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July 28, 2013

Well another month about gone? Where are the days going???

Summer is to finally settle in here in Texas but the 100 degree days are not here for more than 1-2 days at a time:) I am SO not complaining! However the humidity has been super high so it feels like 100+ everyday:( So glad for the invention of the air conditioner:) yea!

FIL update:) SIL will begin driving them from Fl to Tx on the 5th:) yea!!!! I have hired someone to clean their house and am thinking I should hire her too:) Not! My hubby is SO good at cleaning the house:) He asked for his payment and I told him I could make him some lunch:) He was happy with that:)

I was busy all week but don't have much to show for it? I guess we all have those days, weeks, months:) haha!

Ok so here are a few pictures of things I worked on.... of course there are pictures I can't post until after birthdays or even Christmas:) Yes I am being sneaky!
Grand daughters ABC quilt all done:)
Closeup of the quilting. Love the free form flow…

July 20, 2013


We got 4.5 inches of rain this week:) WOW! It never rains in July in Texas! Needless to say we are thrilled! Of course all the grass is green and growing so hubby will have to mow soon.

Hubby arrived a bit early on Mon and was back to work on Tues:) FIL is doing amazing! He is back to himself and so SIL is getting them ready to travel:) yea!!!!! We are thinking beginning of Aug so I better get their house cleaned:) No one has been in it for a year and a half so I bet the spiders have taken over. Thinking I will hire someone:)

I got some quilting done this week:)

This is Dot's Bluebonnet quilt:)

She is giving it to the Music Minister and his wife that are leaving her church.
I also quilted a Project Linus quilt for her:)

Got grand daughters quilt finished. Well one of them:)
That is Kimmy in the pocket. She has red hair just like her Nana:)

Here is her other quilt with the borders sewed on. Plan on quilting it this weekend:) This is the ABC quilt from the S is for…

July 14, 2013

Wow it's only 77 degrees outside at 3 in the afternoon in July in Texas? What is happening???

Oh what is that....wet stuff falling from the sky??? Could it be... no it must be... yup it's rain:) yea!!!!! We are to have this type of weather most of the week unless the weatherman changes his mind... has happened before:)

Hubby is flying home tomorrow and his sister is arriving tonight. FIL is doing much better. In fact he beat everyone up this morning:) Hopefully the SIL can get them back to Texas!

Had a shocker of news last week. Mrs Taylor that sews at least 50 baby quilt tops every few months for Project Linus passed away from injuries in a car crash:( She was a beautiful woman with a beautiful giving heart! She has left a hole in my world:( She was 86 years old and had a pig valve out in her in Jan of this year. Guess God was ready for her and I know she was ready but the rest of us were not:( She leaves behind 10 children, her husband and many grand and great grand children…

July 7, 2013

Hope everybody had a great Fourth of July! Ours was nice and quiet:)

Hubby is back in Florida taking care of his parents. His dad is back in the hospital with fluid around his lungs. He is in good spirits and feeling better.
It was a whirlwind Friday as we were shopping and got the call. I had hubby on a 12:05 flight out and he was in Fl at 8 that night. Talk about fast packing:)

No quilting got done this week but I did get some sewing done:) yea! I will be working out Dazi today and most of the week:) I also have all the alphabet blocks stitched for grand daughters quilt. Need to cut and start adding borders.... so much to do!

This is the Curved Blocks I have been making from Sew Kind of Wonderful. Just need to make the sashing which means I need to order more fabric:) I am thinking orange and gray curved sashing.
My Chevron quilt all cut and ready to sew together:) yea! Thank you for the white fabric Lori Beth! I had just enough:)
Ok so my 6" hoop broke so Jax decided he needed…