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Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26, 2015

Welcome to the last weekend in April... May is just around the corner!!! And it is true April showers will bring May flowers!!! Have had some good rain lately and thankfully nothing serious!!! Do hear lots of lawn mowers today and yesterday:) Hubby has quilt mowing and hired a new company and they do a terrific job!!!! Was nice coming home from Round Rock yesterday and the yards were all done:) They do ours front and back, MIL front and back and the lot next to MIL house. Yes lots to mow... he has been doing it for over 30 years and thought it was time to stop:)

Got some quilting done this week and a few other things:)

First up is my Pearl Bracelet flimsy:) Just need to sew a backing and then put in line to be quilted:)

Close up.....

Gayle's Fall quilt. Used a panto called Curlz and Feathers on it.

Love the way it turned out!

Used gold thread on the back.....

Gayle's Christmas Sampler.

Had fun playing in every different block!

Sweet backing fabric.

Teacher Appreciation Day is coming and Alexis wanted me to emb these for her son's teachers.

T shirt quilt I am working on for Shelley's daughter. Her hubby hacked all the t shirts up so am having to do rows by size..... only 4 more rows to go:) Have a great flame fabric to use as a  sashing!

MIL Mother's Day gift... just need to stuff:) I made me one too:)
MIL is doing really good. Adjusting to the Assisted Living facility just wonderfully! Hubby has been on duty all week and has stopped by every day after work but will go every other day this week. He signed her out and took her to cemetery to visit FIL and they will go to VFW for Bingo tonight:) And then back. I still haven't visited but will surprise her one day... probably Mother's Day!
Went walking and saw this unusual flower. Of course saw them all along the back roads coming home yesterday. Well they are called Antelope Horns. Strange name but an usual plant! I have been good and walk about 4-5 days a week and am up to 3 miles each time:)
Found this awesome punch by Fiskars so I can just cut my own hexies instead of ordering all the time:) I have 17 out of 28 diamonds made so far:) Then of course all the border hexies:) Yes I am close to being crazy:) ha ha ha!!!!
Hope everyone has a great week and gets lots done!!!! I am planning to!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015

Howdy everybody!

We had a good chance of rain almost everyday this week and finally got some good rain yesterday:) yea!!!! Thunder, lightening and rain... much better then the chances of 60 mph wind and hail some got north of us the day before!

This week was kind of a weird week.... I quilted Mon and Tues then took Wed off to rest my body and had planned on quilting Thurs but Hubby was rushed to hospital by ambulance with chest pain:( UGH! He is fine.... they kept him overnight and ran many tests on him. His heart is healthy... so that is a good thing... he is getting older:) They put him on BP meds and an aspirin a day. He has to get a Gall Bladder ultrasound from his primary Dr to see if that is causing the pain in his chest... nurse said the pain radiates from the right to left side? Don't know much about that so will see if I can get him an appt next week. He hasn't been to a Dr in prob 4-5 years.... Men! So needless to say no quilting Thurs or Friday.... wish the hospital would a more comfortable couch:) ha ha!!! Did get hexies sewed:)

Here is the one quilt I did get done:

This is Gayle's daughter Chevron quilt.... LOVE it!!!!

I love scrappy and negative space quilt SO much! I got to play:)

I did get to take a picture outside when we had beautiful sunshine:) Love Love this backing fabric!!!!

Closeup of negative quilting space... found out black was really hard to quilt on... may try a black light bulb next time. Heard it helps?

Beautiful funky feathers:)

My Pearl Bracelet blocks ready to be sewn together:)
Hope this coming week won't be quite as exciting!!!!
May you have a quiet week also!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 10, 2015

Hope everybody had a lovely Easter! We had MIL over for dinner and then hubby and her went to Bingo:) Was a quiet one.....

MIL gets her key to the assisted living facility Monday:)  SIL and her went shopping and bought all new furniture and decorations so it's all new just for her:) Not sure if she is excited or not but said she would try it for 30 days... well unknown to her that 30 days will turn into forever! Se did say she could be lonely at home or there and of course I told her she needs to get out and meet people in the facility. I know she will go to Bingo and meet people there and also in the dining hall.  .Keep us in your prayers that all goes well!!!

Didn't post any pics last week but then only worked on one quilt all week so this time I have 3 to show you:)

Erlene made this beautiful Stack and Whack star quilt!

The colors are SO good together!

I quilted piano keys in the borders and in the ditch the inner border and then swirls around each star.

Did something different... used only one thread color on back. I usually use whatever I am using on the top. Really turned out nice! Would definitely do again!

Here is an indoor picture so you can really see the quilting. The tan fabric really pops!

My Dear Jane flimsy is finished:)

My Fractured flimsy is finished:)

Gayle brought me this cute Bluebonnet quilt.

She did a great job cutting those rows to be sewed back together again... we are a bit crazy aren't we?
Did loops in the borders and just outlined the rows.

Love the bright backing!!!

This is Gayle's daughters Batik quilt. Love the colors!!!

I used a hot pink variegated thread and Deb's Swirls pantograph.

Minky on the back... so soft!

Judith went to Bee yesterday and sewed like a dream. She hasn't been out in probably a year:( Need to take her more often!

This is what all she sewed yesterday. The picture above is also part of the quilt.... hope to have flimsy done this week:)
I am a big snoopy fan and had to include this late Easter funny:)
Have an awesome sewing week!!!!