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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Suppose to feel like Fall tomorrow:)

Or at least that's what they say on tv:) Low 80's as high and even a 59 as a low:) yea!!!! Am hoping to get back to walking this week.... need to get ready for Houston:)

Was home most of the week so got lots done:) yea!!!

Gayle made this Moda Shuffle quilt with all the leftovers from the snowman BOM she had at her shop a few years ago.

Had fun trying new things:)

She even pieced the backing:) Love the way the red thread looks on the back!

Gayle also made this Fall Leaves quilt. She has been finishing up UFO's.

Just a meander with variegated thread.

Great backing!

Patricia sent me this lovely baby quilt and wanted loops and stars on it.

I quilted them in a light grey.

Would love some of that backing fabric in my stash!!!

She also sent me this table topper.

The circles are hand appliqued and the blocks are like a stack and whack but only using 4 pieces if fabric.

Definitely a red and white quilt! I have one more of hers to quilt:)

Pat made 2 chemo quilts.

They are pretty similar so only posted the one.

Just loops on these 2:)

Here are the 5 PL's I had made and quilted this weekend. Hubby helped by learning how to pin to leaders so I could quilt. He is thinking of quilting after he retires.... loops and stipple but I am great with that! He can do all the Pl's and Chemo quilts! We have a few years before we need to purchase some type of quilter for him.

My chemo quilt all done:)

Love this backing fabric!!!

My daughter posted this on my FB page this week:) TOO cute!!!!

MIL is enjoying her trip to Florida. And we are enjoying our time together:)
Am home a lot this week so plan to get a lot done again:)

Hope you get a few UFO's done this week!!! I also realized Christmas is fast approaching so have begun sewing for that:) I know where is the time????

Hugs to all!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Where did fall go again??

Warmer temperatures are back again:( Along with Ragweed and Chenopods and Elm:( Lovely allergies!!! I have been doing pretty good except for one day last week so I am counting my blessings!

Since I was home a lot I got a lot done:) yea!!!

Joann made this Christmas quilt with a 5" block exchange.

She left me a lot of room for feathers!!!

How it looks on the back:)

Elaine made this snuggly flannel quilt for her son.

Just stippling and I outlined the stars.

Great backing!!!

Judy M made this cute quilt for the bottom of her bed:)

She said play and I did:) Can you see all those little squares? Wow!!!

Here is a back view:)

I finished cross stitching grand daughters stocking. Now to finish it so they can all get them at Christmas:) 

Since I got new glasses I can see to cross stitch again:) I am so happy about that because I am working on a sunflower cross on linen:)

Hubby and I ran away to Austin yesterday to pu a Bernina at the spa and drop off Bianca for her free spa day:) Then we attended the Austin Quilt Show. Such amazing workmanship and lovely vendors!
This is all I bought:) Aren't you proud of me???? Of course they are hand dyed fabrics so even though I got a little I spent a lot:) oh well don't want to leave any $ behind:)

We also had the best meal at Outback:) yums!!! Will go again when we have to pu Bianca in a few weeks:)

They are all from A Stitch in Dye. They are out of Austin and will be in Houston this year.... yup will purchase some more there:)

Hope you are all well and sewing!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September almost half over already:(

Busy week! Got some quilting done and a road trip with my bee this week:)

Our Bee went to Taylor to visit E Jays. It is a quilt shop that is closing:( They have a new owner but she can't afford the inventory. Found a few items:) Then had lunch next door at the Lucky Duck:) Funny name but really good burgers and fries:) Then off to Georgetown and Poppy's. Found a ruler and some Grumpy cat fabric:) Then back home:) Was a full day and lots of fun!!

This week I am home everyday so hopefully make a dent in the closet! Hubby has to go out of town for a work training and will be gone overnight so I get to play as long as I want:) yea!!!!

Okay here is what I got done this week....

The Officer's wives group 
makes a raffle quilt for their Bazaar in November. I have been very lucky to quilt most of them:)

This one was a lot of fun! I was on feather overload I think:) Or I just love them:)

Love the machine embroidered snowmen too! Was going to ask about them but I really need no more designs!!!

I think it turned out really nice!

This quilt is by Ranelle and is heading to England this coming weekend:)

I used Featheration pantograph and grey thread.

Love the back also!!!

Dr WHOOOO is finished:)
I used Aurifil clear and smoke clear threads on my regular sewing machine. I have to say the thread is awesome!!!! Never broke or tangled up:) Was going to use Dazi but she has been behaving SO well I didn't want to mess with her tension settings!

You can see I mostly just raw edge appliqued him. He was definitely a challenge and he goes home tomorrow:)

I have a few Project Linus tops going and also a Birthday place mat:)
Next weekend is the Austin Show and Hubby and I will attend. I have one machine to pu and Bianca needs to go to her spa appointment.
That's all from here:)
Have an sewtastic week!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Welcome September!!!!

Am hoping for cooler temps soon!!! Well it has been under 90 the last day or 2 so am hoping for it to continue:) We did get another shower or 2 during the week and Hubby had to mow.... was almost getting out of hand!

Was busy all week quilting:) Today we went and spent a few hours with the grand kids and their parents:) Always fun!!!

Here are the pics:
Roseanne made this quilt a few years ago for a friend that she then lost touch of. Well she found her again and will send her the quilt:)

Love the bunnies!!!

Lots of feathers:)

Erlene made this beautiful batik Shakespeare in the Park Quilt.

Of course I got to play..... so swirls/curlz.....

dot to dot and feathers!!!!

Love the motion the feathers gave to the snail trail!

Her is the back... you can really see all the quilting!

Here is what my studio looks like..... yes messy!!! Creative minds are messy.... right??? A vacuum will clean it all up tomorrow:)

This is Who I was working on:) A friend rescued him and helped him with his broken wing. They did release him and we are hoping he is soaring! All I have left to do is the quilting/stitching it all down:) Then trim and bind:) Hoping to get it done this week..... they named him Dr Who.

Hope you all have a relaxing or a very busy sewing day for Labor Day!!!