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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Last Sunday in February.....

Hi all,

What gorgeous weather we are having the last few days... well after 1.5 inches of rain and the cold front that came through:) It is getting closer to Spring and Mother Nature is teasing us every week:)

I finally caught Baby and took her to Emancipet... a low cost spay and Neuter clinic in Killeen. She was 2 weeks pregnant but is now all spade and running around again:) I kept her in a large carrier over night and part of the following day after surgery. She was ready to go out for sure!!! I opened the carrier and then went inside and had closed the screen door.... well she climbed right up it.... so I opened the door and out she went:)  She has ventured back in to play with Bob. Now I thought Bob wouldn't have any problems with Baby being in the studio.... wrong!!! He was So not happy!!!  Guess she can visit but not move in:) Too funny!!!

I was busy quilting this week so let's get to the pictures!

Karen from Maine made this lovely:)

I quilted lots and lots of feathers all over:)

Love the center medallion! Big feathers in the corners:)

The back. She wanted to me attach the binding but she will do the hand sewing:)

Joyce brought in Nick's Harley T shirt quilt:)

What awesome shirts!!! The memories he has!!!
One of my favs as there are cat heads in the O's... clever!

Love the skull shirt also!!! I custom quilted it and made certain features of each shirt pop out:) The flames I just free hand outlined.

Love the backing!!!! He was hugging it and wouldn't let Joyce hold it:) Too funny!!!!
Thank you for letting me quilt it:) She is a blog follower:)

Sent daughter a pattern I saw with BB8 on it... of course she wanted it:) Why??? Do I do this???? Oh why yes I love her:) LOL!

Got March and April Berties done just in the nick of time!!!!
March is already hanging..... With Easter coming early April will be up right after St Patty's Day.
have the last 4 all traced out and ready to fuse down and start stitching:)

The Guild is having a Make Your Own Round Robin quilt and this is mine so far:) 
You pick the center block and then we make/add borders that are told to us every 2 months. And yes girls I already have the next borders on already:) I am helping:)

Home again most of this week so lots more quilting will be done:)
Have a terrific week!!!! See ya in March:)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sad week here:(

Well we lost a fur baby this week:( MisKiti was 4 years old and came to us on her own with babies inside her little oven. She had her babies and we kept her and 2 of them:) Jax and Gemma. She hasn't been herself for almost a month... not eating like she used to, so tried all different foods whenever she wanted something to eat and she still lost weight. She started sleeping and staying away more and more so took her in on Tuesday. They did all the blood work and Xrays. Blood work was all good but the Xray showed an obstruction in her intestines. So exploratory surgery was needed.... they found a big cancer tumor, her intestines were ripped and it was also pressing on her stomach. We had the choice to save her and of course then chemo but would that really be a good life for her and then they were only giving her a year or let her go and be free of pain?  So I let her go:( Hard but right decision. So that was a horrible terrible Tuesday!!!! She is greatly missed!!!!

Monday was a great class with Bianca... learned a bunch  and now know what I was doing wrong with my embroidery:) Also bought a great absolutely awesome sewing chair. It is by Koala and a big splurge that I am So enjoying... oh and so is Bob!

Went to an awesome shop in downtown Austin called stitch Lab and of course bought these....

Not a lot of quilting got done but enough to finish Marlene's quilt and 3 Project Linus quilts:) I also started Karen's.... hope to get it finished this week:) I will be home more then out so that will be helpful!

Ok now for pictures....

These 3 were Project Linus quilts... had to take pictures as they were really cute!

Marlene's Churn Dash Wedding quilt.

Love the Black, White and pop of red!!! I did a lot of swirls and loops:)

Looks like western handkerchiefs. Will get shipped out tomorrow to CA:)

My Tula Petals top is all done:) yea!!!!! Now to get it in line to be quilted:)

My first 2 Sweet Tooth BOM's. Had to get them done as the next set is in the mail already:)

Remember this cute fabric from above? Well I bought it to make ME a pillowcase:) Love how it turned out and they weren't too noisy when I slept on them:)

Cleaned out... I mean gave away quilts that need more love then I can give them:) Hubby took this one to my MIL:) She loved it and it fits on her bed so nicely!!!!

This quilt is called Catnado from Quilt Con. I just love love it!!!! Wonder if it's because of the cats????

Other bad news is that our trip to Niagara Falls has been rescheduled for next year hopefully:( The cost of MisKiti's care took a big chunk out of our trip savings... and daughter is taking summer classes so probably won't be available:( So we are thinking we better just stay home and take a few day trips. We are both ok about it:)

Well I am pretty sure this week will be a better week:)
Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful day! We celebrated Saturday by going to the Marble Falls quilt show and then to eat. Wanted to got o the Bluebonnet Cafe for ribs and pie but the line was WAY out the door so we went to Inman's BBQ and had turkey sausage and brisket:) No line:) And the food was delish!
The show was a nice small show with some beautiful quilts!

My haul:)

This one had 1004 cherries on it. All hand appliqued.

love the kitties!

Very modern:)
They hand stitched Sashiko in the corners... loved it!

Hexies and triangles:)

She designed her own patterns... loved the Dresden plate and of course the Hexies.

A cross quilt with Micheal Miller fabric... loved the fabric!!!!

 I got a few quilted and one started last week:) Hope to get it finished this week. Have my last class with Bianca ... the embroidery class tomorrow. Have a sick kitty so hope to get her in Tuesday.Also Guild Tuesday night. Thursday lunch with girls so not home too many days... now the next week is really clear:) yea!

We got our passports this past week... the camera was broken when we got there... couldn't blame hubby:) So had to go to Walgreen's to get them done, then back. Then lunch at Taiwan Dragon:) yums! Then errands. So that day was gone!  Bee was Friday... nice visit and lunch!
Today we got the hallway and the bath and a half spring cleaned. Hope to get the 2 bedrooms done next weekend and then we will be done! Yea!!!!

Well here's what I did get done:
Carolla made this sweet table topper.

The 1/2 square triangles made a great border!

Love the backing!!!

She made this one for her hubby.

Just free motioned loops and stars all over except the large stars were outlined.

Looks great!

Another Lucy Boston Cross block all done:)

Well enjoy the week... am about finished with the dreaded taxes;) YEA!!!! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

First week of February is gone already....

Hi Ya'll,

Another week has quickly gone by!
I had class in Austin at Sew Much More with Bianca. Only 1 more class and it will be embroidery... not the basics she said since we all know them:) Learned a lot of stuff about my stitches and making patterns from them... will I remember? Probably not but I can always look online:)

Tuesday was lunch and errands. Wednesday was an allergy day:( Thursday was more errands... bought a recommended Texas Cedar Allergy remedy and started it right after I got home. Really works!!! Take 15 drops 3x a day and then yesterday started it 2x a day. Feel great!!! Started hubby yesterday... also a success:) Found it in the healthy aisle at HEB. They also have weeds and trees so when Ragweed, cottonwood and Chenopods come into season I will getting some:)

Started quilting Thursday, more on Friday and then finished yesterday. Have another loaded for Monday:)

Madonna made this beautiful Peacock panel quilt.

She always lets me play. Mentioned she might put it in the Killeen Show so made is special purty:)

Lots of following the designs in the fabric and of course elegant feathers...

There are half regular feathers in the black with the gold strip acting as the spine.

Don't know if you can really see it.....

Beautiful and elegant backing fabric also:)

I stopped by a new to me quilt shop after class The Cloth Pocket. Saw them at the Waco Shop Hop and since they were just 5 minutes down the road... why not? I was looking for Tula Pink for the border and backing of the Tula  Petals quilt I am still working on. Sweet little shop, friendly young gals, they understand sewing more then quilting but are learning, have lots of modern fabrics, and yes I found the Tula and a few more pieces from the Cat Lady line that had just come in.

The Tula is on the right:) Yes purple:)

They gave me a magnet and then I told them I would tell the Bee gals and she gave me more magnets to hand out:) If you get a chance check them out!

We Spring cleaned the Dining room and Kitchen yesterday and our little vacuum finally gave it up. The poor thing has so much duct tape on her. She worked so well on the floors... we have a really strong one for the carpeted area..... new one will be here Wednesday:)
Then went into studio and my little portable heater died:( New one will be here tomorrow. Bob loves laying in front of it:)

Hope everyone has a purrrfectic week!