

Hello all:) We had such lovely weather the last few days and then the cold front came again:( 29 and felt like 20 this morning:( ugh!!! My daughter in Ohio got her Bday wish... snow:) She was happy:)
I am finally kinda back open:) I got one customer quilt done and another loaded and then Cedar Fever hit so no more for the rest for the week:( Am feeling better so am hoping to really start back again tomorrow:) Did attend the Waco Shop hop on Friday with friends. All the shops go to the convention center and we visit them there instead of driving all over the state of Texas:)  There was a small quilt show on one floor and and the hop upstairs. Had lots of vendors and found a few items that were must have:) Was just good to get out with friends even if I was all drugged up:)
On with the show:
Sue made this adorable 30's quilt.
The flowers will rag when washed and she is adding yoyo's to the centers.
The backing.

This one is mine that was still on the frame Monday:)
It is a BOM f…

Happy Sew Year 2016!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Ours was VERY quiet and lovely! Had MIL with us most of Christmas Day:) The 3 of us had a wonderful meal and visit! New Year's was also quiet with just the 2 of us:) We have decided to keep with the no gifts tradition from now on:) There was NO stress of trying to figure out what to make or buy for everyone!

I did take the 2 weeks off and quilted quite a bit for me:) Os course I still have a few... um 13... of mine to quilt:( Maybe if I do one a month and don't make too many I might catch up???

So this is what I have been up to:

Finished this little Elephantz pattern the 24th:) Had the perfect place to hang it!

Small hexie wall hanging I made with leftovers from a bigger project.
Just straight line quilting:)
My A-Z Snowman quilt from Crabapple Hill.
So love doing her patterns! Just snowflakes all over.
Just love the fabrics!!!!
Had a family picture I wanted down so made this by Elephantz and like it SO much better!!!
The G…