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I think Summer has arrived!

It is finally....sadly....staying in the lower 90's now so I guess Spring is officially over. I know the calendar doesn't say that but the thermometer does.
I have been busy with the Primaries so not too much getting done.....yes there has been:)
We finished the kitchen cabinets this past weekend but have one little place to repair before we can put back in place so no pics until that is done.

I did get a few quilts done:)

 This is a baby blanket for a special baby girl due next month. It is a cute panel. I just loved the red headed girl!

 This is Christines quilt....she is big UT a lot of us are:) And he is a huge Cowboy fan. Kinda like at my house:)  I just loop meandered all over it. Love it!

 This is Dot's Patriotic block exchange from her little sewing group. Did a lot of stippling....Dot's fav:) Loved the border and sashing she picked!

This is Marylyn's Gdaughters from China Springs graduation gift. It is a tshirt quilt. Took a pic of my favorite bl…

Howdy ya'll:)

Well another week has flown by. I am now working for the county as an election technician and will do that until the day after our elections.
I did get a few quilts done before the job began.

This is Joanna's first bed size quilt.  It is nearly king sized. I did a simple loop meander all over. Great job!

This is Christines gift for her mom on Mother's Day. Lovely tablerunner. Loop meander all over so to keep it simple.

 This is Monica's quilt for her Mom for Mother's Day/birthday:)
More loop meander:)

 My sunflowers in the backyard. One is nearly 6 feet tall!

We are redoing the kitchen cabinets and got one setion done last weekend. Love it!!!
Happy Stitching!!!!