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Last Post of 2017:)

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I am officially closed until mid January:) SO nice to be sewing for me:)

This is Karen's custom quilt:) Love the way it turned out! It is on it's way to Maine where she lives:)
A closeup of the corner.
Feathers of course and love those lines in the triangles!
A bit of sunshine on the quilt.
And here is the backing. She had me machine sew on the binding and she will hand sew it down:) Was SO glad she let me push it back to after the Christmas quilts. I really got to take my time and enjoy the quilting. Great way to end the year!
A man's Chemo quilt  that I got as a kit from the guild.
Millie is going strong:)
Another Chemo quilt from a  kit.
My Prism quilt top is finished:) YEA!!!
And here is the beautiful backing we found at Sew Much More yesterday when we pu Bianca. Yup got the girl back and she has been emb most of the day. They blamed it on a bobbin error but I don't think so... she also got an update while…

Busy Busy week!

Hi all,

This week just flew by but then I was really only home 1 day and that day I quilted... custom still not done but will be this week:)

Had Lunch bunch, visited with friend, errand day and then Bee. All were SO much fun!!!
Saturday we had an electrician come in and hang 2 new ceiling fans and put in a larger breaker box. And cleaned out more of MIL house... when the trash can is full we stop. Had 3 huge garbage bags and 1 box of stuff for Goodwill again. We also went to the Singing Tree concert. It was such a great way to get in the Christmas spirit!!!

Here is the tree.... the ornaments are people. They started with hand puppets then the choir and then Holly Tucker.Then the tree full of people:)
So while we had no electricity I worked on designing Project Linus tops with fabric I got at the Bee. Today I brought Judith... my featherweight in the house and sewed all 6 up:) Now they go to Pat for backs:)
The footballs were already made:) Yea!!!
Leftover fabrics that came with the fo…


December has arrived and it's still warm... suppose to have a cold front come this week:) Sure is hard to be in the spirit when you are wearing shorts:)

Hubby and I went to HEB this morning and bought a real little Christmas tree:) We haven't had a  live tree for almost 5 years... Jax and Gemma were babies and there were concerns! Of course they may still pull it over but there are no breakable ornaments on it... they would just spill some water... we hope not though!

I started the custom quilt last week and got half way done with it... will only quilt a day or 2 this week as we have lunch bunch and Bee this week. Plus a good friend is down visiting and I want to spend sometime with her:)

Friday Pat and I headed to Sew Much More as Bianca had a fit when the power went off and on and she was asleep... I can't get her hoop calibrated to continue embroidering:( They said 2- 2 1/2 weeks:( UGH!!!! I have another angel and a new Santa to stitch out... and I need to finish my sno…